Review: Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage by Jennifer Ashley

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Format Read: Print
Number of Pages: 316
Release Date: July 6th 2010
Publisher: Berkley
Formats Available: Paperback, ebook
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author’s Website,,,

Book Blurb:

Six years ago, eighteen-year-old Lady Isabella Scranton scandalized all of London by eloping the night of her come-out ball with the notorious rake, Lord Mac Mackenzie. After three turbulent years of marriage, she scandalized London once again–this time by leaving him.
Now the reformed Mac has returned, and he wants one thing: Isabella back in his life, his house, his bed. He’ll do anything he has to, play any game, as long as he gets her back. Isabella resists, but when she agrees to pose for erotic paintings he’s been working on, she realizes her body has never stopped craving her husband’s very skilled touch. Mac is determined to show Isabella that he’s a changed man, but three years without her has only increased his hunger for her.
When an ingenious forger with designs on Mac’s paintings, and Isabella herself, comes dangerously near, Mac sets himself up as Isabella’s protector and vows to never leave her side, whether his independent and proud lady likes it or not.

My Thoughts:

Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage (Lady Isabella to make it short) is the 2nd book in the Highland Pleasures series. I ADORED to pieces the 1st book, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie. If you haven’t read it yet you really should because it’s an amazing book (My favorite Historical from 2009!!). To be truthful it was the book that made me fall in love with Historical Romances. This series is about the 4 Mackenzie brothers, Lady Isabella tell the story of ‘Mac’ the artist and his estranged wife.
When I started the book I knew it couldn’t surpass book #1 but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy it…and I was right, this is a very good book!! From the beginning I was completely absorbed by the story. Reading the book synopsis, I wasn’t sure I’d like it…well they ARE already married and separated, it didn’t sound very appealing. I shouldn’t have doubted Jennifer Ashley’s skills because by page 50 my heart was already breaking for them.
Isabella and Mac shared passion, but their marriage was not perfect. On the contrary Mac drove her mad to the point that she left him 3 years ago. The passion between them was bursting through the pages, I felt for them deeply and I wanted them together already. I didn’t think I could bear 300 pages of suffering…fortunately for me it wasn’t all suffering. I loved the story, Mac is trying to get her back and he’ll do anything to make that happen.
I’m just going to say that I love Mac, he’s a very sexy artist. When he paints, he’s only wearing his Kilt and boots! *drools* All I have to say is MAJOR NOM! The Smex is amazing (yes I was there!), deeply erotic and lush. Many amazing smex scenes, VERY memorable ones! I’m pretty sure you’ll never look at scones and cream the same ever again! I found this book…very HOT! The chemistry between the two of them was sizzling! (prepare a bucket of ice before you start it).
The story is interesting, there are a few twists and mysteries that will keep you entertained throughout the book. (I mean apart from the Hot Smex lol). The main ‘mystery’ was resolved a bit too easily though. I think it’ll always go back to how much I LOVED Mac. He’s a great character, you’ll see for yourself *wink*. We get to see more of the Mackenzie brothers too. I didn’t find the same Ian I loved until the end of the book though. It was a bit weird to see him from the outside. (but I still feel like re-reading The Madness of Lord Ian again now because it’ is A-wait-for-it-MAZING)
I will just end by saying that I loved the epilogue. This is exactly what I want an epilogue to be. The HEA lover in me was very very happy. All in all this is a great book, it was not easy to live up to the first book but Jennifer Ashley did a great job. I cannot wait for the next book, which will be about Cam! (yes Mac, Cam, Mackenzie…I kept getting confused with all the names lol)

I give Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage 4 1/2 bookies!

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  • Scorpio M. July 16, 2010 at 8:41 am

    Sounds good! I won an ARC of Lady Iz a couple of weeks ago. I plan to start this one over the weekend.

    I agree, it will be difficult to top Ian from a character perspective but the glimses of Hart sound promising. He's a baddie.

  • pattepoilue July 16, 2010 at 9:28 am

    @Scorpio M Wooot! Lucky you!!
    It doesn't surpass Ian's book but it's really good anyway.
    You know I wanted to love Hart, but in this book he's even colder than in the first book, and not the right kind of cold (lol yes i love cold heroes). =/ I hope he warms up to me in Cam's book.
    I'm curious to know your opinion on this book (I might stalk you to know LOL)

  • Blodeuedd July 16, 2010 at 11:02 am

    I can't wait to get Mac's book and read it and see how good she really is

  • Scorpio M. July 16, 2010 at 11:04 am

    Hmm, even *colder*…that might get interesting. I had mentioned to J. Ashley on her blog that Hart 'intrigued' me and she wrote back saying that she had BIG plans for him & to be ready…so we shall see! 🙂

    No need to stalk, not that I don't want a personal stalker *lol*. I'll come back and post my thoughts.

  • pattepoilue July 16, 2010 at 11:12 am

    @Blodeuedd *bouncing* I can't wait to know what you think! I'm pretty sure that If i hadn't read The Madness of Lord Ian before reading Lady Isabella it would have gotten 5 stars lol

    @Scorpio *g* Good *stalker mode off…for now* lol I want to see the darker side of Hart…and I want to see if he really has a heart!I hope we see more of him in Cam's book, he only made an appearance in this one. The wait is going to KILL me

  • Dwayne July 16, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    Can never resist something with a hot hero. Thanks for this review 🙂 Off to find it ;p

  • pattepoilue July 16, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    @Dwayne If you want hot the Mackenzies are for you! *g*

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