Randomly Booked: Miami and Deadtown

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I grew up in Miami Beach. Every year I grew older I saw more and more how much I didn’t like living there. There was nothing to do in Miami for people under the age of 21. I didn’t have a drivers license or car so when I wanted to go to some places I had to get my parents to take me where I needed to go.

At the moment I’m on vacation in Miami and during this trip I met a new friend. She gave me a few presents which made my day because each one meant something new. One of the books this friend gave me is called Deadtown by Nancy Holzner.  I immediately after I saw it knew that I really wanted to read this book but I can’t remember why. 

I brought up the fact above of my past because sometimes I feel like I lived in a dead town. I lived in a secluded neighborhood where nothing was ever going on. The book Deadtown of course has alot going on and should be a very intriguing book.

When I read the back of the book it said something about a shapeshifter who goes into peoples dreams to kill demons. That made me very curious. A very interesting way to find out about zombies is when every human around the main character dies and is then re-animated 3 days later. This book should keep me glued to its pages. Thats how I like my books. 

I hope you are having a wonderful week

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