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Post Thumbnail of Randomly Booked: Book Deficiency Solved

Randomly Booked: Book Deficiency Solved

When I moved to Israel I knew that there would be a huge book deficiency but it didn’t really matter that much because I always found a book I could read and when I went to visit my mom I got to go on a huge book shopping spree. Also the books here cost tripple if not more of their price in dollars. When I found that out I decided that Amazon or Book Depository were my best choices. 😛

This easter I had the genius idea to buy a Kindle when I went to visit my parents. I realized really quickly how much I loved the Kindle because of the fact that I could read my book as soon as i bought it and I could travel with many books in one device making my bag alot lighter.

When I got …

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Randomly Booked: Wrath from BDB

I love finding out about new series. I was persuaded to start reading the series called the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. Everyone told me that this series was going to be amazing so I ran to start reading it. I just finished the first book and I know that reading the whole series will be lots of fun to read.

I love how the characters are so deep and you only learn who they really are as you read about them in each book. Wrath is the brother of the first book. The best way to explain it is to quote Shrek: “[the characters] are like onions (or as Donkey says cake) because they have layers”.  I think that sums it up pretty well.

There are so many different ways vampires are depicted in books. Every author has a different …

Post Thumbnail of Randomly Booked: Because of You by Ne-Yo

Randomly Booked: Because of You by Ne-Yo

When I think about some of the interactions some of the characters have with each other in a book there is always something or someone to blame. Many characters meet each other by chance and they need saving so its always the stronger characters fault. However the characters in these books end up loving each other or become really close friends. This song is more for the characters that fall in love but there is always this inner conflict that the characters are hesitant because they aren’t sure of their partners. This song is sweet because you feel how the singer is really in love with a girl who he isn’t sure loves him but he is having an inner conflict because he loves her to no end.

If I think about it there are many characters like that. Cat and …

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Post Thumbnail of Randomly Booked: Why I love my Kindle

Randomly Booked: Why I love my Kindle

Now that I have a Kindle I don’t need to take anything extra with me when I go on a road trip or travel around the world. I also get instant satisfaction when I buy a book. Thats my favorite part of having the kindle. I can go and travel anywhere I want and always have a good book to read. Its a wonderful new thing for people that live abroad but prefer to read in English. In Israel there are almost no good english books in the bookstores. Now i don’t have to wait for amazon to ship my books instead all i have to do is download it. 😀

I wish there was a bookstore here like Barnes and Noble or Hugendubbel English. There are not enough people here who read in English so there’s only a small …

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Randomly Booked: Miami and Deadtown

I grew up in Miami Beach. Every year I grew older I saw more and more how much I didn’t like living there. There was nothing to do in Miami for people under the age of 21. I didn’t have a drivers license or car so when I wanted to go to some places I had to get my parents to take me where I needed to go.

At the moment I’m on vacation in Miami and during this trip I met a new friend. She gave me a few presents which made my day because each one meant something new. One of the books this friend gave me is called Deadtown by Nancy Holzner.  I immediately after I saw it knew that I really wanted to read this book but I can’t remember why. 

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Post Thumbnail of Randomly Booked: Quote

Randomly Booked: Quote

Since I’m traveling my post today is short today.One of the books I’m reading is extremely good and when I start reading I don’t want to stop.
 Here is a quote from the book, which made me laugh. Night Play is a book about a were-wolf but not in the same sense as in Harry Potter. I fell in love with the main character who’s name is Vane (he’s a werewolf – a wolf who turns into a human).

Below is a quote from a scene where Vane had to use a credit card. (below is a picture of how I picture Vane as I’m reading the book)

“It was laughable, really, that a wolf had a human credit card. But then, this was the twenty-first century and those who didn’t blend quickly found themselves exterminated. Unlike …

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Randomly Booked: Books into Movies

I was filming a movie for a college project the last two days. Its a very intense process and sometimes its fun. As I was thinking about what to write I thought about talking about books that were made into movies. There are so many books that are made into movies especially in the last few years.

Most of the adapted books that I watch are fantasy. Filming those movies is so hard because normally there are creatures that need to be inserted through animation and if there is flying it needs to look real. So everyone knows about the blue and green screens that one needs to film in front. But there is a lot more that needs to be done. The actors have to be convincing about whats happening when actually nothing really happens next to them.

The hardest part …

Post Thumbnail of Randomly Booked: Don't Stop Me Now by Mcfly

Randomly Booked: Don’t Stop Me Now by Mcfly

The song Don’t Stop Me Now by Mcfly made me think of Cat and Bones in Halfway to the Grave. When Cat meets Bones shes out looking for a vampire and manages to get Bones to come with her. Then Bones manages to change the circumstances and Cat thinks she is in deep trouble. Bones has a really good time trying to seduce Cat and please her. This song depicts the relationship of Cat and Bones especially during the beginning of their relationship but basically throughout.

Don’t Stop Me Now by McFly

Tonight I’m gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive
And the world is turning inside out, yeah
I’m floating around in ecstasy so 
So Don’t stop me now
Don’t stop me cause I’m havin’ a good time
I’m havin’ a good time

I’m a shooting star leaping throught the skies
Like a tiger defying the …

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Randomly Booked: My Book Hero

The book Green Rider by Kristen Britain is a wonderful book full of action and adventures. After finishing this book – which is book one in the series – I realized that I had found a new friend and even a hero. Karigan G’ladheon is the main character and she was given a message by a dying Green Rider – the Kings messenger service – and she has to take it to the king.

Karigan is a character who is brave and will do anything she is promises. She goes through alot of very serious dangers and overcomes them learning from every experience. Karigan is a fighter who learns alot about battles and the kings messenger service on her journey to pass along the message she has for the king.

The song I am choosing for Karigan and her …

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