Randomly Booked: Why I love my Kindle

Filed in Randomly Booked , The Random Lover Posted on April 15, 2010 @ 6:00 am 2 comments

Now that I have a Kindle I don’t need to take anything extra with me when I go on a road trip or travel around the world. I also get instant satisfaction when I buy a book. Thats my favorite part of having the kindle. I can go and travel anywhere I want and always have a good book to read. Its a wonderful new thing for people that live abroad but prefer to read in English. In Israel there are almost no good english books in the bookstores. Now i don’t have to wait for amazon to ship my books instead all i have to do is download it. 😀

I wish there was a bookstore here like Barnes and Noble or Hugendubbel English. There are not enough people here who read in English so there’s only a small selection of English books. Its mostly those books that people barely read elsewhere. There are also some bestsellers but not the fantasy books I like to read.

I miss going to a bookstore and looking through the books in a relaxed way. Meaning that I could sit and read at the bookstore and enjoy the books in my surroundings. It brings a sense of peacefulness that’s hard to get elsewhere. When I found out that I could go to the bookstore and read there, it made my day. I hope that culture will come to Israel as well. Its just a matter of time before it gets here because Israel copies what is done in the USA.

Where is a place you feel peaceful and can really relax?

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  • James Garcia Jr April 15, 2010 at 10:21 am

    I just got my Kindle a few weeks ago. I love to read, but rarely get the time anymore, previously. The first week that I got it, my family teased me because I took it literally everywhere. LOL! Thanks to Amazon's Kindle I am reading again.
    Thanks for sharing and take care.

  • Ivy April 19, 2010 at 9:40 am

    Great post! I have had a kindle for 3 years now. I was in love with kindle and upgraded to kindle 2 when it came out. I love it! I do miss going out to Barnes & Noble and purchasing books. I still go and purchase books, but it's not as often. I love the convinience of having books available for purchase 24-7 and in my kindle in less than a minute. I will try to take time and go to the park and read in warm weather or go to a coffee shop in the winter. 🙂

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