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We are really happy to have Author Stephanie Julian here at Book Lovers Inc today. Her new novel, Size Matters was released last week and she is here to tell us more about this book and her new series The Fringe. Please give Stephanie a warm welcome.

BLI: Steph can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Stephanie: I’m a writer, have been all my life. I’m also the mother of two sons, which is always an adventure, usually a smelly one, and the wife of a great guy. I’ve always been a reader and I sold my first book in 2002, a sweet romance. But sweet was so not my style and I turned to the dark side. Erotic romance is the perfect fit. Hot guys, hot sex, who can argue with that?
BLI: Describe a typical day of writing? Are you a planner or pantser?
Stephanie: Well, I roll out of bed, grab my robe and stumble over to my office where I blurrily read my email then water my plants and collect my gold in Facebook Fairyland (I’m a little obsessed). Then I open Word and get to work. I’m a pantser mostly. I start with a general outline of the story but when I get into it, that changes. Sometimes I really only have the opening scene in mind and I let the characters take me where they want to go.
BLI: What do you think is the difference between a reader and a real Book Lover?
Stephanie: A Book Lover knows when the new books land on shelves at their favorite bookstore or have it preordered on Amazon a month in advance. They forget to make dinner when they start a new book. And if they do manage to make dinner, they don’t put the book down through dinner. Or until they’re finished with it.
BLI: What is the appeal of paranormal romance for you? Why did you choose this genre?
Stephanie: I’ve always been interested in paranormal romance. The first movie I remember seeing was “The Wolfman” with Lon Chaney Jr. on TV. I still cry every time Larry Talbot dies. The “otherness” is what’s interesting to me. Creating a society where people turn into wolves or channel the power of the earth into magic is awesome. You can literally do anything you want in a paranormal romance, as long as you make it believable.
BLI: Your new series The Fringe debuted this month. What can you tell us about your new world?

Stephanie: I love “Ghost Hunters” on SyFy and I have a huge crush on Jason. Must be the bald head. And if there’s a show on Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster or anything offbeat on the History Channel, I’m there. I used to devour the “Weekly World News” when they sold it in the grocery story. Batboy! I loved reading about Batboy. And then I got to thinking about the people who actually wrote those stories. As a reporter for years for a daily local, I know the traditional newspaper business. I mashed all of that into The Fringe.
BLI: What kind of paranormal elements will we find these books?
Stephanie: Shapeshifters, fairies, ghosts, cryptozoology, anything your high school science teacher would scoff at, that’s what I’m going to be writing about.
BLI: How did you research these elements? Are you more an internet or library researcher?
Stephanie: I’m an equal opportunity researcher. Internet, books, TV, late night forays into graveyards. I love what I call alternate archeology, books about how the Templars discovered America centuries before Columbus or the Antikythera device or how the Mayans left earth in a spaceship. If something I read in a book really catches my interest, like the red-haired giant skeletons found in the American West, I’ll search for everything I can find on the Internet.
BLI: What can we expect of Size Matters?
Stephanie: Hopefully some laughs and steamy sex, a smart-ass heroine and a sexy-sweet-gorgeous hunk of a hero.
BLI: Your heroine Carrie works as a reporter for a freudian times. I read in your Bio that you were a newspaper reporter yourself before you started to write Romance. How much of yourself is in Carrie? And tell us a bit about her.
Stephanie: Carrie is the me I wish I’d been. She’s cool under pressure, comfortable in her own skin and smart as a whip. I worked (and still freelance for) a daily local newspaper since I graduated from college. I know the business and so does Carrie. Wish I had her hair.
BLI: Your hero, Tim has a big secret and is more than just the typical guy. I know you can’t share all the details but what do you think makes him special?
Stephanie: Tim’s an alpha male who still manages to be the perfect gentleman. That’s harder than you might think but it makes him that much more loveable.
BLI: Size Matters is a really witty and funny read. Is it hard for you to make your books funny or is it just the way you are?
Stephanie: It’s very hard and no. I don’t think of myself as a funny person. Sarcastic, yes, but I’ve never been a fast wit so when I started to write this story, I had to work that much harder at it. I’m one of those people who thinks of the perfect biting comeback five hours after I needed it. That’s the beauty of books. I have those five hours.
BLI: Will there be more books in this series?
Stephanie: Absolutely. I had a blast writing Size Matters and I can’t wait to return.
BLI: I’m a huge fan of your Lucani Lovers series. Will there be another book in this series?
Stephanie: I’m working on Evie’s story as we speak.
BLI: Now to the mean questions. We apologize in advance.
Who is you favorite side-character and why?
Stephanie: In Size Matters? Would have to be Andy. You’ll see why in an upcoming story. In my Lucani series? Catene. She’s got a big role to play in upcoming stories but she’s still young and I Iove the opportunity to have readers see her grow through the books.
BLI: Can you summarize your series for us twitter style (140 characters tops)?
Stephanie: You know the old saying about the size of a man’s feet and the size of his… Yeah, they don’t call him Bigfoot for nothing…
BLI: Can you tell us 3 reasons why people should read your books?
Stephanie: Hot sex. Deep emotion. And my kids need to eat occasionally.

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  • Stephanie Julian September 14, 2010 at 7:12 am

    Hi there, thanks for having me around for the day.

  • pattepoilue September 14, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    Hi Stephanie!!

    You'll start thinking I'm stalking you now 😉
    I just love how you summarized Size Matters twitter style LMAO If I wasn't already sold this would do me in! lol

    And I love me some humor in my books!
    Oh my we have to feed your kids *wink*

  • Stephanie Julian September 14, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    pattepoilue, please stalk away, I like it!

  • pattepoilue September 14, 2010 at 2:18 pm


    Oh I do have a question. Because I am at the moment in a really long Historical phase, I wondered if you ever thought of writing Historical erotica/romance?
    Just wondering =)

  • Stephanie Julian September 14, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    no, I haven't, just too much research that I don't know that I'd enjoy. I love to research magic and werewolves and ancient civilizations but I don't want to have to worry about what king was in power when. If I write contemporary, I can't screw too much up.

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