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Post Thumbnail of Guest Post: Five Simons: The Many Faces of One Hero by Monique Martin + Giveaway

Guest Post: Five Simons: The Many Faces of One Hero by Monique Martin + Giveaway

I am very happy to welcome to BLI and introduce to you today  Monique Martin, author of the Out of Time series: a highly original and fantastic series which combines time travel, romance, and even has paranormal elements. I loooved Out of Time, the first book in the series and am extremely excited that its sequel was released recently! So please give a warm welcome to Monique and read on to discover this amazing series!

(You can read my review of Out of Time here.)

When I started writing “Out of Time” I had a mishmoshed picture of what Simon Cross (the hero) looked like. He’s not the sort of romance hero you see on covers, shirtless and shiny. (And hooray for them because – hubba-hubba). He’s a forty-year old British professor of the occult who is …

Post Thumbnail of Review: Out of Time by Monique Martin

Review: Out of Time by Monique Martin

Format read: eBookNumber of pages: 256 pages
Release date: 2 February 2010
Source: Review copy provided by author Formats available: eBookPurchasing info: Goodreads, Amazon
For more information visit Monique Martin’s offical website

Book blurb:

New York in the 1920’s is the world of Prohibition, speakeasies and an underground run by the underworld. Vampires and mobsters vie for power in the seedy underbelly of Manhattan.

A mysterious accident sends Professor Simon Cross and his assistant, Elizabeth West back in time to face demons real and imagined.

Simon Cross has spent his life searching for vampires and now that he’s found one, it just might take from him the only woman he’s ever loved. Simon’s life has been a ritual of research into the occult and stoic solitude. He prefers it that way. Until he meets Elizabeth West.

A gambler’s daughter, Elizabeth knows …

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