New Releases: March 5 – 11, 2012

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Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire

Ghoulies. Ghosties. Long-legged beasties. Things that go bump in the night… The Price family has spent generations studying the monsters of the world, working to protect them from humanity-and humanity from them. Enter Verity Price. Despite being trained from birth as a cryptozoologist, she’d rather dance a tango than tangle with a demon, and is spending a year in Manhattan while she pursues her career in professional ballroom dance.

Sounds pretty simple, right? It would be, if it weren’t for the talking mice, the telepathic mathematicians, the asbestos supermodels, and the trained monster-hunter sent by the Price family’s old enemies, the Covenant of St. George. When a Price girl meets a Covenant boy, high stakes, high heels, and a lot of collateral damage are almost guaranteed. To complicate matters further, local cryptids are disappearing, strange lizard-men are appearing in the sewers, and someone’s spreading rumors about a dragon sleeping underneath the city…



A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing by Terry Spear
And Blue Skies From Pain by Stina Leicht
Assassins in Love by Kris DeLake

Balthazar by Claudia Gray
Beauty in the Beast by Christine Danse
Bridge of Dreams by Anne Bishop

Crucible of Gold by Naomi Novik
Darkness Undone by Jessa Slade
Deep Dark Secret by Sierra Dean

Dire Needs by Stephanie Tyler
Doubletake by Rob Thurman
Dying Wish by Shannon K. Butcher

Eventide by Elle Jasper
Everlasting by Elizabeth Chandler
Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

Forbidden Fantasies by Jodie Griffin
Geared for Pleasure by Rachel Grace
Heart of Perdition by Selah March

Hunter’s Prey by Moira Rogers
Illuminate by Aimee Agresti
Nightborn by Lynn Viehl

Now or Never by Michele Bardsley
Oracle’s Moon by Thea Harrison
Passion and Pretense by Susan Gee Heino

Perfect on Paper by Janet Goss
Protector by Catherine Mann
Silent Witness by Shirley Wells

Soul Bound by Mari Mancusi
Taking A Shot by Jaci Burton
The 13th Prophecy by H.M. Ward

The Drowning Girl by Caitlín R. Kiernan
The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity, ed. Joshua Palmatier
The Rebuilding Year by Kaje Harper

The Runaway Countess by Leigh LaValle
The Sister Queens by Sophie Perinot
The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne by Madeline Hunter

True Highland Spirit by Amanda Forester
Vampire’s Kiss by Veronica Wolff
Waltz This Way by Dakota Cassidy

Western Ties by Mari Carr, Jayne Rylon
Wicked Edge by Nina Bangs
Wrong Side of Hell by Juliana Stone


Great golly, Miss Molly! This week’s list of releases was not only extensive, it was full of really exciting book releases. (I didn’t want you waiting ages for your page to load, so the madness had to end somewhere. ^_^). For me, there are precisely two books that I simply had to have (and have pre-ordered in order to ensure they are mine!): Deep Dark Secret, the third in the fabulous Secret McQueen series by Sierra Dean; and Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire, a brand new series that looks extremely promising. The former series I’d slept on until fairly recently (thank you Stella for putting an end to that!), while the latter I’ve been awaiting for some time. Other than those two, I came across the contemporary romance Perfect on Paper by accident; it had an intriguing premise, however, and is definitely going near the top of my “To Buy” list. It’s nice to see some solid first-in-series and stand-alones coming out this week. Mixes things up a bit, don’tcha think?


And how about yourself? Do you have any pre-orders ready to go, any trips to the bookstore planned for this week? When you come across an interesting-sounding new series release, are you excited to read it immediately, or do you prefer waiting until a couple of installments are released?

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Alisha, the bespectacled and ever nerdy California girl, simply won't leave home without a book in hand. She loves language learnin' and is working toward becoming a bonafide grammar ninja. On any given day you'll find her haunting local libraries or baking scores of cupcakes and sweet treats.

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  • aurian March 6, 2012 at 7:07 am

    Lol, no matter how many posts like this one on the blogs I follow I encounter, every time there are new books to covet. Yes, a very expensive month this one, lots of new books by my favourite authors.

  • Voodoo Bride March 6, 2012 at 7:12 am

    Discount Armageddon does sound cool. Will have to put it on my wishlist.
    And I pre-ordered Fair Game and Oracle’s Moon

  • Irene Jackson March 6, 2012 at 9:18 am

    I also pre-ordered Fair Game and Oracle’s Moon. I really want the new Moira Rogers Hunter’s Prey as I love their books. Fancy a good few more but they’ll have to go on the wish list for abit!

  • draconismoi March 6, 2012 at 11:13 am

    …..and there goes my self-control. Why hello, Book Depository. Did you miss me?

  • Sheree March 8, 2012 at 1:07 am

    I did pre-order ORACLE’S MOON and am eying TAKING A SHOT.

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