Review: Awakened by a Kiss by Lila DiPasqua

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Format Read: Print ARC
Number of Pages: 368 pages
Release Date: August 3rd 2010
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Formats Available: Paperback
Purchasing Info: Author’s Website, Goodreads, AmazonBookDepository(US), BookDepository(UK)

Book Blurb:

HISTORICAL ROMANCE – Three classic fairytales—“Sleeping Beauty,” “Puss in Boots,” and “Little Red Riding Hood”—cleverly retold with enough sensual twists to prove wickedly ever after does exist…
Sleeping Beau: Five years ago, the notorious rake, Adrien d’Aspe, Marquis de Beaulain, was awakened by a sensuous kiss—and experienced a night of raw ecstasy that was branded into his memory. Years later, he spots his mysterious seductress—and this time, he has no intention of letting her go…
Little Red Writing: Nicolas de Savignac, Comte de Lambelle, has been assigned by the King to uncover the secret identity of the author writing scandalous stories about powerful courtiers. He never expected his investigation would lead to his grandmother’s house, or to a ravishing woman who would stir his deepest hunger…
Bewitching in Boots: Elisabeth de Roussel, daughter of the King, is accustomed to getting what she wants—and she wants Tristan de Tiersonnier, Comte de Saint-Marcel, an ex-commander of the King’s private Guard. A recent injury has forced Tristan to leave his distinguished position, but Elisabeth is determined to make him see he’s every bit the man he once was—and more than man enough for her..

My Thoughts:

Sleeping Beau
Adrien is a bastard of the king, he’s handsome but he’s also a complete rake. I have mixed feelings about him, I wanted to love him but there was something that annoyed me a little. This is the story I liked the least (but it’s still a good story!), mostly because I didn’t much like how Adrien always tried to push Catherine into admitting the past. Well, she wanted it too but I felt like he was forcing her to say she wants him. The story in itself was original and the smex was hot so it’s all forgiven lol. There’s a bit of drama with his sister that made it intriguing but also a bit rushed (after all it’s a short story so it was bound to happen =P) . I liked Adrien’s uncles and I wish we’d see more of them. They looked like funny and interesting characters. A good hot short story that revisits the tale of the Sleeping Beauty.

Little Red Writing: 
Now, this story I really liked! We are introduced to Nicolas de Savignac. He is a Musketeer on a mission to find the writer who publish scandalous stories about the men of the aristocracy. Nicolas is certain it’s one of the 3 sisters who live with his estranged grand-mother. I really like Nicolas, he is ready to do anything to find and arrest the culprit…and if it takes sleeping with one of the sisters so be it! lol I liked the story AND the characters. Anne is a writer, she wrote love poetry but she was abused by a man she thought loved her and stopped believing in love altogether. The 3 sisters are bitter towards men, and they make the perfect suspects for Nicolas. The naughty scenes were very hot!! I was curious to know how the story would end and I didn’t see the end coming. Very hot tale with lovable characters.

Bewitching in Boots:
This story was PERFECT. I loved it to pieces. There, I said it. *happy sigh*  If the previous stories were hot this one is scorching hot. The story, the characters, the smex…everything was perfect. I loved the hero Tristan, he’s a leader and he wants to lead in bed too. The heroine knows what she wants too, she wants Tristan and she’ll do anything to have him. I liked that she was so confident and that she dared take what she wanted. Let’s talk smut now, hot Bondage and dominant Tristan made it SO good. *sits on ice* The story is a mix of ‘awwww so cute’ and ‘OMG so hot’ (<===yes i’m a 14years old  LOL). I loved all the characters, Tristan’s brother was a funny one I would love to see him again. 2 thumbs up!!

Awakened by a kiss:

All in all this was a very refreshing book! I really enjoyed the fact that the stories took place in France, it was a change from the usual Victorian England settings. I’ve always been interesting in the reign of the Roi Soleil. I liked reading about the Musketeers and the king’s bastards. Those stories are very hot, and I really liked that the heroines enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh and weren’t complete naives. They are not passive and act on their desires. The more I read the more I loved it. While I wasn’t blow away from the start I was by the end of the book! 
We all have our pet peeves and some of mine are the phrase ‘milking his c**k’ and the use of the words juices/juice and cream/creamy. I can’t help it, Milk, Juice and cream make me think of breakfast (not very sexy!). lol But that’s just crazy me =P Otherwise the sex scenes are pretty hot (the last short is really really hot!!). I felt like a naughty girl reading tales from childhood with a sexy twist! I really like the concept and I’m looking forward the next 3 short stories in The Princess in his Bed. I’m very happy to know that Lila will be writing a whole novel based on a fairy tale too. *squee* I can’t wait!

I give Awakened by a Kiss 4 Bookies.

Lila will be there tomorrow to speak about book covers .
She will also be giving away a copy of Awakened by a Kiss to one lucky commenter. Don’t miss it!!

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