Christmas in July!!!

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What is she on about you ask? Why it’s Christmas in July of course!

Today I wanted to point out that the all the people in the Northern Hemisphere should be experiencing Summer at the moment, which is when I experience Christmas, so I am here with a special treat for you all:

Chilled Eggnog!

This is a recipe many of us use to help keep cool on a hot Christmas day which is useless to you guys during traditional Christmas…but should hopefully cool some of you down during a scorching Christmas in July.

Now I don’t use proper measurements when I cook so you will need to bear with me for this….


  • Ice
  • 3 eggs
  • 500mL Milk (Full Cream or Lite Milk works best – Don’t use 2%/Skim Milk…it’s too watery)
  • Rum
  • Brandy

Quite a simple recipe really.


Now I use a 1L Blender so you will just need to scale up or down depending on the size of yours (you can tell I’m a masterfully professional chef can’t you – but not measuring makes it taste nicer in my opinion)

  1. Fill 1/4 of blender with Ice – which is 250mL
  2. Add the eggs – please don’t add the shells…I am ashamed to tell you this…but I was giving instructions to a friend and I wasn’t watching what she was doing and she put the entire egg – shell and all – into the blender and then whinged that the Eggnog wasn’t as nice as I’d made it out to be.
  3. Add the 500mL of Milk – keep in mind that this drink will froth when you blend it so make sure your blender has at least 200mL left at the top so it doesn’t spill over
  4. Add the Rum and Brandy – this is completely up to you, add it or don’t..add a lot or little. I usually use a “splash” which ends up with my husband yelling at me to stop before I make it strong enough to leave everyone without their memory for the day
  5. Blend until combined


An Icy Cold beverage to keep you cool on a hot summers day (make sure to keep the rest refrigerated so it doesn’t go off though)

And if you’re anything like me…it’s pretty much a meal in itself aswell!


And to cap this off…please enjoy an Australian Christmas carol


Would you be willing to try this and tell me what you think?

Do you have any aversion to using raw eggs in a recipe? (I ask this because my husband refuses to so much as smell Eggnog let alone taste it once I told him what was in it)


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