My Wishlist: Print Addiction Edition

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Hey, it’s me, Susi, again.

Veronica is back home from the hospital but she still needs time to recuperate so I’m taking over again.

The whole team hopes that you will feel better soon.
((huge team tackle hug))

This week I will show you the books I can’t wait to get in print. I already own those as ebook but some books I just need to have in print. I want to hold them in my hands and show them around. Yep, I know that is really pathetic but duh it’s me.

The Road to Shanhasson by Joely Sue Burkhart
Gerne: Romantic Fantasy
Release Date: TBD

The long awaited sequel to Joely Sue Burkhart’s first Shanhasson novel, The Rose of Shanhasson, is finally here. The Road to Shanhasson is the second in the “Blood and Shadows” series, and continues the breathtaking story of Shannari, rightful queen of the Green Lands.
Shannari is about to be made the Khul’lanna of the Plains, wife to the Khul, leader of the 9 camps of the Sha’Kae al’Dan people. Unusual in the land of her birth for her skills as a warrior and prized as the rightful ruler of the Green Lands before being stolen away by Rhaekar, the Khul of the Sha’Kae al’Dan, Shannari is as foreign to these people as they are to her.
Shannari has admitted her love for Rhaekar, and, reluctantly, that she also loves Gregar, the Shadowed man who, along with the other eight Blood guards, protects Rhaekar from danger. Rhaekar, far from being angered by her love for another man, is man enough to give her what she wants, and determines that Gregar shall be her co-mate.
Some of her new people welcome Shannari, but others are angry that a hated Outlander is to become their new queen. Controversy and danger swirls around Shannari and the men she loves, threatening to tear apart the camps. Shannari works with Rhaekar, Gregar, and some new allies to bring peace to the camps, but she forgets that Theo, the current ruler of the Green Lands, will stop at nothing to debase and destroy her, and his bloody pact with Lygon, the god of Shadow, will bring Shannari to her knees.

I love this book and I already got book 1, The Rose of Shanhasson as a printcopy and I can’t wait to hold this one in my hands too. I love the cover and Joely’s writing just deserves to be on paper. Her writing has a lyrical touch and I love the world she created for this series. It’s something new and I just adore fantasy. And it has Gregar in it. BUT you can’t have him cuz he is all MINE…step back from Susi’s BookBoyFriend. Muahah!

Crossroads by Moira Rogers
Genre: Romantic Urban Fantasy
Release Date: November 2nd, 2010

He’s the last man she should ever want. She’s the last woman he can ever have.
Southern Arcana, Book 2
Coming from a family with psychic gifts, Derek Gabriel was aware of but separate from the dangers of the supernatural world, until a rogue wolf shifter stripped away his humanity. The change he barely survived didn’t drive him insane, but the cultural bias against him as an inferior transformed wolf might. And it doesn’t help that he’s fallen for the daughter of the most powerful wolf in the country.
Almost from the moment she was born, Nicole Peyton started planning her escape from the strict confines of elite shapeshifter society, an old-fashioned world where women are valued only for their bloodlines and bank accounts. In New Orleans she has a bar she loves, friends in decidedly low places, and a smoldering sensual tension with an incredibly attractive and deliciously unsuitable man.
Their forbidden longing erupts into unbridled need—until Nick’s sister burns into town with a strike team hard on her heels. Saving her means Nick has to play by the Conclave’s rules…and give up the man she is growing to love.
Unless Derek does something completely crazy—issue a challenge that could shake the foundations of their world.
Warning: This book contains forbidden lust, strip poker, instinct-driven sex in odd places, devious shapeshifters, and love and loss in a world of paranormal politics and supernatural schemes.

Ohhhh this was one of the best books I read so far this year and the cover is another pretty one. Just HAVE to have it. You really should start this series if you haven’t so far. Moira Rogers will become a big name in that genre. Great writing with wonderful characters.

Naked by Megan Hart
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release Date: August 1st, 2010

No strings. No regrets. And no going back.
I didn’t think he wanted me. And I wasn’t about to get involved with him, not after what I’d heard. Sure, Alex Kennedy was tall, dark and unbearably hot, but I’ve been burned before. When I solicited him to model for my erotic photography book, I didn’t expect such a heated, passionate photo session. And now that we’ve crossed that line, our bodies aren’t the only things that have been exposed.
But I can’t give my heart to a man who’s so… unconventional. His last sexual relationship was with a married couple. It’s enough that my ex-fiancé preferred men, I can’t take that chance again no matter how much my body thrives on Alex’s touch. I can’t risk it, but I can’t resist it, either.
Alex can be very convincing when he wants something.
And he wants me.


That’s easy: I adore Megan Hart and her books. This book is the best if read from her so far. I love it to pieces. I can’t possibly tell you how much I adore this book. I already read the eARC twice and I know the first thing I will do when I get the real thing is to read it again. For me this is like the perfect book. And the cover is so pretty. I think I have to frame it. *end rave* My review of Naked will be up tomorrow.

So which books do you want to have in print although you already own them in a digital format? Or am I the only crazy one?

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Susi is a geeky vegetarian from Gemany. She just finished university and now works as a civil engineer in steel construction. Besides her reading addiction she also knits like a maniac while listening to audiobooks. Susi also blogs at the Secret HEA Society.

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  • Beth July 23, 2010 at 12:35 am

    I don't think you're crazy for wanting them in print.
    I have about 30 books that I have the ebook, but eventually want them in print. My reason though is because I started the series in print(before I started buying ebooks), then couldn't wait to read the next one(s) and just had to get the ebook. Now I need to get them in print just to keep the series together.

  • pattepoilue July 23, 2010 at 4:57 am

    oh hon you know i have the same 'problem' as you lol. I have 70 ebooks on my Ereader…but I'm slowly getting all my favorite in Print lol
    I need them in my hands! LOL

    Naked is sooooooooooo amazing you were right! You were SO right

  • Beth July 24, 2010 at 11:52 pm

    I have a couple hundred ebooks total. It's only the ones that go with print books that I have that I want to get in print. I still buy about 50% of my books in print only.
    Learned that lesson after a 6 day power outage a couple years ago. Ebook are power dependent. I will never change to ebook only.
    Plus I just like reading a print book sometimes.

  • SusiSunshine July 25, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    @Beth Yeah I know that problem too. You know I actually buy books 2 times so they have the right format in my bookshelf. I think a series should consist of books in the same format.

    @pattepoilue Told ya. LOL

    @Beth Oh my god the horror. Luckily I have a never ending print TBR so I should be safe. And yes, holding a real book in your hands is wonderful.

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