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Review: Never Tempt Danger by Denise Robbins

Format read: paperback provided by authorNumber of pages: 280 pagesRelease Date: 12 September 2010Publisher: L&L DreamspellFormats available: paperback, ebookPurchasing Info: Goodreads, Author’s Website, Amazon, Kindle store


Maureen thought her special gift was a curse. Maybe she’s right.

As the one man who accepted her “gift” slid the diamond ring onto her shaky finger, Maureen saw his death flash in her mind an instant before the bullet struck. With blood on her hands and a government research project in the balance, Maureen-Gilly-Gillman does the only smart thing she can. She disappears. If there was one thing Maureen had learned, it was Never Tempt Danger.

Special agent Lucas Danger knows Maureen Gillman better than any other man. Assigned to find Gilly and her military robot prototype, Lucas discovers that his past has caught up with him. When the woman he loves collides with his secretive past, Lucas has …

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Review: Connect the Dots by Denise Robbins

Format Read: BookNumber of Pages: 273 pagesPublisher: L&L Dreamspell Release date: December 2009Formats Available:Paperback, eBookSource: Review Copy provided by the author. Purchase information: Goodreads, L&L Dreamspell, Amazon, Kindle Store, All Romance/OmniLit, FictionwiseAuthor Website

Book Blurb:

CIA Human Intelligence Operator, Charley Duston gets the shock of her life when she opens her freezer to find the picture of her murdered ex-lover. Worse is the implied message: She is next. Not one to give into intimidation tactics, Charley is determined to uncover the truth behind her ex’s death and bring the culprits to justice. Not knowing whom she can trust, she moves to an undisclosed location where she can covertly investigate the death threats. Here she meets her new neighbor Jake Frisbie at gunpoint …

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Interview Author Denise Robbins + Giveaway

Today we are very happy to welcome author, Denise Robbins to Book Lovers Inc! Denise’s new book Never Tempt Danger was released last month and we’re stop #3 on her blog tour. Denise and I sat down to talk about the authors that have had the most influence on her writing and sometimes her life. Thank you, Denise for being here today and sharing with our readers! 
Okay, BLI readers let’s give big round of applause for Denise Robbins!!!

The Obsessed Lover: What books did you read as a child?

Denise: Of course I read books like Sammy the Seal and Danny the Dinosaur. By the way, those are still my two of my favorite children’s books. In early elementary school I remember reading Misty of Chincoteague. At the time …

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