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Format Read: eARC
Number of Pages: 68 pages
Release Date: June 7th, 2010
Publisher: Carina Press
Formats Available: eBook
Purchasing Info: Author’s Website, Goodreads, Carina Press

I received this book as a review copy from the publisher through netgalley.

Book Blurb:
When Elijah Elliot leaves a cushy job at a prestigious Atlanta advertising firm to strike out on his own, he recruits co-worker Beatrix London as his business partner. She’s smart, capable and, turns out, mouth-wateringly tempting. Now Eli has to keep his hands to himself, despite the very vivid daydreams he has involving his deliciously attentive associate. Daydreams that involve less administrative duties and more “yes, sirs” – less clothing and much more personal “activity reports”.

Bea’s attention to detail has only part to do with her work ethic. From the moment she first laid eyes on Elijah, Bea has had some pretty lathered-up fantasies about her brooding coworker. When a racy new advertising campaign sparks a test of their boundaries, Bea pushes Eli to cross the line he’s drawn between them – the one that keeps him from doing all the hot, sinful things she imagines he’s capable of.

A kiss that could ignite a cubicle’s carpet leaves Bea wanting more than Eli is willing to give. Eli’s reticence isn’t strictly an objection to a little office hanky-panky; his desire for Bea runs to the darker side of vanilla, and the gentleman in him just can’t seem to embrace the inner beast. But during a sexy showdown in a laundry room, everything comes out in the wash– hot, steamy and coin operated!
My Thoughts:
This is the first book I ever read by Ginny Glass and to say she is a great new discovery would be an understatement. Coin Operated is the first book in a laundry themed series. This story is about two business partners, Elijah and Beatrix, who are attracted to each other but don’t want to admit it. As you can imagine that brings on some serious sexual tension in their every day work. The book starts with them both in a meeting fantasizing about getting down and dirty with each other- separately from each other. OMG that was so hot. These two have an imagination. Holy guacamole. They both enjoy a bit of dominance play and that gave their day dreams an extra spicy touch. It was funny to see them both talking around their attraction. 

Eli is a dominant man at heart but he is afraid to admit it to himself. He doesn’t want to hurt Bea and he is hellbent on the idea that giving in to his darker urges will do that. So he decides to endure this torture and tries to find a way to separate their business relations.
Bea is highly attracted to Eli and would love to submit to him. But how do you get a stubborn man to do just that. She is nearly sure that he wants it too and she knows for sure that she wants to give it a chance. She’s independent, smart and knows what she wants. I loved that girl. Loved her wit and the way she handles Eli. 

The pace of the story was great from page one and the witting conversation and sexual tension kept me glued to the pages. The sex is relative light on the D/s part but still very sexy. You should make sure to have something handy to cool you down. 😉 

Coin Operated is a fun light read to entertain you for a few others. I enjoyed the characters, the conversations and for sure the sex is hot. Highly recommended read. I know I will keep my eyes open for Ginny Glass. I have to say that Carina Press has some very good authors on their list- loved every book so far.

I give Coin Operated 4 out of 5 bookies.

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