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Guest post by Darlene Panzera + Giveaway

Please give a warm welcome to Darlene Panzera, who is celebrating the release of her debut full length novel: BET YOU’LL MARRY ME, a cute and funny contemporary romance full of sexy cowboys, small town folks and … horses! Read on to learn how Darlene, a Jersey girl became infatuated with horses and how they inspired her stories, you could even win a copy of her novel! Darlene, take it away. 😀

Horses: A Writing Inspiration

I’ve had rabbits, cats, and dogs, but never a horse while growing up. I lived in New Jersey with populated neighborhoods and no one I knew had a horse. Taking lessons wasn’t even a consideration. The only time I’d been near a horse was when the farmer’s across from my grandparents house let me ride in the corn cart as the horse went up and down the field at harvest time. I can’t say …

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