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Bookish PSA: Books Kill

Today is Friday the 13th. An inglorious and dangerous day. Prone to rampant murderous rampages, and all manner of unspeakable tragedies.

It is my rather sad duty to inform you all that by the time you are reading this, I shall most certainly be dead.

My untimely demise was foreseen by Chuck Wendig at WorldCon. Whilst chatting with him about the utter perfection of Blackbirds (Someone explain to me how he failed to win the not-Hugo?), he was overcome with a premonition of death. Specifically, mine. Which was inscribed in the book for posterity:

“You will die when this book literally burrows into your brain.”

How could I possibly infer today as The Day? Well what OTHER date of the year would one expect books to become self-aware and begin acting upon their primary themes?

(Note: Angry Robot is clearly in on this. The next …

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Review: Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

Format Read: ebook
Number of Pages: 358
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Angry Robot
Formats Available:  ebook, paperback
Purchasing Info: AuthorPublisher, Goodreads, BookDepository, Powells, Amazon

Book Blurb: 

Miriam Black knows when you will die.

Still in her early twenties, she’s foreseen hundreds of car crashes, heart attacks, strokes, suicides, and slow deaths by cancer. But when Miriam hitches a ride with truck driver Louis Darling and shakes his hand, she sees that in thirty days Louis will be gruesomely murdered while he calls her name.

Miriam has given up trying to save people; that only makes their deaths happen. But Louis will die because he met her. No matter what she does she can’t save him, not even if she tries.

My Thoughts:

This book will attack your brain directly through your eyeballs. You won’t realize it until it is …

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