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Format read: ebook
Series: Book #31 in Heart series
Genre: historical western romance
Release Date: 29th May 2012
Number of pages: 170 pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Formats available: ebook
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author’s Website, Amazon, Samhain, Barnes & Noble

Book Blurb:

She’s learning to live. He’s forgotten how. Love will be their teacher.

Heart, Book 3

Lettie Brown has lived in the shadow of violence. After escaping her brutal past, she’s finally at home in Forestville, Wyoming, where she would live a normal life—if she knew how. She’s content working at The Blue Plate and printing the town newspaper, if not happy. Then a stranger stumbles into her world and turns everything upside down.

Shane Murphy is a shell of a man, destroyed by the aftermath of the war, his personal tragedies and a penchant for cheap whiskey. When he lands, literally, on Lettie’s feet, his future takes a hard right turn.

As they fumble through a relationship that should not have been, a deep love takes root, one that cannot be denied. Together they discover a bond as unbreakable as steel and as undeniable as life itself—until the past rears its ugly head and threatens the happiness they’ve found in each other.

Product Warnings
Get ready for a deep, intense love story that will leave you crying, cheering, shouting, squirming and sighing. Prepare for a hero who needs to be held, a heroine who needs to be loved, and a story that needs to be told.

My Thoughts:

I read this book because Lea told me what a great author Beth Williamson aka Emma Lang is and that I shouldn’t miss out experiencing this. So I said hell yes even though it is a historical and book 3 in a series no less. Usually I try to steer clear of those because I tend to be to put off by the woman of previous times. But thanks to the almighty coffee-bean Lettie is  not like those wallflower heroine’s at all.

Lettie had a turbulent and violent past which even though she tries to forget still influences her present. She covers her insecurities with a tough as nails exterior and a mouth that would cuss a pirate into blushing. She’s honest to the point of being mean. She doesn’t really do that on purpose. She just can’t seem to find the right words so she says what she thinks- no matter what this might be. It might be unintended but the result actually fits Lettie: people give her the space and isolation she seeks. The only person she ever lets in is her friend Angeline who she loves like a sister. I realy liked Lettie. Yes, she is harsh and direct but in a very honest way. She doesn’t do this to hurt people- it’s just the way she is. She tries to be strong- to be even stronger because of her past. She has to keep this shield of temper around herself or people will see how broken she is inside. My heart wept for her and even though I didn’t always agreed with her behavior I was proud to see her stand up for herself. To not flinch away like a scared rabbit and just be the woman she is.

Shane’s first appearance doesn’t paint him in a good light. He seems to be a lazy drunk guy who doesn’t care about much else than the next sip of booze. Thankfully Shane is not like that at all. His past broke him in the worst way possible- it shattered his heart. Self-imposed guilt kept him in a pit of despair and self-loathing and until he met Lettie and the rest of the Blue Plate crew he never had a reason to come out of it. Shane is a fighter who just needs the right reason to go on. In this aspect he is the opposite of Lettie. when she started to get cold and unyielding he succumbed to illusion of a carefree life the alcohol gave him. Once hooked on that high it is even harder for a broken man to find his way back in life where he can’t escape his painful past. Surprisingly this doesn’t made me think less of him as a man. His recovery after the assault that brought him into the Blue Plate he tries hard to be a better man. He wants to be worth the kindness everyone showed him.

Lettie’s and Shane’s past dominates their developing relationship from the start. How could it not? Both are haunted by bad memories but their attraction for each other closes the gap, openess and honesty do the rest. Their tempers clash from time to time but how boring would a life without that be. I loved the emotional build-up and the careful steps each one of them took. It’s a heartwarming and very touching love story.

Endless Heart is about kindness, forgiveness and love- a heady mix that drew me in from page one. Lang delivers a highly emotional story with characters you just have to love.

I give  Endless Heart 4 stars

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