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13 Little Blue Envelopes - Maureen Johnson
13 to Life – Shannon Delaney
A Blue So Dark – Holly Schindler
A Ghostly Menage – Eve Langlais
A Midnight Dance – Lila DiPasqua
A Lot like Love – Julie James
Accidental Abduction – Eve Langlais
Act Like We’re in Love – Christi Barth
Addicted - Charlotte Featherstone
Addicted to You – Bethany Kane
Adversary - Kate Kaynak
After Midnight – Sarah Grimm
Alien in the Family – Gini Koch
All I Ever Wanted – Kristan Higgins
Amber Frost - Suzi Davis
Amber Moon – Ann Mayburn
Amidst a Crowd of Stars – Megan Hart
Angel of Vengeance – Trevor O.Munson
Anything You Want - Erin Nicholas
Arcane Circle - Linda Robertson
As Lie the Dead – Kelly Meding
As You Wish – Gabi Stevens
Astoroth: Her Final Sin – Stella Price, Audra Price
Awakened by a Kiss – Lila DiPasqua
Backstage Pass – Olivia Cunning
Bad Apple - Laura Ruby
Bad Boys Do – Victoria Dahl
Beacon Bayou – B. Buchler, C. Craven, J.L.Oiler, L. Munro
Beautiful Creatures - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl
Beautiful Darkness – Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl
Beauty Tempts the Beast - Leslie Dicken
Beauvallet - Georgette Heyer
Bedded For Passion, Purchased For Pregnancy - Carol Marinelli
Because of You – Jessica Scott
Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver
Beg For Mercy – Jani Alden
The Betrayal - Pati Nagle
Bite Me: A Love Story - Christopher Moore
The Bitter Seed of Magic – Suzanne McLeod
Black Gold - Vivian Arend
Black Night – Christine Henry
Black Ties and Lullabies – Jane Graves
Black Wings - Christina Henry
Blood Born – Linda Howard, Linda Jones
Blood Cross - Faith Hunter
Blood On the Pen – David W. Huffstetler
Blood Promise – Richelle Mead
Bloodthirsty – Flynn Meaney
The Bloodgate Guardian – Joely Sue Burkhart
Bloody Jack – L.A Meyer
Blue Bloods – Melissa De La Cruz
The Boat – Nam Le
The Body Finder - Kimberly Derting
Body of Sin – Eve Silver
Book: The Sequel - Clive Priddle
The Book of Lost Threads – Tess Evans
Born of Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon
Bound By Honor – SE Jakes
Bound By Law - SE Jakes
Brains: A Zombie Memoir - Robin Becker
The Breaker’s Concubine - Ann Mayburn
Breaking Chance – Kim Knox
Breathe – Sloan Parker
Bring On the Night – Sonya Clark
Bring On the Night – Jeri Smith-Ready
Broken Wing – Judith James
Butterfly Swords – Jeannie Lin
The Byron Journals - Daniel Ducrou
Callista’s Men - Jory Strong
Carson’s Night - Teal Ceagh
Cat’s Tale: A fairy Tale Retold – Bettie Sharpe
Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins
Changing the Game – Jaci Burton
Chasing Tabby - Misty Burke
Cheat the Grave - Vicki Pettersson
Chosen By Blood - Virna DePaul
Chosen by Fate - Virna DePaul
Cinderella Ninja Warrior – Maureen McGowan
Cipher – Moira Rogers
Cleopatra’s Men – Eve Langlais
Coin Operated - Ginny Glass
The Cold Kiss of Death – Suzanne McLeod
Collide – Megan Hart
Collision Course – Zoë Archer
Comfort Food – Kitty Thomas
Coming Clean – Inez Kelley
Contra Alliance: Shadows of the past – Tom Kolega
Crazy – Eve Langlais
Crazy For Love – Victoria Dahl
Crazy In Love - Ashley Ladd
A Creed in Stone Creek – Linda Lael Miller
Cruising Toward Love – Christi Barth
Dangerous Desire- Diane Escalera
Dangerous Secrets – Katie Reus
Dangerous to Her – Virna DePaul
The Dark Divine - Bree Despain
Dark Is the Night – Brindle Chase
Dark Oracle – Alayna Williams
Dark Succession – Teresa D’Amario
The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker – Leanna Renee Hieber
Darkness Descending - Devyn Quinn
Deacon’s Touch – Cowboy Kink - Callie Croix
Dead In the Family - Charlaine Harris
Dead Until Dark – Charlaine Harris
Deadly Descent – Kaylea Cross
Deadly Obsession - Katie Reus
Dear Sir, I’m Yours - Joely Sue Burkhart
Death’s Sweet Embrace – Tracey O’Hara
Death with Interruptions - Jose Saramago
Demon’s Fall - Karalynn Lee
Demonic Persuasion – Mahalia Levey
Destined Mate - Katie Reus
The Devil’s Playground - Jenna Black
The Devil in Disguise – Stefanie Sloane
Dirty Kiss – Rhys Ford
Double Cross – Carolyn Crane
Dreamland – Sarah Dessen
The DUFF – Kody Keplinger
Edge of Survival – Toni Andrews
The Egyptian - Layton Green
Eleven Scandals to Start to win a Duke’s Heart - Sarah  MacLean
Elizabeth’s Wolf – Lora Leigh
Embers - Laura Bicke
Enchanted Destiny – Rayka Mennen
Enemy Lover – Karin Harlow
Enemy Games – Marcella Burnard
Enslave: The Taming of the Beast - Cathy Yardley
Eternal Kiss of Darkness – Jeaniene Frost
The Eternal Ones - Kristen Miller
Eternal Rider – Larissa Ione
Exit The Actress – Priya Parmar
Exotic Indulgence – Vivian Arend, Lexxie Couper, Jess Dee
The Faithful – Jonathan Weyer
Falling Freestyle – Vivian Arend
Fatal Circle - Linda Robertson
Fatal Embrace – Aris Whittier
Final Cut Miami: Storm’s Tempest – Lacey Savage
The Fire Lord’s Lover – Kathryne Kennedy
First Drop of Crimson - Jeaniene Frost
Flawless – Carrie Lofty
Flesh and Grass - Libby Cone
Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma
Foresight – Sherry D. Ficklin
French Fried - Chris Dolley
Friendly Fire – Megan Hart
Frostbite – Richelle Mead
Frost Moon – Anthony Francic

FU – Mia Watts
Full Moon - Jim Butcher

Gateaway Heaven – Beth Kery
The Girl On the Cliff – Lucinda Riley
Goddess with a Blade – Lauren Dane
Golden – Joely Sue Burkhart
A Good Confession - Bridget Whelan
Good Girls Don’t - Victoria Dahl
Guardian of the Gate – Michelle Zink
Guilty Pleasures – Laurell K Hamilton
Hallowed Circle - Linda Robertson
Hard Spell - Justin Gustainis
Hardware – Sara Brooks
Head Rush – Carolyn Crane
Heart of Darkness - Gena Showalter, Maggie Shayne, Susan Krinard
Heart of Stone – Denysé Bridger
Heist Society - Ally Carter
Hell Fire – Ann Aguirre
Her Sinful Long Legs – Cassandre Dayne
Her Vampire Husband - Michelle Hauf
Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins
His Darkest Salvation – Juliana Stone
Hold Me - Lucianne Rivers
Holiday Bound - Beth Kery
The Hometown Hero Returns – Beth Kery
Hourglass - Claudia Gray
Humor Me – Ian Frazier
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms – N.K. Jemisin
The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
Hurt Me So Good – Joely Sue Burkhart
Hush Money – Susan Bischoff
Hybrid – Bryan O’Grady
I’ll Be Slaying You – Cynthia Eden
Icebreaker – Deirdre Martin
Immortal Champion - Lisa Hendrix
In The Air Tonight – Stephanie Tyler
Inside Out – Lauren Dane
Invitation to Ruin - Bronwen Evans
IOU Sex – Calista Fox
The Iron King – Julie Kagawa
The Iron Knight – Julie Kagawa
Island Idyll - Jess Dee
The Jane Austen Handbook - Margaret C. Sullivan
Jump – Jen Wylie
Just Gotta Say – Lara Kaye
Just Like That - Erin Nicholas
Just My Type - Erin Nicholas
Just Right - Erin Nicholas
Karma Girl - Jennifer Estep
Killer Secrets - Katie Reus
The King’s Courtesan - Judith James
Kingdom of Childhood – Rebecca Coleman
Kisri – Moira Rogers
Kiss of Moonlight - Stephanie Julian
Kiss of the Rose – Kate Pearce
La Vida Vampire - Nancy Haddock
Lady Doctor Wyre – Joely Sue Burkhart
Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage – Jennifer Ashley
Lethal People - John Locke
Liam’s Perfect Woman – Beth Kery
Libertine’s Kiss – Judith James
Life of Pi – Yann Martel
The Light of Asteria - Elizabeth Isaacs
The Limit of Desire – Nico Rosso
A Local Habitation - Seanan McGuire
Logic of Demons: The Quest for Nadine’s Soul – H.A. Goodman
The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven – Sherman Alexie
Love in the Afternoon – Lisa Kleypas
Lucifer’s Daughter – Eve Langlais
Lucky Girl – Cate Lord
Magick Charm - Jennifer Wells
Married By Morning - Lisa Kleypas
Master & Apprentice – Sonya Bateman
Master of None – Sonya Bateman
Mathilda Raleigh: Invictus - Chris Kelly
Mercy – Eleri Stone
Metatropolis : Cascadia- J. Lake, T. Buckell, M.R Kowal, E. Bear, K.Scholes & K. Schroeder
Midnight Pearls – Debbie Viguie
Mile High Airship Club – Nishi Serrano
Military Brats: After Burn – Sherry Ficklin
Mind Games - Carolyn Crane
Minder – Kate Kaynak
Mistress by Marriage – Maggie Robinson
Montana Rose - Mary Connealy
Murder on a Midsummer Night – Kerry Greenwood
My Everything - Julia Rachel Barrett
My Favorite Countess – Vanessa Kelly
My One And Only - Kristan Higgins
My Soul To Keep – Rachel Vincent
My Soul To Save – Rachel Vincent
My Soul To Take – Rachel Vincent
Naked – Megan Hart
The Naughty List – Suzanne Young
Naughty and Nice – Megan Hart, Jaci Burton, Lauren Dane, Shannon Stacey
The Neon Graveyard - Vicki Pettersson
Never Enough – Lauren Dane
Never Tempt Danger – Denise Robbins
Nice ‘N Naughty – R.J. Fury
Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs – Molly Harper
Night’s Cold Kiss - Tracey O’Hara
Night Haven- Fiona Jayde
No Longer Mine - Shiloh Walker
Now You See Her – Linda Howard
Once Bitten – Kalayna Price
Only Mine – Susan Mallery
Only Yours – Susan Mallery
Open Minds – Susan Kaye Quinn
Original Sin - Allison Brennan
Out Of Time - Monique Martin
Pale Demon – Kim Harrison
Pandora’s Succession – Russell Brooks
Paradise 21 – Aubrie Dionne
Paradise Found - Hunter Raines
Paramour – Margaret Ethridge
The Paris Secret – Angela Henry
Passions of a Wicked Earl – Lorraine Heath
The Perfect Play – Jaci Burton
Playing with Fire - Gena Showalter
Pleasure Bound – Anne Rainey
Port Mortuary – Patricia Cornwell
Precious and Fragile Things – Megan Hart
Prelude to a Scandal – Delilah Marvelle
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Seth Grahame-Smith
Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts – Mitzi Szereto
Pushed to the Limit - Nico Rosso
Quarter Square - David Bridger
Rakes & Radishes - Susanna Ives
Real Men Will – Victoria Dahl
Rebel – Zoe Archer
Reckless – Anne Stuart
Red – Kait Nolan
Release - Nicole Hadaway
Reveal Me - Cari Quinn
The Rise of Renegade X - Chelsea Campbell
Rising Freestyle – Vivian Arend
Rivals For Love – Eve Vaughn
Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning
Romancing the Countess – Ashley March
Rosemary’s Baby - Ira Levin
Ruby Red Metallic – Casey Sheridan
Run to You – Sarah Ballance
Running Blind – Nicki J. Markus
Ruthless – Anne Stuart
Sabine – Moira Rogers
A Safe Harbor – Moira Rogers
Sanctuary - Moira Rogers
Sanctuary’s Price – Moira Rogers
Sasha’s Calling - TC Archer
Savor the Danger – Lori Foster
A Scandalous Arrangement – Kayleigh Jamison
Scoundrel – Zoe Archer
The Season – Sarah MacLean
A Season of Eden – J.M. Warwick
Second Chances – Lauren Dane
The Secret Guide to Dating Monsters - Sierra Dean
The Secrets of the Magical Medallion – Sean McCartney
Seduction and Scandal – Charlotte Featherstone
Selfish is the Heart – Megan Hart
Settling - Shelley Workinger
Seven Souls A Leaping – L. Pietsch, K.F. Zuzulo, H. Long
Shade - Jeri Smith-Ready
Shades of Grey - Jackie Kessler, Caitlin Kittredge
Shadow Kiss – Richelle Mead
The Shadow Secret – Fran Jacobs
Shadowed Soul – Stacey Kennedy
Shift - Rachel Vincent
The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner – Stephenie Meyer
Shut Up and Kiss Me - Christie Craig
Silent Storm – Vivian Arend
Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs
Sinful - Charlotte Featherstone
Siren Song – Stephenie Draven
Skin Game - Ava Gray
Sleeping Beauty Vampire Slayer – Maureen McGowan
So Sensitive - Anne Rainey
Snowballs in Hell – Eve Langlais
Solid - Shelley Workinger
Something Wicked - Lesley Anne Cowan
Space Fever- Kate Donovan
Space Junque – L.K. Junque
Speak – Laurie Halse Anderson
Spell Bound - Stephanie Julian
Spells - Aprilynne Pike
Spider’s Bite-  Jennifer Estep
Spiderwork – LK Rigel
Spirit Bound – Richelle Mead
Stolen Dreams – Stacey Kennedy
Storm Front – Jim Butcher
Storm Warning – Toni Anderson
Stormchild - Vivian Arend
Stormwalker – Allyson James
Stormy Seduction – Vivian Arend
Stranger - Megan Hart
Strange Familiar – Cassidy Hunter
The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker
Stray - Rachel Vincent
A Study in Scarlet – Arthur Conan Doyle
Succubus Shadows - Richelle Mead
The Summoner – Layton Green
Tainted Blood - Stacey Kennedy
Takedown - Stacey Kennedy
Taken to the Limit - Nico Rosso
Talk Dirty to Me – Ginny Glass, Inez Kelley
Tempest’s Legacy -Nicole Peeler
Tempest Rising – Nicole Peeler
Tempted - Megan Hart
Tempted by His Target – Jill Sorenson
Ten Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord - Sarah MacLean
Texas Tangle – Leah Braemel
That is Priceless – Steve Melcher
The Lottery – Alexandra O’Hurley
This Perfect Kiss – Melody Thomas
This Side of the Grave – Jeaniene Frost
Three Days to Dead – Kelly Meding
Three Over Par - Cathryn Brunet
Three to Tango – Lauren Dane, Megan Hard, Emma Holly Bethany Kane
Thrill Me - Lucianne Rivers
Tiger By the Tail - Kaye Chambers
Touch of Frost - Jennifer Estep
Touched by an Alien - Gini Koch
Trace of Fever – Lori Foster
Tracking the Tempest – Nicole Peeler
Trial by Desire – Courtney Milan
Tropical Sin – Lexxie Couper
Turn It Up – Vivian Arend
Tweet Heart – Elizabeth Rudnick
Twice Dead – Kalayna Price
Twilight: The Graphic Novel Vol 1 – Stephenie Meyer / Kim Young
Unearthly - Cynthia Hand
Unholy Ghosts - Stacia Kane
Unholy Magic – Stacia Kane
Uniform Behavior – Lucy Felthouse
Until there was You - Kristan Higgins
Vampire A Go-Go - Victor Gischler
Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead
Warrior – Zoe Archer
The Wedding of the Century – Mary Jo Putney, Kristin James, Charlotte Featherstone
Wedding of the Season -Laura Lee Guhrke
The Ways of Khrem – D. Nathan Filliard
What a Goddess Wants – Stephanie Julian
What I Did For a Duke – Julie Anne Long
What She Needs – Anne Rainey
When Harry Met Molly - Kieran Kramer
When Marrying A Scoundrel - Kathryn Smith
When You Dare – Lori Foster
Where the Rain is Made – Keta Diablo
White Cat - Holly Black
Wild & Steamy – Meljean Brook, Jill Myles, Carolyn Crane
Wild Card - Moira Rogers
Wild Lilly - Ann Mayburn
Wilder’s Mate - Moira Rogers
The Willow - Stacey Kennedy
Winter’s Passage – Julie Kagawa
Wizard’s First Rule – Terry Goodkind
Zerah’s Chosen - Isabelle Santiago
The Zero Dog War – Keith Melton
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