Review: Kiss of Moonlight by: Stephanie Julian

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Title: Kiss of Moonlight
Line: Twilight
Book Length: Novel
Book Type: eBook
ISBN: 9781419925399
Cover Price: $5.95
Available in Print: No


Plagued by nightmares. Stalked by kidnappers. Tamra McMillan needs a safe haven. When tattooed bad-ass Kyle Rossini steps into her life, the last thing she expects to find is a sanctuary from her demons or steaming hot sex. Everything about him screams danger. But appearances can be deceiving. The tender possessiveness of his touch, the hunger in his eyes, the scorching sensuality of his kiss—all of it sears him into her soul and brands her as his for life.
But otherworldly forces are afoot and death hovers…
Etruscan werewolf Kyle is a loner. The king’s assassin with a killer’s instincts. The last thing he needs is a mate who could be placed in danger because of him. Until he meets the one woman who needs him more than he needs his solitude. When Tamra, battered but not broken, stumbles into his world and tumbles into his bed, she captures his heart. And nothing—not kidnappers or visions of his possible death—will keep him from her.

My Thoughts:

Kiss Of Moonlight has made its own perfect fit into the shifter world!
The first book of hopefully a very long running series!

Kyle is a tough, tattoo covered ,no non-sense assasin for the Lucani King, who recently had an incedent while on a mission. He has never been the same since. He cares for his daughter cat, and does what he can to protect his family, and his people from any harm.

Cat, Kyles daughter is your average young girl……except for the fact that she is part Lucani and part witch. She does her best to get her dad to help her friend, their new neighbor Tamara.

Tamara, a girl who is running from her brutal past of being beatin and raped. She moves from one place to the next to try and hide. Her only friends are a young pup and wolf who show up on her door step with an open ear, and affection that lets tamara open up and get things out into the open without human hears around.

I have to say I truly enjoyed reading Kiss of Moonlight! I could not put it down. Stephanie Julian has done a wonderful job creating a world that sucks you in. My only complaint……….it just wasn’t long enough!!!! I was already craving more before i got to the end! The world of the Etruscan werewolves , and Etruscan witches is kept secret from your averag human being. Until Tamara comes along.*sigh* What i wouldn’t give to be in her shoes!

Stephanies creation of characters was perfect. I liked how the hero , and heroine are not your typical perfect couple. Kyle is a bit older than Tamara, and I think that is part of what helps in creating the relationship and bond they build. It does happen a little too fast for me, but then again the faster it happens the quicker the romance kicks in!The Romance / Sex scenes……….Stephanie hit the nail on the head. Not to much, not to little, but the love that grows between Kyle, and Tamara is unmistakable.

Throughout the story you get a glimpse into a few of the other characters. It adds to the story , but leaves you craving for more. Stephanie has done a wonderful job keeping you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what come next. And lucky us………the next book Moonlight Menage is now Out!!!

I give this book 4 out of 5 Bookies
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