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Post Thumbnail of Vampires vs. Shapehifters by Lauren Hammond & Teresa D'Amario

Vampires vs. Shapehifters by Lauren Hammond & Teresa D’Amario

Today we have the ultimate fight night: Lauren Hammond, author of Love Bites, and Teresa D’Amario author of SheWolf, will try to get you on their side. Who’s your favorite- vamp or shifter? See what these 2 ladies think and be sure to tell us your opinion on this topic. Please give Lauren and Teresa a warm welcome.Lauren and the Vamps

Eternal life. Eternal youth. Speed. Strength. Wickedly cool supernatural powers.

Those are only a few of the reasons why vampires are better.

Imagine living forever, what would you do with your eternal life? How many place would you be able to visit? Not only that, but you would be able to see the world evolve. It would definitely be something to live through the centuries and be a first-hand witness to all the advances in modern technology, wouldn’t it?

Age ain’t nothing but a number.. Only when you’re a vampire.. …

Post Thumbnail of All YA Love: Guestpost by Author Lauren Hammond

All YA Love: Guestpost by Author Lauren Hammond

We are really happy to have debut author Lauren Hammond here today. Her first novel Love Sucks was released on August 3rd and she is here today to talk about choices and opportunities. Please give her a warm welcome.

We are constantly offered so many choices in our everyday lives. We have opportunities to decide what we want out of life. But what if you weren’t given a choice? What if the life you are leading was chosen for you?

That’s what happened to Cara Jones in Love Sucks. Cara never chose to be a vampire. That life was chosen for her.

When I began writing this novel, the first mental image I ever got of Cara Jones was her punching her fist through the lid of her coffin and the rest is history. I tried to put myself in …

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