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Post Thumbnail of Review: The Paris Secret by Angela Henry

Review: The Paris Secret by Angela Henry

Format read: ebook
Release Date: 17 January 2011
Formats available: ebook
Publisher: Carina Press
Source: Review copy provided by publisher through NetGalley
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author’s Website, Amazon


Less than twenty-four hours after fleeing to Paris, Maya Sinclair is the prime suspect in a brutal murder—and targeted by the real killer. When she’s viciously attacked in the gardens of Versailles, Maya barely escapes with her life thanks to sexy French journalist Simon Girard.

Simon has been investigating the mysterious death of his brother, an art forger with ties to the woman Maya is suspected of killing. Still healing from heartbreak of his own, Simon reluctantly joins forces with Maya, who has awakened feelings within him he thought long dead.

Their search for answers uncovers the existence of a secret society, and puts them on a quest to find a missing crucifix rumored to hold …

Post Thumbnail of Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Compared to the huge winner announcement that’s gonna close our very first blogoversary, today is just a lil’ stretch of muscles. So since it’s late I’ll keep it short and sweet (at least it will be sweet to those lucky ones who won this time ;-p), so today’s winners are… 

The 5 winners of Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter are:
Teril TinaWrayth LetheMelinda CarloIna

The lucky winner of a fantastic pearl and crystal necklace with an adjustable chain length offered by Faith is

The lucky winner of the entire Persephone Alcmedi series by Linda Robertson is:


Congratulations winners, we will shortly e-mail you all, you have 72 hours to get back to us, or we’ll have to draw new winners.

Don’t forget that you have until next Friday (February 4th) to enter all our Blogoversary giveaways, so hurry, there are …

The Latin Lover,Winners     30 Jan 2011 12 comments
Post Thumbnail of Dueling Heroines by Chloe Neill + Giveaway

Dueling Heroines by Chloe Neill + Giveaway

Sadly this day has arrived: our fantabulous (if I do say so myself ;-p) blogoversary events are coming to an end 🙁  But they will go with a bang! Our penultimate guest author is none other than Chloe Neill, the wonderful author behind the Chicagoland Vampires series and the Dark Elite series! Today she gives us an unprecedented dual interview with her two main heroines: Merit and Lily!! Place your bets and read on (you will find a great giveaway at the end)!
Lily: *Tapping the microphone* Is this thing on?
Merit: I’m sure it’s probably on. They wouldn’t have asked us to chat today if it wasn’t right?

Lily: I think that makes sense, although I can’t entirely tell if you’re being sarcastic or not.
Merit: Sorry, it’s a bad habit. Anyway, we’re here today to talk about our series, right?
Lily: *Nodding* …

Post Thumbnail of Waiting for the next Book by Stacia Kane + Giveaway

Waiting for the next Book by Stacia Kane + Giveaway

Today the phenomenal Stacia Kane took over the daunting task of taking our place on the blog. She will tell you how hard it actually is to keep a secret as an author and how the wait for the next book is out of her point of view. We all know her Downside novels created a huge Terrible Fever- a well deserved one because let’s be honest her books are unique and wonderful. Be sure to answer one of her questions at the end of the post to win an fabulous prize pack. 

So, any of you who follow my blog or my Twitter—if any of you reading this do—will be aware that I finished the fourth Downside book, which still doesn’t have a title, a few weeks ago. This afternoon I heard from my wonderful editor, who (huge sigh of …

Post Thumbnail of Catscapades or Details of a Catfight by Gini Koch + Giveaway

Catscapades or Details of a Catfight by Gini Koch + Giveaway

One of the past year’s sensations has been Gini Koch‘s mindblowing debut novel to the the Kitty Katt series: Touched by an Alien. It provoked hyperventilation, incoherent rambling, fanning and sighing over Martini and Christopher, and of course contagious laughter. We Book Lovers all went nuts with our enthusiasm and love for this series, these characters, novels and this extraordinary author, so it went without saying that we absolutely wanted to have Gini over at BLI to introduce her to anyone who might not have yet read her books (seriously are there any of you like that?!) or just brighten your day.

Martini, Kitty and Christopher didn’t get the spotlight this time as the Kitty Brigade usurped it. Read on for more and for your chance to win.

My Fur-Filled Life by Gini Koch

I was supposed to write a …

Post Thumbnail of Review of Prelude to a Scandal by Delilah Marvelle + Giveaway

Review of Prelude to a Scandal by Delilah Marvelle + Giveaway

We are delighted to welcome today historical romance author Delilah Marvelle who will share with us her review of her own book: Prelude to a Scandal! It’s not everyday that you can read a review written by the author of the book themselves, so I hope you’ll enjoy this unprecedented review! Stay tuned till the end for your chance to win a signed copy of Prelude to a Scandal, the first book in Delilah’s new historical romance series!

Delilah Marvelle reviews her own book, Prelude to a Scandal

I’m good at shredding myself apart and what better way than to do it publicly? Heh. Okay, so let me start with why I wrote PRELUDE TO A SCANDAL and break it down from there. I wrote this book because after reading Casanova’s memoires and MY SECRET LIFE, I realized that …

Post Thumbnail of Avalanche of Winners!

Avalanche of Winners!

Hey Everyone! 🙂

As you all must know by now (don’t tell me you haven’t seen the big festive party banners announcing the big event these past weeks on the blog!) the very 1st blogoversary authorpalooza of Book Lovers Inc. is fast approaching and …

It starts tomorrow, it starts tomorrow!

I know Caro, I’m just as excited as you trust me, but no need to cut me mid-speech, shush.

So where was I? *looks around, trying to overlook a silently bouncing Caroline in her seat* Oh yes, I was just about to tell you that since our mostest favourite authors will take over the reins and usurp the blog, winner announcement time comes early this week! Yippee! 😀

And since we had a lot of giveaways, I have tons of winners to announce!

Sooo congratulations to… drumroll please…. *Susi grabs two plastic …

The Latin Lover,Winners     14 Jan 2011 3 comments
Post Thumbnail of Winner Time!

Winner Time!

Hey Everyone! 🙂

Today is my last free day before starting work again, and as it is usually, my to do list would keep me busy for at least 4 days: I would like to take a nap (yep, very important to get some rest after weeks of going to bed around 2am because of watching movies and reading), read my book, watch series, bake and that are only the fun stuff, I left off cleaning my room and organizing my shelves and putting away all the Christmas presents. *sighs*

So I won’t keep you longer, I’ll just announce this week’s winners. So sit back with your cocoa (or Irish coffees for some ;-p lol) and read on to find out whether you were favoured by this time*

Sooo congratulations are in order for… drumroll please….

The 5 winners …

The Latin Lover,Winners     9 Jan 2011 6 comments
Post Thumbnail of First winners of 2011!

First winners of 2011!

(c) kc (again) / Angele

Happy New Year Everyone! 🙂

I hope you all had a great bash celebrating the end of 2010 and are looking forward to all the great adventures 2011 will bring!

So in our very first winner post of 2011, we would like say congrats to


who won the Jill Myles giveaway


Cecile Smutty Hussywho won the Erin Nicholas giveaway

Congratulations Ladies, you have been e-mailed, you have 72 hours to get back to us, or we’ll have to draw new winners.

Hope you all had a great weekend and were able to rest and sleep enough after all the celebrations 🙂

Copyright 2010-11 Book Lovers Inc.

The Latin Lover,Winners     2 Jan 2011 3 comments
Post Thumbnail of All YA Love: Why is the Vampire Academy so amazing?

All YA Love: Why is the Vampire Academy so amazing?


If you ask anyone who has read the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead  if they liked it, I would bet that you will end up with quite an impassioned and enthusiastic presentation on how much they LOVED it, what a fantastic series it is, how exciting and thrilling the story is and that they cannot wait to get the next book finally in their hands.
If you haven’t read this series you might wonder what all the fuss is about. It’s just another YA series about vampires and high school romance, right? Well no. The Vampire Academy series is so much more than that. And you want to know what sets it apart from the other YA vampire books and makes it so outstanding and exceptional? Well read on, I’m about to tell you.

1) For me it is the emotional depth and intensity that makes this series truly …

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