Review: Her Sinful Long Legs by Cassandre Dayne

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Format read: ebook
Publisher: Rebel Ink Press
Formats available: ebook
Release Date: 10 January 2011
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Brittany Cox faces a daunting task. Her lover, David, has every expensive toy money can buy. So, what kind of gift can she give the man who has everything? Brittany has no clue. But on a snowy winter night after a wicked round of sex, David admits that his fantasy is to have his friends watch as they make love. Developing a naughty plan of her own, Brittany decides to give David what he wants. But when the stretch limo she rents takes David and three of his closest friends to David’s secret birthday destination, a strip club, he’s horrified. As the guest of honor, David is given front row seat to the show. And when a masked vixen appears, David breaks the rules and touches the woman and before he knows it, he’s undressed and tied to a chair. Mortified that the dancer enlists the help of his friends from the audience, David refuses to enjoy the stunning woman. But the question remains… will Brittany ever forgive him or is there another secret to reveal?

My Thoughts:

Brittany and David are part of the same group of friends, but what their friends don’t know is that these two have been hooking up for some time now. David’s birthday approaches and Brittany worries about what to give to the man who has already everything when David solves the problem by sharing with her one of his darkest fantasies. David is quite the exhibitionist and he wants his friends to witness his taking pleasure and pleasuring his girlfriend. That was enough for Brittany who starts planning the whole surprise: she rents out a strip club and plans a VIP show for David and his friends…

The novel starts quite in medias res with Brittany and David getting it on on the bearskin during a windy winter night. This first sex scene was rather immediate, wild and frenzied.

Once David has revealed his secret fantasy Brittany starts to plan the surprise of his life. Telling David she can’t join them because she has to work, she sends a limo to collect David and his friends and deliver them to a local strip club. The owner of which, being a friend of hers, was up to let her perform a special number that night. Brittany not only performs in front of David and his couple of friends but a club full of patrons (which I found rather risqué and wondered whether David despite his exhibitionist fantasies would mind her flashing random strangers).

Brittany’s seductive show and dance were described in great detail conveying the atmosphere of the darkened club, making the reader picture the sweat, smoke and excitement buzzing in the air.

Despite Cassandre Dayne mentioning a few times that David had some reservations about being aroused by the masked vixen, I thought that his reluctance was very lukewarm and halfhearted, which we readers, knowing who was behind the mask can overlook, but David having no clue as to the identity of the seductress, wasn’t that against the idea of having his way with the sexy stranger.

Verdict: Her Sinful Long Legs is a short, hot erotica novella. It doesn’t pretend to give you deep characterisations or plot developments, however it will deliver some hot scenes that will make you squirm in your seat. I would have enjoyed reading more and getting to know the characters better, but Her Sinful Long Legs is a nice quick read, good for a “book quickie” during lunch break.

I give 3 bookies to Her Sinful Long Legs!



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