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Today’s post is a bit book unrelated but it soooo cute I just couldn’t not blog about it. 

Amigurumi are little sweet crotched puppets and as always I searched for some more geeky ones and I found a few very cute ones. I tried to make some of them on my own and I have to admit my crafting skills aren’t high enough for crocheting. Man the oney I made look weird to say it nice. More reason for me to admire those who can make these gorgeous Amigurumi.

And before I forget it: Happy belated Pi Day!!!! (Pi Men found here)

The first one is all abot the Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and i just love them. One the right you can see Gandalf. I love the tiny pipe. You can take a look at the rest of the characters here.

Next we have X-Men and what better example to show you than Wolverine? 

Now I have to think about Hugh Jackman…*dreams*

Okay am back..*ahem*…there’s a full album of X-Men characters over 
here. There are also a few other funny puppets in her slideshow. I’M all ohhhing and uhhhing at the moment. LOL

I am a total Trekkie and OMG aren’t these gorgeous.

I especially love Uhura. Her dress is so minimalistic. LOL

And Spock’s mustache is so smexy.

Found this one on Flickr too here.

Up next is Firefly. These have so many great details. It just blows my mind. I can’t even make two legs look the same and just wow. I really admire that some people can make these things. Want to be able to do.

You should really take a look at the slideshow
here too see all the small little extra things these puppets have. Like the tiny rifles and even smaller belt buckles. Too cute!

And last but definitely not least. 

Star Wars

da da da da dadada dadada……

can you see him in the back? The little black Darth Vader? I never thought I would find this one in cute. LOL

And Yoda’s ears? ROFL

And I want one of these Ewoks? But I have to say C3PO should think about a diet. LOL Take a look at all the pictures here.

Anyone else wants to play with puppets now?
Hope you all have a great week!
(We don’t own the copyright of the above pictures. All credit goes to the linked artists)

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Susi is a geeky vegetarian from Gemany. She just finished university and now works as a civil engineer in steel construction. Besides her reading addiction she also knits like a maniac while listening to audiobooks. Susi also blogs at the Secret HEA Society.

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  • heatwave16 March 15, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    OMG!!! I love these, and I totally want a little 'Pi' of my own. That rocks!!!

  • bianca_riot March 16, 2010 at 7:47 am

    they totally rule. i want them!!!! =)

  • Blodeuedd March 17, 2010 at 9:40 am

    Haha, omg I want those 😀

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