We have 2 new Book Lover Interns

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Today it is our pleasure to introduce you to our 2 newest Book Lovers.

Becky and Amanda-Lee join us today and we hope you like them as much as we do.

We found them through our We Want you As a Book Lover search and we are really happy about that.

They will be here as an “Intern” for a month to see if it works out for all of  us.

Please Give them a warm welcome!

G’Day, I am Becky from Page Turners and I am from Sydney, Australia. I am a solicitor by profession, working on criminal trials, but reading is my true love. I have always been a reader, and am growing more so each and every day. I love reading; I love the stories, I love the characters, I love the language and I love the book itself. I feel at home when I am reading, regardless of what the book is. It would be rare to find me reading a new book, second hand books are more my thing. I love to read a book that feels like it has been loved before it got to me. I am all about sharing the book love around 🙂 My favourite authors include Isabel Allende, Margaret Atwood and Richard Flanagan. I couldn’t chose a favourite book, but I do love The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I read contemporary fiction, literary fiction and classics. I also read a lot of Australian fiction, regardless of it’s genre. I want to learn more about my own country’s literary tradition, by reading more and more Australian books.

I am part of the Australian delegation to this multi-national group.

Places to find me:
Page Turners Blog

Hi, I’m Amanda-Lee AKA The Winged Lover. I’m an 18 yr old Aussie girl who is addicted to reading, so much so that I push what I should be doing (usually college study and actual work) aside just so I can finish a book. Reading is my guilty pleasure, and there have been many time when I have chosen books over people (even when they are trying to have a conversation with me).

I am always looking for new books to read and often have found entire series that I love just by looking around the blogosphere. I have always LOVED vampires (way before Twilight was even an idea) and now that the paranormal scene has come back I am loving all the new creatures that are coming out of the dark corners. My favourite genres are Fantasy (my current favourite sub-genre being Urban Fantasy), Romance (I love all of it’s sub-genres), Horror, Suspense and YA revolving around Teen Issues.

I am known for my frequent random outbursts and love of chocolate (my other guilty pleasure). I always introduce myself as a writer, but my profession is accountancy (opposites much?)

I am part of the Australian delegation in this multi-national gang.

Places to find me:

About Susi

Susi is a geeky vegetarian from Gemany. She just finished university and now works as a civil engineer in steel construction. Besides her reading addiction she also knits like a maniac while listening to audiobooks. Susi also blogs at the Secret HEA Society.

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  • Lea June 20, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    Welcome to Book Lovers ladies. This is a wonderful place and I will look forward to your contribution.

  • Ina June 22, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    Welcome ladies 🙂
    Amanda-Lee, I'm already a regular visitor of your blog and can't wait to read your posts here too!
    greetings, Ina

  • Melissa (My World...in words and pages) June 22, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    Well, a big welcome to the two new interns! 🙂 Hope you bothe have a wonderful time with the books.

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