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Review: Bad Apple by Laura Ruby

Format Read: Hardcover Book
Number of Pages: 247
Publisher: Harper Teen
Formats Available: Hardcover and Kindle Editions
Purchasing Info: Amazon, Author Website, GoodReads  

*Some spoliers may be present in this review.*

Book Blurb:

Junior Tola Riley doesn’t care what people say about her. She knows her ever-changing hair color and goth clothes make her an easy target. Whatever. But the latest rumor is different…. The entire school believes she had an affair with her art teacher. The rumors may be a lie, but the fallout is all too real. Will Tola finally stand up for the truth?

With a heroine you’ll root for and a truly relevant story, Laura Ruby has once again brought the authentic teen experience to life for readers who relish dark humor and razor-sharp wit. 

My Thoughts:

This is the story of a High School Junior named Tola Riley who is accused …

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Randomly Booked: My Book Hero

The book Green Rider by Kristen Britain is a wonderful book full of action and adventures. After finishing this book – which is book one in the series – I realized that I had found a new friend and even a hero. Karigan G’ladheon is the main character and she was given a message by a dying Green Rider – the Kings messenger service – and she has to take it to the king.

Karigan is a character who is brave and will do anything she is promises. She goes through alot of very serious dangers and overcomes them learning from every experience. Karigan is a fighter who learns alot about battles and the kings messenger service on her journey to pass along the message she has for the king.

The song I am choosing for Karigan and her …

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