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4 Oct 2013

Around The Bookish World: Week-In-Review

Welcome to this week’s edition of Bookish news! It has been an interesting week, with the continued fallout over the Goodreads saga over deleted shelves and reviews and dinosaur erotica is the new thing (oh I hope not) to get your claws into…


First up, Goodreads has clarified their guidelines about their new shelving and reviewing policy which they outlined in their Feedback forum. They also have apologised and emailed to the affected members whose reviews and shelves were deleted a few weeks ago when the new policy was implemented. They also have offered to try to regain those shelves/reviews from a backup server so the users could back up their copies of their deleted data. Although many have remarked this was too little and too late to undo the damage and damaged trust about posting reviews on the site.

Meanwhile, one of their competitors, Booklikes, who seem to …

Around The Bookish World: Week-In-Review

Welcome to this week’s news post and oh boy has it been eventful with major announcements and more drama in the offering such as more on the fallout on the new changes with Goodreads.



Last week, I reported that Goodreads will be changing its terms of services over the use of shelving names which now users cant be based on authors and their behaviours. This has upset a lot of members, especially the power users who have volunteered their time and energy on the site as librarians improving the database and highlighting bugs. But the feedback discussion has illustrated some important points about the choices on how users shelve and catalogue their books especially in the instances if an author has homophobic or racist views or have a history with child pornography. I think many readers would like to be aware of examples of these to decide whether they want …

Around The Bookish World: Week-In-Review

Welcome to this week’s news post! And this week has been a doozy with updates from popular authors such as Patricia Briggs, Kim Harrison and Kelley Armstrong.


But first up, it seems the repercussions for Orson Scott Card’s posts is ongoing with a progressive group who has launched a petition for his removal from the University of North Carolina Public Television board. His op-ed post which was received a huge backlash has made other members unhappy with his position. Whether or not his removal will happen remains to be seen.


Kelley Armstrong’s tv adaption of BITTEN has been picked up in the US by the  SyFy channel. The show will air in Canada and Stateside sometime next year. Kelley posted a Q&A  on some of the concerns of the adaption on her tumblr page  and stated ‘I can 100% guarantee you that the TV show will not alter one word of …

Around The Bookish World: Week-In-Review

Welcome to this week’s news post! This week we have some fun updates as well as the big news that J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers are returning to the world of HARRY POTTER!



I think most people know by now when news broke earlier this week that J.K. Rowling announcing that she will be writing the screenplay based on HARRY POTTER’S text book, FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM which is also a book she released in 2009 for charity.   Warner Brothers will be also producing, who also are producing the miniseries for her adult book, THE CASUAL VACENCY which is due for release next year.  This marks Rowling’s first foray in writing a screenplay and actually approached the studio to embark on the adaption. Rowling also stated in her facebook  page that this movie will be a standalone and although it ties in with HARRY POTTER world …

Around The Bookish World: Week-In-Review

Welcome to this week’s news bookish news! This edition we have the long-awaited news on the new Kindle Paperwhite which is now available to preorder, and the leading couple for FIFTY SHADES has finally been announced although some fans aren’t too happy.


Amazon launched their new Paperwhite Kindle this week, which isn’t surprising since reports had the older version being out of stock or on sale with reduced pricing which always heralds that a newer version is about to be released. In this new version there is a whole slew of new features and updated specs, such as a clearer and sharper screen and new software updates. But there is also new exciting updates such as the Kindle Matchbook which allows customers to be offered either free or low discounted ebooks of books they’ve already bought in print. Amazon has already brought in a similar feature with MP3s and CDs …

Around The Bookish World: Week-In-Review

Welcome to this week’s news post! In this edition we have news of  Kobo’s new generation of tablets and ereaders as well new expansion in indie stores, J.D. Sallinger’s rumoured unpublished novels and much more!


Kobo is not playing around with producing new tablets and ereaders. This week they announced a whole new slew of range of tablets and ereaders to be released. Following on from their Aura HD model, Kobo has updated a slim-line model which is much lighter but at a higher price for the frontlit ereader. But the surprising announcement is that they will also be producing a much more expensive tablet (the 10 inch model)  for $3.99 which is the most expensive tablet from the online dedicated bookseller yet. While the HD Aura 7 inch tablets will range from $150 to $249.99.

Kobo has also stated that customers could buy digital books via a new app which …

Around The Bookish World: Week-In-Review

Welcome to this week’s news post! In this edition we have news on Barnes and Noble’s spat with Simon & Schuster is finally over, the sad passing of Elmore Leonard and more news in the world of publishing!


It finally looks like the year long spat between Simon & Schuster and Barnes and Noble is over.  The issue was over book pricing but there are no reports on how they settled it, but it will be good for those authors whose books were caught out in this disagreement which had some of their books not stocked in their stores.


This is so disappointing but I don’t think I will be buying any books from Cedar Fort who has dropped a book contract with an author called Michael Jenson due to the fact he is gay. He submitted a bio for his YA book which was contracted to them to be …

Around The Bookish World: Week-In-Review

Welcome to this week’s news edition! This week has been an interesting mix of news, with Amazon’s launching of another imprint, this time biographies, Stephanie Meyer ‘being over’ Twilight and Orson Scott Card’s is at it again.



Amazon has announced that it will be launching a new imprint called Icons which will focus on short biographies of famous historical  and contemporary people who have changed history or affected current and cultural events.  Icons shorts will be released bi-monthly and the first biographical short will be featuring Jesus which will  be written by Jay Parini.


I found this really interesting but a Reddit user compiled the different stages of a library book shelf’s life – There are nine stages which ranges from the order of a book and shelving it, which is named the Marriage stage, all the way to the final stage, The Life Cycle which is when a book is …

Around The Bookish World: Week-In-Review

Welcome to this week’s edition of Bookish news and it has been pretty interesting with some surprising announcements, including Amazon’s Jeff Bezo’s purchase of The Washington Post, 500 fairytales being discovered in Germany and CBS’ development of a WIZARD OF OZ medical show (yes that is correct!) As well as more book and publishing news!


Well, this news caught quite a few people by surprise and it probably brought on a few shudders by some, when Jeff Bezo announced that he is buying The Washington Post. In a letter to the employees of the paper, Bezo stated that ‘So, let me start with something critical. The values of The Post do not need changing. The paper’s duty will remain to its readers and not to the private interests of its owners. We will continue to follow the truth wherever it leads, and we’ll work hard not to make mistakes. When …

Around The Bookish World: Week-In-Review

Welcome to this week’s news post – albeit it a bit late due to server issues which we have been experiencing the past day or so. Hopefully things will settle down and we apologise for any inconvenience! In this week’s edition, we have more news on J.K Rowling and the lawyer who leaked her penname, while the DOJ is still looking at Apple but this time at their practices to ensure the ebook collusion doesn’t happen again and much more!



J.K Rowling has won a sizeable donation for charity from the lawfirm that leaked the confidential information that she was Robert Gabrailth and the book she wrote under his penname, THE CUCKOO’S CALLING. She sued Chris Gossage who is a partner at the firm,told his wife who then passed on the information to  a friend who leaked it on twitter won damages. All the parties involved have apologised to Rowling …

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