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This week, the news has been overshadowed by the sad passing of Urban Fantasy author Jennifer Rardin who sadly died this past Monday. She was the author of the Jaz Parks series, which is a high octane and fast paced Urban Fantasy series, with one of the most engaging heroines I have ever read. We from Book Lovers Inc are deeply saddened by her loss and send out our deepest condolences to her family and friends.
To pass on your condolences and thoughts you can post them at here at Jennifer’s blog.

We also plan to do a tribute and giveaway post along with several other bloggers as part of a blog roll/tour later next week – so keep your eyes peeled for that, because if you have not picked up a book by Jennifer Rardin yet here is your chance, I highly recommend the series! There are also two more books in the series, the next release will be out in December and the final book of the series which Jennifer finished will be out next year in June. So there will be more to look forward to in the series and this series will be a testament for us to remember Jennifer Rardin, who was an awesome author and even awesomer person!

Ebook news galore:

This week has also been an eventful one with lots of developments with ebooks, especially how they are sold in the UK.
On Monday, many e-retailers have removed Hachette books due to the recent announcement by them requesting that their books should be sold under the agency model. There is the question whether or not this has legal ramifications in the UK since the Net Book Agreement was ruled unlawful by the Government. It was removed and was replaced by Recommended Retail Price index which allows booksellers to sell discounted books if they want to. Although the UK’s biggest retailers of ebooks have all removed Hachette’s ebooks from their stores, The Book Depository states they do not agree with this new move and Amazon continues to sell Hachette’s books but not under their Agency pricing. [source]
However Hachette has stated they expect this to be a smooth transition and sales will resume soon.

Book covers, blurbs and more!

Thanks to Pendle from the Hurog forums for the headsup!
She came across the cover and blurb for the next October Daye book- Late Eclipses.

Richelle Mead has announced that her Dark Swan series will be adapted into a graphic/comic book series. The first book, Storm Born will be released in the winter of 2011 and will be the start of an eight issue comic, which will be then followed by following books in the series.

With the recent success of the Tomorrow, When the War Began cinematic debut in Australia. it has been announced its sequels will be picked up and adapted and will go into back-to-back production, with shooting later next year.
There is rumours running around that True Blood, based on Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series of books maybe made into a movie with the current cast of characters. What’s Playing via Cinema Blend have speculated that HBO is planning on making another season and two after season four before departing to make a movie ala Sex in the City. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen.

Do you think that True Blood could evolve into a series of movies – or is it best to stick in a tv format?

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  • draconismoi September 24, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    True Blood could very easily become a series of movies…..but they'd have to significantly cut back on the gratuitous nudity. Probably best to stick to TV.

  • Jenny N. September 24, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    I'm a big fan of the series but if they move onto a movie version I think that it could work.

  • Jessica September 24, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    A True Blood movie would be interesting. I love the books and the show isn't too bad. I don't have HBO so I have to wait for the DVDs, they're entertaining, but vastly different from the books.

    Was utterly stunned yesterday when I heard about Jen's passing. I love her books. I even had the chance to meet her once and now I am still in shock that she is no longer with us.

  • BookObsessedGrl September 26, 2010 at 10:26 am

    I think True Blood movies are a great idea, having read all the books & seen the TV show I know ther is more than enough plot to make it into several movies – on the big screen. Plus, can you imagine Eric on a big screen in all his glory. I will say that it'd be a netter movie series if they used the same actors but did a reboot & followed the book series exactly. Those book are like movies in print and would be awesome! Just saying!

  • Scorpio M. September 26, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    I can definitely see "True Blood" as a movie. It may have to be an original screenplay as opposed to the books.

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