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Review: Pandora’s Succession by Russell Brooks

Format Read: e-book from the author

Number of Pages:  267 pagesRelease Date:  20th October 2010Publisher:  Amazon Digital ServicesFormats Available:  e-bookPurchasing Info:  Russell Brooks, Good Reads, Amazon

Book Blurb:

Where would you hide if you learned the CDC and a major pharmaceutical company unleashed a hyperdeadly microbe on the human race?

CIA operative, Ridley Fox, never stopped hunting his fiancé’s killers — a weapons consortium called The Arms of Ares. When an informant leads him to an old bunker outside of Groznyy, Chechnya, Fox is captured and left for dead. When the informant rescues him, Fox learns that his capture was no coincidence: someone had set him up—possibly another government agent. Fox barely escapes after learning that Ares has acquired a hyperdeadly microbe—called Pandora—that is believed to have wiped out ancient civilizations. The trail leads Fox to Tokyo where he …

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