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I was filming a movie for a college project the last two days. Its a very intense process and sometimes its fun. As I was thinking about what to write I thought about talking about books that were made into movies. There are so many books that are made into movies especially in the last few years.

Most of the adapted books that I watch are fantasy. Filming those movies is so hard because normally there are creatures that need to be inserted through animation and if there is flying it needs to look real. So everyone knows about the blue and green screens that one needs to film in front. But there is a lot more that needs to be done. The actors have to be convincing about whats happening when actually nothing really happens next to them.

The hardest part …

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17 Mar 2010
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All YA Love: Guest Post on Fate by Irene Latham

It is our pleasure to have with us today Irene Latham, author of ‘LEAVING GEE’S BEND’.Fate, destiny, serendipity… whatever you want to call it, YES, I’m a believer.  I even wrote and published a poem once entitled “Creed,” which proclaimed, among other things, “I believe in serendipity,/ coincidence, random/ accidents that defy explanation/ because there is no explaining pain/ or the lack of it.”  And when I think about how I came to write LEAVING GEE’S BEND, I see all sorts of fateful occurrences, as if this story was inside me all along, waiting for me to finally get to a …

New Releases: March 16, 2010

March 16
Forget Me Not by Vicki Hinze

Genre: Romance Suspense/Religious Fiction MysteryTHEIR ELUSIVE ENEMIES TOOK EVERYTHING. NOW THEY WANT MORE. 
Crossroads Crisis Center owner Benjamin Brandt was a content man—in his faith, his work, and his family. Then in a flash, everything he loved was snatched away. His wife and son were murdered, and grief-stricken Ben lost faith. Determination to find their killers keeps him going, but after three years of dead ends and torment, his hope is dying too. Why had he survived? He’d failed to protect his family.

Now, a mysterious woman appears at Crossroads seeking answers and help—a victim who eerily resembles Ben’s deceased wife, Susan. A woman robbed of …

Geekdom of Books: Amigurumi

Today’s post is a bit book unrelated but it soooo cute I just couldn’t not blog about it. 

Amigurumi are little sweet crotched puppets and as always I searched for some more geeky ones and I found a few very cute ones. I tried to make some of them on my own and I have to admit my crafting skills aren’t high enough for crocheting. Man the oney I made look weird to say it nice. More reason for me to admire those who can make these gorgeous Amigurumi.

And before I forget it: Happy belated Pi Day!!!! (Pi Men found here)

The first one is all abot the Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and i just love them. One the right you can see Gandalf. I love the tiny pipe. You can take a look at the rest of the characters here.

Next we have X-Men and what better example to show you …


*waves* So this week on Bookish Eye Candy i bring to you Layel from The Vampires Bride By: Gena Showalter. I have had some thinking issues the past couple weeks on thinking of some eye candy so i reached out for help on a few. This week i got help from my twitter friend MAR, she aweosme! If you don’t know her, you must go meet her and follow her on twitter!!!

He is Layel, king of the vampires, a master seducer no woman can deny. But since a rogue horde of dragons killed his beloved over two centuries ago, Layel has existed only for vengeance…until he meets Delilah. Wary of love, the beautiful Amazon wants nothing to do with the tormented vampire. Yet there s no denying their consuming desire every time he nears her.Neither trusts the other …

All YA Love: Judging a Book by it’s Cover #2 – Opposites

There were so many releases in YA during the month of March, it was so hard to narrow down the top 10. All credit to this post goes to my bestie, Jackie! I hope you enjoy it! It was fun to make 🙂 For more info, click on the title and/or author name.


It’s Raining Cupcakes                              by Lisa Schroeder                                 

The Pickle King
by Rebecca Promitzer


Poisoned Honey: A Story of Mary Magdalene
by Beatrice Gormley

                                                      The Dead-Tossed Waves       by …

New Releases: March 9, 2010

March 9

The Vampire and the Virgin by Kerrelyn Sparks

Genre: Paranormal Romance
“New York Times” bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks continues her popular “Love at Stake” series with battle-weary vampire Robby MacKay who finds love while on vacation. Olivia’s packing list: 1. Sunscreen 2. Bathing suit 3. Flip-flops 
FBI psychologist Olivia Sotiris is looking for a cool ocean breeze, sand between her toes, and a break from her crazy, and sometimes dangerous, life. But when she escapes to the Greek island of Patmos, all she gets is a meddling grandmother trying to marry her off. None of the men there interest her—except a mysterious Scotsman named Robby MacKay. 
Robby’s packing list: 1. Synthetic blood 2. More synthetic blood 3. Jogging clothes (even a Vamp has to stay in shape!) 
Robby needs to cool …

Guest Post: Author Shiloh Walker

I’m trying to figure out when I started listening to music as I wrote, because you know, I didn’t always.

Even as short as eighteen months, two years ago, I’d have the TV on and just block it out. Then I had to start focusing more and I realized something—I didn’t block out the TV as much as I’d liked to think and I was wasting precious writing time (come to think of it, I probably waste a lot of time now on twitter…hmmm). Anyway. I had to focus more because I’d recently signed a contract with a new publisher and my workload had pretty much doubled. So TV off.
But the house was too quiet.
I’ve got kids. The house is never quiet. When they are at school, I’ve always had the TV going and now without the TV, the house was so …

Geekdom of Books: Staying Up-to-Date

Thanks to the wonderful pattepoilue I discovered a new wonderful way to keep on track with all the series I read. I already tried Shelfari and LibraryThing and discovered  that I’m more a Goodreads gal myself.
But although I use Goodreads daily I sometimes forgot that a new book in one of loved series came out and I nearly got a stroke when I noticed. So now we have this new site: fictfact.com

What is so great about it?
You can search the database for author, book title or series name and it list all the books in this series, even the soon to be released ones. You can now click on follow this series and fictfact will remind you of the new releases in this series. Sounds easy to me.

Okay I admit it was totally annoying to put all the series I read in there but those 30 minutes …

Interview: Author, Destiny Blaine & a Giveaway!

BLI: Hi Destiny. Huge fan here! I am so glad to be interviewing you for Book Lovers, Inc.Destiny: Hey there. Thanks very much for inviting me over today. I’m thrilled to hear you like my work. BLI: You have a very busy life I hear with having a family and full time writng career. What is the hardest for you to do more: writing or being there for your family?Destiny: Finding time to write. My son graduates from high school this year. My daughter is a sophomore. They’re active in sports and on the move all the time so it’s hard to find quiet time to really buckle down and write. BLI: What is your writing process like? Do you have a daily or weekly word count that you try to meet?Destiny: It varies from day to day, from one manuscript to the next. …

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