Guest Post: My Musings on How Vampires Went from Drooling Corpses to Hot Superheroes By Beth Kery + Giveaway

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Please join us in giving a warm BLI welcome to National Bestselling Author Beth Kery today. Beth is a prolific author having penned numerous novels published by Samhain, Berkley, Ellora’s Cave and Harlequin. Beth is here to celebrate the release of Silken Rapture, Book II in her Princes of the Underground series which is coming from Samhain Publishing in digital format on November 22, 2011. 

Silken Rapture is an erotic paranormal romance and Beth is here to talk about a topic near and dear to us paranormal romance lovers….vampires! Take it away Beth!


With the second book in my Princes of the Underground series, Silken Rapture, releasing from Samhain on November 22nd, I got to thinking about the evolution of vampires. Actually, I was revisiting the hilarious tongue-in-cheek article from, called Six Mind Blowing Ways Zombies and Vampires Explain America—if you haven’t read it, I recommend.
According to the article, the left hates zombies because they’re mindless consumers and the right hates vampires because they’re sexual deviants. I got to thinking about the vampires/sexual deviant thing and started wondering—How did vampires ever became the heroes of romance novels?

I guess it all started, like most things, with sex.
According to the Cracked article—and I happen to agree—before Bram Stoker, vampires were essentially the zombie equivalent. They were walking corpses. It was Stoker who made vampires so lascivious and sexual. He also made Dracula cool, rich, mesmerizing and gave him a sexy foreign accent. You have to figure that if a guy is around for that many centuries, he’s going to learn a few things about seducing and pleasuring a woman that go beyond his supernatural enthrallment powers. Dracula, after all, is a creature of supreme intellect and planning. And ah hah—we come upon a new development in the evolution of vampires.
Vampires are smart. They utilize the cortex, unlike those staggering zombies, who everyone knows only have some dim, flickering neuronal activity in the brainstem. Vampires aren’t mindless, drooling brain-eaters. No, indeed. They’re refined. They’re blood connoisseurs.
But the question arises, if a creature can have great sex anytime he wants it, and he’s centuries old, wouldn’t he get a bit….well…bored with it?
It was arousing to watch an unparalleled beauty suck his cock like a waif tasting strawberry soda through a straw for the first time. But Morshiel could have almost any sexual pleasure he desired. He had experienced almost every sexual pleasure imaginable. He’d grown as weary of his gluttony on sex as an obese man grows tired of the chains that tie him to food.
Silken Rapture © Beth Kery
Hmm, yes. Boredom can be a problem when one has all the time in the world.
Here’s where romance enters the picture. There are some nasty vampires who can only become more violent and depraved when it comes to sex and sustenance, like Morshiel. But there are others—the vampire hero notably—who has the ability to fall in love. And a vampire hero falls in love unlike any other creature on the planet. He falls in love irrevocably, passionately and for an eternity. He struggles with his hunger and his vampire-nature because he has known love. In other words, the vampire struggles with and combats his predator nature, and in doing so, discovers his humanity.
This is the tortuous path my hero in Silken Rapture—Blaise—faces. He knows he is soulless and damned, knows he is a parasite on human beings. When he falls in love with Isabelle Lanscourt, he transcends his nature, however, and a fierce, noble soul is born.
And that, my friends, is my shorthand ramblings about how romance transformed a mindless corpse into a mouth-watering hero.
Series: Princes of the Underground Book #2
Release Date: November 22, 2011
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Formats Available: e-book, Kindle, Nook
Book Blurb:

He is her captor. She is his soul…

When Blaise Sevliss, Lord Delraven, rescues a young woman from the clutches of his vampiritic clone the sheer amount of soul energy blazing from her unconscious body stuns him…and awakens a primal, parasitic hunger he has fought for centuries to quell.

Determined to keep her safe from the ravenous Scourge horde, Blaise must hide her in his underground stronghold. Where the powerful urge to consume her gnaws at the last shreds of his control.

With a touch, Isabel Lanscourt can divine the darkest of secrets. Her ability is little help, though, when she awakens in a lush world where sensuality rules. Her shining spirit is a beacon to all the powerful immortals in Sanctuary, but only one can touch her. The enigmatic Lord Delraven, whose brusque coldness is belied by the heated need in his eyes.

In a dangerous zone between temptation and memory, desire ignites an explosion of luminescent beauty. And Isabel’s healing touch begins to fill his emptiness with an impossible gift: a soul. But Blaise holds a dangerous secret, one that could extinguish Isabel’s inner light. And cast his lonely world into eternal darkness.

Product Warnings:
Step into a sensual world of vampires who love to feed and love to…er…feast, where sexual variety is the spice of their lives. No sweetness and light here, this is one vampire who can put the “B” into “bad guy” without batting an eye.


Margaret Turrow, his human housekeeper, turned when he entered the bedroom.
“Keep your voice down,” she warned with a glare.
Blaise curled the side of his upper lip in a menacing gesture. It didn’t mean anything. It was just a habit. He still snarled at Margaret, even after she’d been in his service twenty-eight years. True, a quarter of a century was nothing to him, but sometimes it seemed he’d known Margaret as long as he’d known Aubrey. The woman deserved his respect, if only for the fact that she’d put up with him for all that time. The Literati had good reason to be wary of Blaise’s dark moods, but Margaret knew for a fact she could do nearly whatever she pleased in Sanctuary and Blaise would only bark at her for her impertinence before he let her do whatever she wanted.
Most of the time, anyway.
He walked around the four-poster bed where Margaret sat. He hadn’t seen the woman when he entered because the posts were draped in a white diaphanous fabric, blocking his vision. She lay on the amber silk sheets completely nude with the exception of the two elbow-length black gloves.
He came to a halt as if he’d just realized he was about to walk off a cliff.
“She still hasn’t awakened,” Margaret said as she raised a sponge from a basin of water and squeezed. The sound of the trickling liquid barely penetrated his consciousness. He followed the glistening trail of dampness as it swept along the curve of a hip to a narrow waist, and then along the woman’s ribs. The sponge whisked against the smooth skin of a small, perfectly shaped breast before Margaret withdrew it and dipped it again in her bowl of water. The contrast between pale skin and the dark hair between her thighs was electrifying. The pink, relaxed nipples also stood out markedly atop creamy flesh.
No wonder Morshiel wanted her so much. It was like staring at life distilled. For a full five seconds Blaise sensed her blood zooming through her veins, thousands upon thousands of rich rivers nourishing sweet flesh. Her heartbeat throbbed in the center of his brain, calling him, pulling him.
For a stretched moment, he couldn’t breathe.
With extreme effort, he jerked his gaze off her. He blinked in disbelief when he realized his incisors were extended. Sweat had gathered on his upper lip.
And he was harder than stone. Thankfully, Margaret was still turned away.
“Why the gloves?” he asked.
Margaret threw an admonishing glance over her shoulder, still washing the girl’s belly. Apparently he’d spoken too loudly for a sickbed.
“She becomes restless when I remove them,” Margaret said. “Worse than restless—agitated—although she still doesn’t awaken. Do you have any idea why that might be?”
Blaise kept his gaze on Margaret. He didn’t look at the woman again for the entire meeting.
“No idea,” he said.
Margaret’s blue eyes sharpened on him. “She is powerful, though. Isn’t she?”
He quirked up one brow. “When did you start to sense vitessence?” he asked wryly, referring to the life force that surrounded all living beings. The woman who lay naked on the bed had the most powerful vitessence he’d ever seen in his five hundred and fifty plus years on the planet. Her energy was even more powerful than Elysse’s had been.
He could see vitessence with his physical eyes, although a human like Margaret could not. This woman’s was a brilliant gold shot through with millions of minute specks of zipping, flickering white light. He saw it now, from the corner of his vision. It beckoned him, taunted him. Like Morshiel, he was a vitessence-parasite. He sustained his physical body by drinking blood or sex juices—bodily fluids infused with the energy of the spirit. As one of the soulless, Blaise possessed no vitessence, but his craving for it was every bit as powerful as his degenerate clone’s.
“I don’t have to see her aura to sense she’s special,” Margaret said dismissively. “Is that why you brought her to Sanctuary?”
“I brought her here because Morshiel wants her. Perhaps you’ve noticed it’s in my nature to deny Morshiel anything he wants.”
Margaret sniffed. “Aubrey says she’ll come to if we just give it time. For now, it’s best for her to rest. What do you plan to do with her?”
“Do with her?” Blaise asked roughly. “I don’t plan to do anything with her.”
“She’ll be relieved to hear that, I’ll wager,” Margaret said under her breath.
“One does not do anything to a prisoner, save keep them imprisoned.”
Margaret glanced around sharply. “Prisoner?”
“I said it, didn’t I?” he barked.
Margaret looked for a moment as if she might argue. This time, his snarl wasn’t meant for show. Margaret’s response was to frown a threat right back at him.
“I’ll not keep her behind bars. She’ll have some freedom. I’ll eventually have to take her to Delraven, I suppose,” he growled, referring to his country estate in Scotland. “A woman such as she will wreak havoc among the Literati. For now, just see to it that she stays far away from me.”
“That shouldn’t be too difficult,” Margaret said as she drew the silk sheet over the woman’s body. “No woman in her right mind would seek you out voluntarily with that savage manner of yours…unless she had an invitation to your bed.”
A smile tickled at his mouth, but he did not succumb to the fancy. “You work at Sanctuary of your own free will and you have never shared my bed. What does that say about you?”
“Most would say I’m a great fool, but I say I’m the greatest of saints,” Margaret muttered under her breath.
Her words made him recall that he must contact his brother, Saint Sevliss. He’d video-conferenced with Saint just this morning, and it was because of that communication that Blaise had known something was amiss at the unused British Museum tunnel. How had Saint known about the powerful crystal appearing in London when he resided in Chicago?
Something wasn’t right, and it wasn’t just him who thought so. The other Sevliss princes shared his confusion and suspicion. Saint had been strange and elusive in his communications for several weeks now—ever since he’d somehow accomplished the impossible and vanquished his clone, Teslar.
He became distracted from his thoughts by the vision of Margaret standing and briskly tucking the blanket around the slender woman. She made a shooing motion, as if he were an annoying flea instead of a six-foot-five-inch, nearly two-hundred-pound male.
“You hang about a great deal for someone who says he wants to be left alone. Be gone with you. Let her rest in peace. She’ll have enough to deal with upon awakening.”
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    Can they really get bored of sex? With the right person, you never get bored!

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    How do you come up with the warnings for the Samhain books? I always enjoy reading them!

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    Hi Beth,
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    I really enjoyed Velvet Cataclysm and can't wait to read Silken Rapture.


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    I agree with you that I think Bram Stoker started the new craze for vampires. Humans love fantasy, whether it's zombies, vampires, Harry Potter, fairy-tales. Anything out of the norm and mundane is exciting and intriguing. I added your books to my-read list on goodreads. They look so good. TY for the giveaway chance!

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    Blaise sounds like a character I can root for. He sounds complex which is what makes him interesting. I can't resist vampire stories as they are my favorite paranormal creature.


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    Thank you for recommending Six Mind Blowing Ways Zombies and Vampires Explain America! I guess one can get bored if you live for eternity, providing you are healthy!


  • Morticia Knight November 16, 2011 at 12:38 am

    I really like your vampire hero explanation, and I like the idea of the "soul-connection" transforming the vampire. I've always thought that the film of Bram Stoker's Dracula was one of the most romantic films ever – so great photo choice in the blog!

  • Aurian November 17, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    Great blogpost, thank you. And yes boredom will be a plague on the longliving. But perhaps with running a business empire he keeps busy? And rich of course.

    This sentence intrigues me: When Blaise Sevliss, Lord Delraven, rescues a young woman from the clutches of his vampiritic clone the sheer amount of soul energy blazing from her unconscious body stuns him…and awakens a primal, parasitic hunger he has fought for centuries to quell.

    A vampiric clone? What does that mean?

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