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The Good The Bad and the Are-You-Kidding-Me?

Welcome to our new edition of The Good, the Bad and the Are-You-Kidding-Me? This is the place where we let our shallow side rules and we do judge books by their covers (ok we’re just judging the covers but still!!). This week’s theme  came from the cover reveal of Playing to Win. Pervs Admirers of the male body that we are, we couldn’t help but start discussing how easily a man chest on a cover can turn from super sexy to very disturbing. Here’s the result of our little bit of research 😉 I know man chest on covers are not universally loved so it’ll be a good excuse to discuss the topic!

Disclaimer: We were THIS close to using all the cover in the Play by Play series, because let’s be honest they rock! But we’ve been good girls and we kept looking for other covers. *await the head-patting* *purrs* …

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The Good The Bad and the Are-You-Kidding-Me?

Today we have some highly anticipated novels and their covers in tow. After religiously stalking author websites, we were so excited about some of them that we just had to bring them up to your attention. The ohhhhhing, awwwwing and squeeing unnerved most of the people around us so we had to find another outlet. 😉 It’s a varied mix of genres but well you know how these book addictions work. So take a drink and join the discussion.

Caro: Alright so I read the Mortal Instruments series a few years back and I have to admit I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t relate the books if I read them now. But I can’t help but want to read City of Lost Souls. I mean come ON!!! Jace and Clary embracing on the cover? YAY They both look AWESOME! It looks romantic. *sigh*.
Same thing with The Taken. I have been traumatized by …

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*Clears Throat*

Today is Friday 13th!

But BLI has much bigger news aside from advice to avoiding black cats lounging under ladders.

*More Drumrolls*

It’s our Susi Sunshine a.k.a. The GEEKY LOVER’S 30th

Birthday!!! *Hides from the rock throwing* We are kidding!

Seriously kidding! Our Susi is still far from 30, but let’s keep

the number secret in case agents from the Dark Side of the

force have us under surveillance.

Happy Geeky Birthday Susi!!!!

We All Wish You An Amazing Day!!

Birthday Wishes:

Caro: I Wish you a fantastic birthday hon! I hope it’ll be filled with great news, great presents, good company and a cake! Your awesomeness has no limits and I’d be lost without you on an everyday basis (even if you’re German lol *winks*). *huge …

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Moira Rogers’s Post-Apocalyptic Trucker vs Outcast Showdown + Ereader Giveaway

The new year is upon us and we will start it with a bang. The awesome writer duo that is Moira Rogers is hosting a great giveaway for an ereader (spesifics at the end of the post) and all you have to do is leaving comments. How cool is that? It’s all about their new release Hammer Down, book 2 in their Children of the Undying series (you can read my review of book 1, Demon Bait here– great read!). hammer Down will hit the shelves tomorrow (our review will pop up then too). But now on to today’s task. Why am I Team Outcast:

1. The guys are unbelievable hot. Try hot as in scorching like hell- well probably the demon blood. *g*

2. Let’s face it- Magic just rocks and makes your world more mysterious and often so much more handy, too. Who wouldn’t like to …

Post Thumbnail of We Love Your Comments Giveaway Winner & new Start

We Love Your Comments Giveaway Winner & new Start

This winner of our We Love Your Comments Giveaway for Decemberis……


who commented on our post: ‘Romance and Me: Holiday Romances“‘

“Sure, some of them can be too sickeningly sweet and cheesy, but somehow around the holidays cheesiness is tolerated a bit more, don’t you think?”

YES!!! I feel the same way!

I started reading Christmas themed books–and Christmas romances, in particular about two years ago and this third year has pretty much set this new tradition of mine into stone. It really helps awaken the Christmas spirit in me as I start to read these types of stories in December. I can’t imagine NOT reading at least one Christmas romance this time of year anymore!

Congrats hon! I just sent you an email. Please email us back in the in the next 72 hours to claim your price.

We will now start counting for January. Here …

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Review: All Fall Down by Megan Hart

Format Read: eARC provided by publisher through Netgalley
Number of Pages: 400 pages
Release Date: December 27th 2011
Publisher: Mira
Formats Available: Paperback, ebook
Purchasing Info: Author’s WebsiteGoodreads, Amazon. com, Book Depository (US),  Book Depository (UK), Barnes&Noble

Book Blurb:

In the midst of a chaotic midnight assembly, Sunshine is forced outside into the darkness. Holding a scrap of paper scrawled with a stranger’s name and address, Sunny grasps the hands of her three small children and begins her escape.
Liesel Albright has dreamed of starting a family. She never bargained on inheriting one already in progress…or one so deeply damaged. When nineteen-year-old Sunshine appears on the Albrights’ doorstep claiming Liesel’s husband, Chris, is her father, all they can think to offer is temporary shelter. The next day, they’re stunned by the news that the Family of Superior Bliss, led by a charismatic zealot, has committed mass …

Post Thumbnail of Review: How to Worship a Goddess by Stephanie Julian

Review: How to Worship a Goddess by Stephanie Julian

Format read: eARC provided by publisher through netgalley
Series: Book #2 in the Forgetten Goddesses series
Release Date: 1 Dec 2011
Number of pages: 384 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Formats available: ebook, paperback
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author’s Website, Amazon


He’s exactly what she’s always wanted. And she unleases him like a force of nature…

Lucy was once the beloved Goddess of the Moon, and she could have any man she wanted. But these days, the goddesses of the Etruscan pantheon are all but forgotten. The only rituals she enjoys now are the local hockey games, whereone ferociously handsome player still inflames her divine blood…

Brandon Stevenson is one hundred percent focused on the game, until he looks up and sees a celestial beauty sitting in the third row. A man could surely fall hard for a distraction like that…

My Thoughts:

Welcome back to the mysterious world Julian spun around the Etruscan mythology. The hunt …

Post Thumbnail of Review: Unacceptable Risk by Jeanette Grey

Review: Unacceptable Risk by Jeanette Grey

Format read: ebook
Release Date: 13 December 2011
Number of pages: 83 pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Formats available: ebook
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author’s Website, Amazon, Samhain Publishing, All Romance Ebooks, Barnes & Noble


She may learn to live for love…if vengeance doesn’t kill her first.

Plix spends her lonely, gritty life trying to solve the mysteries her father left behind. Armed with a variety of cybernetic enhancements and a talent for getting into places she shouldn’t be, she searches for clues to his murder-and who’s responsible for poisoning her city.

Waking up on a street corner with her brain wiring fried to a crisp, she figures she must have gotten close this time. There’s only one man she trusts to pull her back from the brink: a tuner who can retrieve the evidence hidden deep in the recesses of her mind. A man she dares not let too …

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Interview with Author Jeanette Grey + Giveaway

We are very happy to welcome author Jeanette Grey here at Book Lovers Inc today. Her new science fiction romance, Unaccetable Risk released this week and it completely blew me away (review will be up later today). It’s an action-packed and heartbreakingly good story, you really shouldn’t miss out on this one. Jeanette offered to answer some of our questions about her new book and she also has a prize for one lucky commenter. So take a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the journey into the world of Plix and Edison. 

Susi: Jeanette can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Jeanette: Sure! I’m a thirty-something woman. I write erotic contemporary romances and futuristic romances. I’m a former teacher, a science and art enthusiast, an amateur potter, and I live in North Carolina with my husband and my pet frog.

Susi: Describe a …

Post Thumbnail of Advent Calendar Day 21: Head Rush by Carolyn Crane + Giveaway

Advent Calendar Day 21: Head Rush by Carolyn Crane + Giveaway

Welcome to the 21th day of Book Lovers Inc Advent Calendar. Each day we will offer you one great read in a giveaway on all 24 days till Christmas.

Today you will get the chance to win the final installement in Carolyn Crane’s Disillusionists Trilogy–Head Rush. This book is a highly anticipated read for many, and it delivers exactly what we all crave. A wild ride you shouldn’t miss.

Series: Book #3 in the Disillusionists series
Release Date: December 6th 2011 (paperback to come in 2012)
Number of pages: 360 pages
Publisher: Samhain
Formats available: ebook, paperback
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author’s Website, Samhain Publishing, Audible, Amazon


In an attempt to put her unhappy past behind her, Justine Jones throws herself into nursing school and planning her wedding to Otto Sanchez, the man of her dreams. …

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