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Post Thumbnail of Bookish Rave: What Reader Species Are You?

Bookish Rave: What Reader Species Are You?

Here at BLI, we often ask how one can differentiate between a Book Lover and mere Reader. It turns out we were thinking to small. Laura E. Kelley realized there is an entire taxonomy of Readers and Book Lovers out there, and set out to identify and distinguish each individual species.

As you do.

Today we acknowledge that our International Book Congress requires more than simple geographic and genre diversity to be fully representative of the needs of Book Lovers. We may need to bulk up our ranks. Diversity hires, if you will.

And so, without further ado we present The Linnaean Hierarchy of Readers.* (Seriously, we did not create this. It is amazing, but also requires a scientific devotion to detail and organization that we can only aspire towards.)

Take your time to properly classify yourself. The Book Lovers will self-identify below.

Jackie: I think I fit into a bunch of the …

Post Thumbnail of Geekdom of Books: Google Analytics & why I love it

Geekdom of Books: Google Analytics & why I love it

I love google Analytics not only because it is handy to keep track of visitors and clicks but aslo it amuses me to see how some people came to our blog. I always laugh so hard when I go through the things someone googled and then found Book Lovers Inc. Some time back I found a wonderful post about this topic at the Moira Rogers blog (here’s the post) and I thought today I will share ours with you. You’ve been warned. 

Here are some of my favorites:

books with dark romance, stalker theme – Still thinking about which book would fit that description. Ideas?

patricia briggs interview – would have been great but unfortunately not here

baby you my so strong but i like it because of you – Ahem, no comment! LOL

dog lovers blogs blogspot – sorry wrong blog.

is joey hill autor a male or female – She …

Post Thumbnail of Geekdom of Books: Romance Novels and the Condoms Dilemma

Geekdom of Books: Romance Novels and the Condoms Dilemma

I know, I know this is such an old rant but I hate it when you read a contemporary romance and oops the couple of interest forgets the protection for 3 days. Seriously?

But I don’t want  to rant about this topic today. I want to show how funny the topic of condoms can be and so I started to google around and I found a few interesting *insert blush here* variations.

And OMG researching this was an experience I tell ya.

1. Vibrating condoms
I found these in a guest post one Leontine’s Book Realm a while ago and I was like OMG that really exists? Yes it does and I found them online here. Beside the fast that I find it an hilarious idea I had to read the customer reviews and OMG you have to read those. So funny! I know it is immature but I just couldn’t stop laughing. Lovely idea …

Post Thumbnail of Geekdom of Books: LOLCurrans

Geekdom of Books: LOLCurrans

Hey everyone! 

Happy Monday!

Okay I had the Monday from hell today and I’m not very creative so I will use that opportunity to let the creativity of others save the day.
Enter the world of Kate Daniels and feel free to laugh as much as you want.
Here are some 

for you!

 All pictures are from Ilona Andrews website or her forum. You can find even more of these great pics there! So go over a take a look and have a good laugh!

Copyright 2010-11 Book Lovers Inc.

Post Thumbnail of Geekdom of Books: Happy Easter!

Geekdom of Books: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

This week I found something really geeky and amusing which totally deserves a post of it’s own. Luckily it fits at least a bit to Eastern so I could come up with a reason to post it:

The Nabaztag.

It’s these super cute bunny on the left and it can entertain you endlessly or so they say.

What can it do?
It connects via wifi to the wonderful world of the internet and is able to
– tell you what the weather will be like (yes this rabbit can speak LOL)
– read your RSS reader for you (that sounds just fantastic to me)
– inform you about new emails or txt messages
– it can move it’s ears matching to the music it plays with the fitting light show included

and the list goes on and on….it’s a learning little robot with always updating features.

And they also launched a smaller edition of it called

Post Thumbnail of Geekdom of Books: Bookish Jewelery

Geekdom of Books: Bookish Jewelery

In a frantic search to find something to blog about this week I stumbled upon something I thought all female Book Lovers would enjoy.

Jewelery with a bookish touch. I so love this idea and I found perhaps, something for all of us.

1. Really Geeky Earrings

I found these on Etsy and I totally love the idea. No, we don’t all have to wear Watchmen earrings now. That would be dumb. LOL
No, you can get any book you want in this shop. You just have to ask.

Think about the possibilities. A new pair of books for every day of the week? OMG I love these earrings.
And they only cost 25 USD.

Here is the link to the shop. Copyright for the pic and the art has Lauren Swingle.

2. Steampunk Book Necklace

Steampunk is getting more popular with every day and now Etsy is nearly overrun with Steampunk Jewelery. I think this one is a …

Post Thumbnail of Geekdom of Books: Foreign Releases

Geekdom of Books: Foreign Releases

This post is really just my opinion on what can go wrong when a book gets published in Germany.

And believe me that happens more than you think. And yes, I’m aware of this just being the minority but it makes me angry nonetheless.

It’s a totally subjective post and I can only speak for German releases.
No idea how it works in other countries.

1. Inventing a new English Title for the German edition

Okay I’m not thinking about anything as hilarious as “The Playboy Sheikh’s Virgin Stable-Girl“and other wonderful Harlequin Presents creations but the things we get here in Germany are sometimes rather mind boggling. I can understand when an English book gets a German title cuz that’s what we all would expect but why would they change a English title into another English …

Post Thumbnail of Geekdom of Books: Amigurumi

Geekdom of Books: Amigurumi

Today’s post is a bit book unrelated but it soooo cute I just couldn’t not blog about it. 

Amigurumi are little sweet crotched puppets and as always I searched for some more geeky ones and I found a few very cute ones. I tried to make some of them on my own and I have to admit my crafting skills aren’t high enough for crocheting. Man the oney I made look weird to say it nice. More reason for me to admire those who can make these gorgeous Amigurumi.

And before I forget it: Happy belated Pi Day!!!! (Pi Men found here)

The first one is all abot the Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and i just love them. One the right you can see Gandalf. I love the tiny pipe. You can take a look at the rest of the characters here.

Next we have X-Men and what better example to show you …

Post Thumbnail of Geekdom of Books: Staying Up-to-Date

Geekdom of Books: Staying Up-to-Date

Thanks to the wonderful pattepoilue I discovered a new wonderful way to keep on track with all the series I read. I already tried Shelfari and LibraryThing and discovered  that I’m more a Goodreads gal myself.
But although I use Goodreads daily I sometimes forgot that a new book in one of loved series came out and I nearly got a stroke when I noticed. So now we have this new site:

What is so great about it?
You can search the database for author, book title or series name and it list all the books in this series, even the soon to be released ones. You can now click on follow this series and fictfact will remind you of the new releases in this series. Sounds easy to me.

Okay I admit it was totally annoying to put all the series I read in there but those 30 minutes …

Post Thumbnail of Geekdom of Books: Bookshelves

Geekdom of Books: Bookshelves

The Equation Bookshelf is designed by Marcos Breder and is one of the most stylish geeky things I’ve ever seen. It plays with the mathematical methods of separation and organizes your books with them. You can put the important stuff in the (parentheses) or just sort them in your own system in the [square brackets] and {braces}. I found this one at Designspotter.

And OMG take a look at this one. I so adore it. It’s so funny. I just need a flat-panel TV. LOL But back to the bookshelf:
The Puckman bookcase is made of shining varnished wood. The Colour is yellow to remind you of the famous character of the 80’s classic video-game “Pac-Man”.

Unfortunately it has no prize. You have to request that and I think that is warning enough for my credit card. I found this here and you can visit the website of the designer …

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