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Breaking Dawn news:
Casting rumours suggest that the producers have found the girl to play Renesmee although this is all rumoured right now but the movie will start shooting this Fall and will be split into two parts.
Producers have also said that the birth scene in Breaking Dawn will be visceral and intense but wont focus on the blood but on Bella’s point of view.
Sony has just announced its new ereaders, which will be available soon. All of the new models feature new Pearl screens and will have touch screens, however they wont be as cheap as the new Kindle which I think is pretty disappointing. And even though they have more of a push and market outside the US. I personally think that the Kindle which has finally got full support and now cheaper books will overtake independent readers and bookstores and I think Sony is making a marketing mistake with this approach.
However Sony has also stated that there will be apps for their Reader store for apps for Android and iThings which is a very good thing, since other devices like Kindle and The Nook have already established and released their own apps.
Acer LumiRead will be distributed in Germany through in October. Libri announced that there will be an integrated ebook service “ebookS” which will make finding books and ordering them easier for the reader. The LumiRead will have an ISBN scanner to easily add books you found in a bookstore to your wishlist. The LumiRead will be available in two versions: with WiFi for 199€ and the in November released verison with WiFi and 3G/UMTS for 249€.
Borders has also cut down the price for the Aluratek reader to $99 and the Kobo to $129 to compete with the cheaper prices that Amazon has just announced 
With last week’s release of Mockingjay, it has currently sold out of its print run of 450 thousand copies and has gone straight to reprint. It has also reached the top spot of both The New York Times and USA Bestseller lists.
And more good news!!!
Larrisa Ione and Kresley Cole both have also debuted their latest releases with their best ever positions on the list! Congrats from the Book Lovers Inc team!
Larissa Ione: “Yay!!! You guys put Sin Undone at #24 in the USA Today bestseller list AND #7 in the NEW YORK TIMES!!!! This is the most awesome news! THANK YOU!!!”
Kresley Cole found out yesterday that Demon from the Dark was #5 on the NYT bestseller list & #11 on the USA Today list! A personal best on USA Today! Thank you to readers and booksellers!
Jenna Black has a new Urban Fantasy series -The Descendant Series, there is no further details but Jenna has posted the first cover up on her site! The first book will be called Dark Descendant and will be released on April 26, 2011
Teresa Medeiros next novel will be Goodnight TweetheartIt’s “the story of a man and woman who meet and fall in love on Twitter”. The book will be released in January 2011. We twitter addicts from Book Lovers Inc highly approve of this idea.
Leanna Renee Hieber has posted her upcoming Dragoncon schedule at her site.
Fans of Karen Chance REJOICE!!!! Karen has posted the title of the 5th Cassie Palmer book which will be released in June 2011 – and she also has posted the first two chapters at her site. I don’t know if reading this will help with the wait or just make it worse!
Do you have any ideas about who should play Reneesme?
And do we really need to see that birth? *shudders*
Do you have any good news to share?

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  • Scorpio M. September 3, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    I'm guessing that they will not show the birth scene, books and film, are two very different mediums. I'm ok either way, most people who will see the movie would have read the book anyway.

    My good news is that it's a long weekend in the States and I have Megan Hart's BROKEN to read!

  • SusiSunshine September 3, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    @Scorpio I so hope they don't include that scene. Ewwww. And woot Broken is an awesome book. Very intense and sad but great. But I adore all her books so. 😉 Enjoy your reading weekend.

  • Has September 3, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    I am going to be shallow but I want to see the alien baby scene – when I first read the spoilers I initially thought the plotline was a planted fake or fanfic LOL

    But I think that scene is going to be a highlight of the movie although I think they will tone down the gore and blood.

  • brandileigh2003 September 8, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    I am SO excited– I can't wait for BD movie!

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