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Reading and Knitting: When the two meet!

Hello! My name is Caroline and I’m a knitting Addict. Well, I’m also a book addict but that was a given *wink*. At first I thought these two passions would be  two different things, I was either reading OR knitting.  Oh but I know better now *g*. I won’t even talk about this great invention that is the Audiobook. Nope today I’m here to talk about books!

When I’m looking for pretty patterns to knit I often find patterns inspired by  books I’ve read. And THAT, makes my geeky self happy. It started with the Jane Austen Knitting magazines. I’m fascinated with anything Jane Austen. I love that these magazines give you Austenian patterns with a modern touch.

 (You can see the Table of Content when you click on the pics) 

Sometimes whole Pattern Books are just about celebrating your favorite classics. Literary Knits is the new shiny …

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