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Review: Casting Shadows by J. Kelley Anderson

Format Read: eARC from author
Pages: 230
Release Date: February 1, 2012
Publisher: World Castle Publishing
Formats Available: ebook, paperback
Purchasing Info: author’s website , Amazon


Edward Kelley wants to destroy the world. His family is dead and his odd habits have made him a pariah in the small town of Hurst, Ohio. After the unexpected arrival of an anonymous package, Edward quickly discovers the tools to forge his malevolent fantasies into reality. Yet, he soon finds that he is not the villain of his own story and, with the help of a surrogate grandmother, an undead servant, and a foul-mouthed cop, he is fast on the road to becoming an unlikely hero. Casting Shadows is a quirky amalgamation of Contemporary Fantasy and Magical Realism, with a sprinkling of Classical Literature, Necromancy, and Russian Folklore added for good measure.

My Thoughts:
Hello there Book Lovers! Draconismoi here. I’ve been lurking in BLI’s comment section for a couple years …

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