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In a frantic search to find something to blog about this week I stumbled upon something I thought all female Book Lovers would enjoy.

Jewelery with a bookish touch. I so love this idea and I found perhaps, something for all of us.

1. Really Geeky Earrings

I found these on Etsy and I totally love the idea. No, we don’t all have to wear Watchmen earrings now. That would be dumb. LOL
No, you can get any book you want in this shop. You just have to ask.

Think about the possibilities. A new pair of books for every day of the week? OMG I love these earrings.
And they only cost 25 USD.

Here is the link to the shop. Copyright for the pic and the art has Lauren Swingle.

2. Steampunk Book Necklace

Steampunk is getting more popular with every day and now Etsy is nearly overrun with Steampunk Jewelery. I think this one is a rather nice bookish necklace. It’s name is Book of Spells and I love the clockwork we can see on top.

I don’t know why but I always have to think of His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman when I see something steampunkish. But that’s only me I think.

I found this necklace at this shop and the necklace can be bought there for 26 USD. (copyright by birdzNbeez)

3. Honor to Printing Necklace

This one is one I would love to buy ASAP. It’s an Original Lertterpress Letter and it totally screams history. Think of all the great things this little letter may have printed? It’s one small piece but without it the whole printing would be useless.
And it looks pretty too.  

So BF: if you are reading this. I want this! You know which special day we have on May, 1st? Remember this please! LOL
Found this wonderful piece here and it can be mine…ahem…yours for 33 USD. (copyright by GwenDelicious)

That’s it for this week. Hope you all have a great week!

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  • info March 29, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    Hi there,

    Thanks so much for posting my Vintage Letterpress Necklace and your kind words!!!


  • SusiSunshine March 30, 2010 at 3:38 am

    Bonnie, you are very welcome. I so love them and the idea is just fabulous!

  • bianca_riot April 1, 2010 at 9:31 am

    I agree, they all look fab and are such great ideas. nice post 🙂

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