ARC Review: Chains and Canes by Katie Porter

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Format Read:e-ARC provided from the author for review
Number of Pages:324 pages
Release Date:July 9th 2013
Publisher:Samhain Publishing
Series: Club Devant, #2
Formats Available: e-book, Kindle Edition
Purchasing Info: Amazon | Kobo | Barnes and Noble | Publisher | Goodreads

Book Blurb:

“A Dom double-teamed by two submissives? He doesn’t stand a chance. “

Club Devant, Book 2″

Wealthy businessman Daniel Baker doesn’t have a creative bone in his body, but he knows art and craves beauty. Contemporary dancer Naya Ortiz, his fiancee of three years, embodies both. His protective commitment to her happiness extends to hiring Dominas to satisfy the sexual masochism she craves.

The balance of their relationship is tipped when Naya dances with reckless Cajun choreographer Remy Lomand. His magnetism as a Dom carries over to a backstage encounter that leaves Naya breathless-and Daniel unable to look away.

Remy knows the deal. The fancy people want to play with a disposable boy toy. He’s fine with that…but not with letting Daniel remain a bystander. As their sessions intensify, Remy guides Daniel’s awakening as a sexual submissive. Their no-strings threesome reveals the physical connection Daniel and Naya have lacked-and the emotional depth Remy fears.

When Remy and Naya tirelessly work to found a professional dance company, Daniel is left on the outside looking in. And although he and Naya are ready to submit to Remy for the rest of their lives, the man they call Sir may not want their love at all.

Warning: A sexy-as-hell Cajun choreographer plays slap, tickle, chains and canes with a “caliente” Puerto Rican dancer and her repressed businessman fiance. What could possibly go wrong?

My Thoughts:
After reading Lead and Follow, the first book in the Club Devant series written by Katie Porter, I was beyond excited to be able to read, and in advance, the second book in the series, Chains and Canes! I mean it’s not just that I loved so much the first book in the series because it was a well written erotica or because it was something that I had never read before but because it was one of those books that I managed to enjoy and understand even though it had a theme completely out of my comfort zone.

And much like with Lead and Follow, Chains and Canes was a hardcore erotica, with a theme outside my comfort zone that I really loved reading! Let’s face it, menage is not really my cup of tea. Not that I have read many books with a menage. Katie Porter’s stories are the only ones I ever read. But as a concept it’s something that I can’t identify myself with and usually, when I can’t identify myself with the story or the characters I usually end up disliking the book. But that’s not the case with these books. Far from it. I love so much reading about something that is so strange for me and getting an insight of characters that are unlike anything I have ever met in real life. I don’t know if that is because of the authors’ brilliance or something else entirely, what I know, is that I enjoy this series more than I ever imagined I would.

Chains and Canes is a hardcore erotica title like I said before. Readers who can’t tolerate violence should think about reading this story twice, since the main heroine Naya is a masochist and into some really hard and painful stuff. Even if I was prepared for some hardcore sex scenes, there are some that made me cringe a bit. So, be warned.

The story is about Naya and Daniel, an engaged couple who have a rather unique and incredible relationship if you ask me. They know each other so well and they trust and care and love each other so deeply. One might think that they have the perfect relationship. But, as soon as they meet delicious Remy Lomand, they quickly understand that they were missing something crucial. Something that will bound them even closer and make them understand themselves deeper.
I really liked how the author handled the relationship between three people in this story. This is a very different relationship than the menage of the first book, with a completely different dynamic that the author handled in an exquisite way. I loved seeing how all three characters developed through their relationship, no matter how unconventional that was. It was fascinating seeing Daniel succumb to his submissive side, Naya liberating two perfect men and Remy coming to love himself for what he is and gaining some much needed confidence.

The sex scenes were very well written. Even if there was too much violence involved, the author could communicate her characters’ emotions to the reader. You could understand how much each person cared for the other and wanted to provide the best. How everything they did was for the other’s pleasure. Like I said, I may not be able to really identify with any of the three main characters but I could understand them and care for them.

All in all, Chains and Canes was everything that I was expecting it to be and then some more. I love how the writing duo of Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown keep experimenting with different characters and different sexual situations and how they manage to pull off each setting in a perfect way. Their writing isn’t a cheap imitation of so many erotica titles out there. It truly is something unique. And even if their books are hardcore some times, still, their main focus are the emotions of their characters and not their sexual encounters. And maybe that is why I love their work so much.

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I give Chains and Canes 4 stars

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