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Guest post: Daddy’s girl by J.F. lewis

Today we’re very happy to welcome J.F. Lewis on Book Lovers Inc.  Crossed, the 3rd book in the Void City series, is being released TODAY!   He’s here today to tell us a bit more about Greta. In the previous books she wasn’t just a sidecharacter even though she didn’t take that much screentime. Today he will tell us some more about this bloodthirsty little girl and perhaps give us a glimpse of her in Crossed

I don’t know why, but when Caroline, here at Book Lovers, Inc. invited me to drop by and celebrate my book release with a guest spot, I got all gushy and felt the need to ramble on like some sort of twisted version of a proud dad about one of my favorites monsters. You see, one of the scariest lines of dialogue in my first novel (Staked) …

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