Review: Her Vampire Husband by Michele Hauf

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Format Read: eBook ARC
Number of Pages:  368 pages
Release Date: April 1st 2010
Publisher: HQN Books
Formats Available: Mass Market Paperback, eBook
Purchasing Info: GoodReads, Author’s Website, Book Depository

Book Blurb:
An arranged marriage between a werewolf and a vampire.

There will be blood.

She may resist his bite, but she can’t resist his charms…

Werewolf princess Blu Masterson won’t allow her seductive vampire husband to consummate their marriage with his bite, marking her forever. Alone in a secluded estate with her sworn enemy, Blu curses the marriage arranged to bring their rival nations together, especially since Creed Saint-Pierre calls out to her most feral desires.

When Blu uncovers her pack’s secret plot to destroy the vampire nation—and Creed—she is forced to confront her growing feelings for her sexy undead husband. Will she choose the only life she’s ever known or accept his vampire bite?

My Thoughts:
I have come across several Michele Hauf’s books, although I never picked one up, partly due to my overwhelming to be read pile and also last year I was pretty burned out on Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance and I didn’t want to start a new series in the same genre. However when I had the chance to read an advance copy from Netgalley, I decided to give check her out.. I’m glad that I picked up the book because I found it to be a fun and sexy read with emotional depth that surprised me. I was expecting something quite light and fluffy.

Blu Masterson and Creed Saint-Pierre find themselves married to help ward off a brewing war between their species who are long-term enemies. Blu is the daughter of an Alpha werewolf, and Creed is a council member amongst the vampire nation. Both of them initially start off with reservations and suspicions about each other’s motives, but their unwelcome attraction helps to create a bond and they soon become friends, and then something more when they both learn of each other’s pasts. I am glad that Michele Hauf didn’t drag out the angst and tension of mistrust between them because I’ve found other books – with a similar premise – that dragged it out for far too long. It hindered the plot and became a forced obstacle in the development of the relationship.

I particularly found Blu’s development and revelations about her past more interesting because I felt her character was really fleshed out. And her interactions with Creed – and outlook – made her more multi-faceted and I loved how she used wigs as a way to disguise her true self – and a defence against those who hurt her in her life, so it illustrated her fun and rebellious side. I also liked how she was unabashedly true to herself and didn’t care about what others thought, and although her blunt manner might be offputting for some people, I found her character to be refreshingly honest and I liked how she pitted her wits with Creed without going into the too stupid to live/or tiresome arguments.

For Creed, I didn’t initially find him interesting as a character because he was too much of a typical alpha gentleman, and there was nothing that really stood out about him for me. But his interactions with Blue made up for that, and their banter was fun, tension filled and added to the frisson to their romance. With each conversation it really ratcheted up the tension and there was a scene in the book which was a turning point in their relationship, where they both started to trust each other emotionally – and sexually – and it became a tipping point of their relationship. It was also pretty hot. *fans self*

The stranger shivered as Creed’s fingers stroked up the center of his chest. Blue took it all in: the murmur of Creed’s mouth so close to the man’s skin, the spill of the vampire’s dark hair of his ear to duest his jaw, the scent of arausal sweetening the salted, sweaty air.

The stranger’s shiver manifested as her own. Watching Creed’s fingers slip under the man’s chin, moving his head as if a lover putting the flesh before him. Here. Here is where I want to touch you. Lick you. Taste you.

Enter you.

Blu hushed out a sigh. Yes, to be entered by him.

The worldbuilding in the book didn’t really stand out from the usual paranormal fare. Perhaps its due to me not reading the previous installments, but I found the setting and premise of the supernatural society pretty much average. But what really makes Her Vampire Husband an above average read for me, was the tension between Blu and Creed whose sexy banter and characterisation made it a fun and sexy read. I will also be picking up the next book of the series and plan to get the previous ones, just due to how Michele Hauf developed the romance and helped to get me over the funk of the genre.

I give Her Vampire Husband 3.5 out of 5 bookies

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