ARC Review: Never Enough by Lauren Dane

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Format Read: ARC provided by the author
Number of pages: 304 pages
Release Date: September 1st 2011
Formats available: Paperback, eBook
Publisher: Berkley Heat
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Amazon, Book Depository (UK), Author’s website

Book Blurb:

Gillian Forrester spent her life running…until Miles came along. The moment she held her older sister’s unwanted newborn, Gillian stopped running and began building a life for her adopted son. Now, thirteen years later, Gillian’s sister reveals the father’s identity on her deathbed-a revelation that shakes Gillian to her core.

Adrian Brown is the epitome of the successful rock star. It takes a lot to shock him-but the bombshell that he has a son rocks his world. And Adrian is even more surprised when the buttoned-up elegant woman who’s raising him ignites his erotic and romantic attention-and engages his heart.

My Thoughts:

I should start this review by mentioning that I’ve been waiting to read this book ever since I read Laid Bare (Which totally blew my brains out), the 1st book in the Brown Siblings series. Never Enough is the 4th and last book in this series and let me tell you,.it was definitely worth the wait! I wanted this book so much that when I heard the 3rd book wasn’t Adrian’s book, I was disappointed (probably one of the reasons why  Inside Out didn’t do much for me). So is was with both excitement and fear of disappointment that I started reading Never Enough. And Oh boy, this books delivers!
Let’s start with a completely shallow point: The cover. It’s so perfect. I’m in love with the model. He’s just exactly Adrian…well ok maybe my vision of Adrian morphed into this model with time. But I’m good with that. 😉  I cannot wait to receive my print copy of this one. *g*
Now let’s talk about the book shall we? Adrian has been a fantastic side-character for the first 3 books, patient, adorable with kids… he really deserved his own family. Adrian is a rock star, a real one (yes there are some fake ones, yes I’m talking about you, there hiding behind your Guitar Hero gear). He’s a big time musician and that already a big turn on for me (did I just say that out loud?), but also he’s still the same. He hasn’t turned into a snob celebrity, I really love his simple ways. Over the years Adrian has seen his family and friends find there soul mates and have children and he’s craving the same. I have a huge Adrian crush *g*
Gillian is a fantastic heroine.  I  found myself in many of her quirks (yes I’m indirectly saying that I’m fantastic LOL).  13 Years ago, Gillian adopted her sister’s unwanted baby never knowing who was the father.  Her sister told her his identity on her death bed only a few weeks before the beginning of the book. Gillian is a great person, she loves her son more than anything but she knows the right thing is to tell that man that he has a son. Even if it could ruin everything she’s built over the years. Her son Miles is pretty awesome himself. He’s so cute and at this age where he’s not yet a young adult but not a child anymore. The relationship between Gillian and her son was so pure, I loved reading about them.
Adrian is wary of humanity. His success as a Rockstar didn’t come without a price. He’s had his share of weirdos and people wanting things from him. Now he learns he has a son and it turns his life upside down. Lauren Dane has a talent for bringing to life complex and lovable characters. Gillian is British and (much like Adrian) I loved her accent and how she would go back to her native way of speaking when she was worked up. Gillian and Adrian have chemistry that’s for sure. Wow the tension and the heat was very palpable. I really loved how their anger would turn to lust in a second.  These 2 are really dirty. Oh my. Seriously, they are wicked and it was pure pleasure to read.  Adrian is pretty much how I wanted him to be, Alpha and sweet at the same time. Gillian was much more than I was hoping for, she’s deliciously dirty on the inside (and so Prim on the outside like Adrian would say). The sex scenes were very hot and touching at the same time, a mix Lauren Dane really knows how to deliver.
One of the best thing about this clash of personalities is to see the compromises they both had to make to make this work. Gillian knows the worth of things and she’s brought up Miles to know he has to earn things and not have anything he wants on a whim. As a Rockstar, Adrian has plenty enough money for them all and he’s happy when he can shower people in gifts. As you can imagine, it’s bound to be problematic.
I guess I should warn you. If you haven’t read the previous books  you should know that this series has a special distinctive quality that will make you either love it or hate it. The characters in this series (and in Never Enough too) loves to TALK things out. They talk to length about their feelings. And I don’t mean only the Hero/Heroine, I mean all of them…friends, family. I think it’s a Brown/Copeland thing. Well, I, for one love this (except for Inside Out but I’m rambling) and it totally works for me. But I know that a few people found that fact a bit tedious/boring. So be ready for some feeling talks. 😉 
If I have only 1 tiny tidbits I could complain about (hence the missing half star), it’s the ending. Ah! Yes, it was in my opinion a bit too abrupt but that is probably just because I’m a fan of epilogues 😉 And well I’m hoping we’ll see their HEA in the next series about Gillian’s friends *g*. At some point nearing the end I wanted to slap Adrian (and his sister) in the head…hard… repeatedly. LOL But they were just being Human, god knows how flawed we are, so I forgive them. 😉

I have to stop rambling about this book because I think I could go on and on for hours. I loved this book. It was beautiful and different. We get to see loved characters from the previous books (aka the Browns and the Copelands)  and it’s like eating sweets, pure pleasure. I devoured this book in no time. It lived up to my (very high) expectations.

I give Never Enough 4 1/2 Stars

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  • Natalija August 26, 2011 at 7:21 am

    Great book review, thanks for sharing!

  • BooksforCompany August 26, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    I love the sound of this series.

  • pattepoilue August 26, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    @Natalija =) You're welcome. I love talking about this series.

    @Booksforcompany If you haven't tried this series before you're in for a treat. Laid Bare really blew me away. So kinky! *g*

  • Diane August 26, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    Lauren Dane's books are always a good read!

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