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The Authors Strike Back (Part 4) with Seleste DeLaney

This is the last post in this year Blogoversary (we hope you all enjoyed our 13 days of fun and games) and we are happy to welcome Seleste deLaney. She put much torture effort into this interview. Be sure to answer one of the questions in the comments because this is your last chance to get an extra entry. 

Seleste deLaney: What kind of book have you not read yet (either you haven’t found a good one or it’s a concept you just haven’t seen yet), that you’re dying to read?

Susi – The Geeky Lover: I would really like to read something about Ewan McGregor and myself but not sure the rest of the world would be interested in that. =P

Caroline – The HEA Lover: I haven’t read any adult book with Alternate dimensions.I’d love a romance with heroes going through different dimensions.

Stella – The …

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