The Good, the Bad and the Are-You-Kidding-Me?

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Like we decided a few weeks ago we will now choose our favorite covers in a genre for the next few editions of “The Good, the Bad and the Are-You-Kidding-Me?” and tell you why we chose them. It would be awesome if you could tell us which cover in this genre is your favorite and perhaps we will all find some new to us cover candies we can obsess about.
This week we chose Contemporary Erotica covers for our fight … ahem .. discussion. This week we discovered something: we seem to read not nearly enough books in this genre. The only covers we could come up with were the one below and Susi had to work really hard to NOT only choose Megan Hart covers. But we have to say these ladies just write sooooo fantastic books we just can’t think of anything else. Here are our selections:

Caroline’s choice: (harder than Sophie’s)

Susi: Hon your taste is wonderful. I love all the covers you chose and why didn’t I? Okay perhaps I did with one but we won’t tell. 😉 Laid Bare is just wonderful. I’m usually not a fan of tattoos on the covers but it really fits the book and even more Erin. I love her hair, the pink tips. The roses in the background are even more gorgeous in real life. Wonderful cover. And Tempted, do I really have to say something about that one. I really like *wink* how that right guy grabs her thigh possessively. And OMG how the other put his arm around her. *heavy sigh* (runs to get some ice) Just wow. The cover for Deeper wasn’t one of my favorites when I saw it for the first time. I think It’s my blue-phobia speaking again. But after a few looks at it I started to love it. His back is just made of awesome and I love how these two are tangled together. Perhaps you need to know the book to get the reference but I think this cover is really made for this book. The cover for Sweet Temptation is really hot. I like the colors but I don’t like the way she hugs herself so much. It’s not like I don’t like the cover. It’s really pretty but I wouldn’t have chosen it for this book. I think I’m just disappointed that Micah isn’t on it. *pouts*
Caroline: *prepare the ice* Hehe I freaking LOVE the cover of Laid Bare. Even before I even read the book I was in love. Now that I’ve read it, I can only say that I love it even MORE, if that even possible *wink*. I found this cover very sensual without being too obnoxious. I just can’t stop staring at his shoulder/muscles… *drools* Seriously, this has to be my favorite cover ever! The tattoos are very close to the ones described in the book and I appreciate that. Then there’s the colors! Yellow and Red…both colors I love.
YES…exactly hon, the cover of Tempted is SO hot. It’s all about the pose.When I first saw this cover, I thought it looked like a Painting. I really like the colors too. But contrary to Laid Bare, I can’t very well be seen with this book in my hands at home LOL.
Ahah you and your Blue phobia *hides that she’s wearing a blue shirt* I haven’t read Deeper, but I can’t stop staring every time I see it. I also can’t help keeping my breath, until I realize I’m not underwater too LOL. This is a very naughty cover, although they are still technically dressed. I’m afraid to read this book.
Sweet Temptation is fascinating! I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time staring at boobs LOL. *comparing with own boobs* *sigh*.Heh it could very well be a Aubade lingerie ad. This is a very erotic cover. I love the play of light on her body. And I love her Lingerie LOL. What I realized by looking at all these pics is that most erotic romance have flourished fonts on the cover.
Susi: I agree about the importance of the font. Most of my favorite covers have a pretty font. It shouldn’t be just pretty it has to fit the rest of the cover. And those above really do that right. The fonts are so different but perfect for the cover.

Susi’s choice:

Caroline: Oh hon, you couldn’t have started with a better cover! I agree with the choice of Dear Sir, I’m Yours. Her helplessness, her head bowed, her hands bound…that’s pretty sexy! I can’t help but picture Conn behind the camera. Ahhh Conn…*swoon*.
Naked is different. I really like it but I’m not a huge fan of Alex on it, but I have to admit this back side is pretty hot. The woman is gorgeous, the difference between her skin and the sheets/underwear is striking. It’s all I can see, she shines! I just love how she is grabbing the sheets. What I really love is that she is ‘clothed’ and the title ‘Naked’ is superposed on her.
Ok…I would not have chosen Dirty. Maybe because of where they are…I don’t know. That’s not really sexy =P. We only see they feet but we can definitely imagine them behind that door *wink*. Should I mention now that when I see it on websites, at first glance I see 2 glasses of water O_o…True story! I’m weird O_o.
I know you love the cover of Flat-out Sexy. I won’t repeat what you said about it, but it’s totally blackmail-worthy LOL. I like this cover too. I must be a perv because I always end up staring at his crotch when I see it.
Susi: I totally agree about Dear Sir, I’m Yours. I love her pose and how her hair falls into her face. I also like these swirly thingies that spread out over the cover from the bottom. And can you see the bed? With the white cushions. Me wants Conn. *dreams* I completely adore the Naked cover even though they both don’t resemble my image of Olivia and Alex. I like how they play with the contrasting skin colors and yes his back is just made of HAWT. I also like how her face looks all happy, sated and confident. The way she lays there with closed eyes and that smile on her face is just wonderful. That’s what I always wanted for these two. Where did you see two glasses on the Dirty cover? O_o I think I love this cover so much cuz of Elle’s and Dan’s story. When I first held it in my hand I admired it cuz the colors and the composition in general is wonderful made. It catches your eye and for me it looks a bit naughty without actually showing too much. It’s more sexy than some covers who just show naked people. It plays with your imagination and makes you think, just like Megan’s book do. That’s why I love it. And I think the toilet thing is only not so nice if you haven’t read the book. It’s all revealed inside. LOL Flat-Out Sexy (I know this one isn’t really an erotica but look at the cover? you see my dilemma?) is exactly what the title says. And yes his crotch is enthralling, isn’t it? I could stare at him forever. Yes it’s sad but duh. And I still want to do that thing with my tongue to his body. LOL Besides him being gorgeous I like the arrangement and especially how they included the car without making it too prominent in the picture. And the color of the font is great. Matches my shirt at the moment. *wink*
Caroline:  If you look very fast at a small pic of Dirty you kinda see 2 glasses instead of toilet booths…with water at the bottom. Don’t look at me like that, I’m not crazy!!! LOL Ok I think I need to read it to get why you love it so much *wink*
Susi:  Aha…glasses of water LOL. You thirsty?
Caroline: LMAO I’m sure I’m not the only one who see that. Please tell her I’m not crazy *puppy eyes*
As always we’d like to know if you agree with us.
What do you like on to see on your  Contemporary Erotica covers
Which are your favorites?
Please tell Caroline whether you see or not  the 2 glasses on the Dirty cover! (I’m NOT crazy!!)

About Caro The HEA Lover

Caroline is a HEA loving, yarn addicted French who's desperately hoping to get a HEA of her own. If she's not reading then she can be found knitting while listening to Audiobooks or watching Tv shows. Her secret addiction is reading websites that make fun at other people's expense (DYAC, Failbook)! Caroline also blogs at the Secret HEA Society with Susi.

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  • Blodeuedd September 27, 2010 at 3:56 pm


  • SusiSunshine September 27, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    @Blodeuedd I don't get it either. LOL

  • Sugar September 27, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    *wipes drool*
    Thanks for the sharing ladies!

    and yep..I saw glasses too 🙂

  • cories5 September 27, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    Oh, I definitely thought it was a pair of glasses. With the black and white tiles on the bottom of the cover, I thought it was a couple of highballs toasting New Year's or some other confetti-inclined occasion.

    Although I loved the moody cover of "Flat-Out Sex", the cover model took off the jacket for "Hard and Fast" and the jacket was totally gone in "Hot Finish" so I guess I'm more abs-centered than crotch-centered.

  • SusiSunshine September 28, 2010 at 12:30 am

    @sugar Why can't I see glasses? LOL

    @cories5 Flat-Out Sexy is definitely my favorite of the 3 and I can't even say why. Probably something like colors and setting that work best for for me in this one.

  • Sabrina September 28, 2010 at 5:10 am

    I actually like all of the covers, every one of them has something that makes me want to learn more about the book.
    My favourites would be the ones by Lauren Dane (love the tatoo), Erin McCarthy abd Maya Banks.

  • Scorpio M. September 28, 2010 at 8:07 am

    I am so envious of the Sweet Temptation cover. That model's figure is perfect, it's not good for the ego! 🙂

    I'm not that crazy about the covers of Dirty (I can see the 'glasses' but it's not that obvious so don't feel bad Caroline!) or Deeper.

  • pattepoilue September 28, 2010 at 11:55 am

    @Sugar @Cories5 @Scorpio M. LMAO Thank you ladies! So i'm not the only crazy who saw 2 glasses!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! lol
    Susi really really didn't see them. I'll take it as a yes Scorpio M….even if it's not obvious *g*

    YAY *happy dance* Nia nia niaaaaaaaaa Susi!!!! *stick tongue's out*

    @Blodeuedd Come ON!!! If you screw your eyes a little, look at it real quick and from the side? You still can't see it? LMAO At least I tried 😉

    @Sabrina Aren't them all sexy!! *g* I love the tattoo on Lauren Dane's book…SO good =)

  • SusiSunshine September 30, 2010 at 3:51 am

    @Sabrina Yes I totally agree. One of the few covers with tattoos I like.

    @Scorpio LOl true about that ego thing.

    @pattepoilue Pffft!

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