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Format Read: E-ARC from Netgalley
Number of Pages: 92 pages
Release Date: July 21st, 2010
Publisher: Carina Press
Formats Available: Ebook

Book Blurb:
Coming clean never felt so good…Grant and Vivi Michaelson share everything in their marriage: love, commitment—and their wildest sexual desires. But their relationship is tested when Vivi admits she wants a threesome with Grant’s old friend Cade, proposing their annual trip to the lake as the perfect opportunity to fulfill her fantasy.All three of them are aroused by the idea. Vivi and Cade have long felt a smoldering attraction to each other…and Grant and Cade have hidden an illicit desire for decades. Going through with the ménage will test their boundaries, reveal old secrets…and maybe tear them apart. After all, there might be room for Cade in bed, but is there room for a third in their marriage?

My Thoughts:
After reading the first 2 books in this Laundry themed series I knew that I HAD to get this book. I read the blurb and thought OH MY that will be hot. It was exactly that but I think the focus of this story is more on how these 3 got to the point of the ménage. I especially loved that aspect of the story. Perhaps it’s because I’m usually rather skeptical concerning ménage stories and all the talking and discussing before anything really happened helped me accepting it as much as it did for the characters.
Vivi and Grant are happily married. They have a wonderful relationship- they love each other endlessly, the sex is great and they can talk about everything. They know that what they have is something special and they treasure it every day. I love how these 2 were together. You can feel their love and I highly adore that they are so open with their desires and opinions. Vivi mentions her dirty little fantasy and Grant is not only worried because his wife wants another man, but he is even more worried  because he himself is also very interested. 
Cade is Grant’s best friend in what feels like forever. He always was an essential part of their life but there is no way denying the attraction between him and Vivi, and actually Grant but that is a secret so don’t tell. 😉 I wouldn’t say that he only is Grant’s friend, all three of them connects in a deep friendship. He fits exactly into their life, like the missing piece to make them complete. 
I loved the build-up in this book. The way Mrs. Kelley maneuvered her way through the journey from thinking about it to actually doing it was masterly done. I often miss this in menage books. Her writing has a fantastic flow with a lyrical touch. It just draws you in and will prevent you from putting this book down for more than a few minutes. The interactions and conversations between her characters seem so real, I could actually see this happening in real life. 
And lets not forget the smex. Oh My God I loved it. We do not only have menage action but we also get some really hot m/m. Can I please have these 2 guys for myself? I will hide them from BF in my closet, it’s a big one. *wicked grin* The first man on man scene was so lovely to watch unfolding. Mrs. Kelley gave both guys enough room to accept what they want and the actual sexual contact started one little step at a time. I love how they used ‘manly’ synonyms to describe the actual act, it made the whole  story a bit lighter and it’s exactly how I imagine men talking about those things, with sport references. LOL The only bad thing i can say about this book is that it was over too fast. The end is a bit abrupt and I would have loved a bit more insight at the end. 
All in all Coming Clean is one of the best menage books I ever read. The characters are adorable, the storytelling is perfect and Mrs. Kelley’s voice is something I will never forget. I highly recommend this book to all the menage lovers out there and to those who always wanted to try and were to shy to do so. This book is exactly what you searched for. It will take your hand and slowly take you through this story. I know I won’t lose Inez Kelley from my author radar. 
I give Coming Clean 4 out of 5 bookies.

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  • Sugar August 27, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    That sounds hot!

  • Inez Kelley August 27, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    Thanks so much for the lovely review. According to you, I did what I set out to do which was to show "HOW" a menage may begin in real life, between real people and make it believable… and a little hot.

    *happy chair dancing*

  • pattepoilue August 27, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    LMAO @Inez what I would give to see the chair dancing!! 😉

    This book is on my e-TBR-pile (or is it TBR-e-pile?…somehow TBR-pile-e sounds weird LOL). Now I'm bumping it higher on the pile! I think you had me at m/m smex Susi. *grins*

  • The Itzel Library August 27, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    I have this book waiting in my PC. I read Talk Dirty to Me, and OMG! I could not resist the temptation to request the other two books. I hope to read very quickly because I loved the way the authors narrates Talk Dirty to Me, and I hope that separately are as good as it looks. But from what I read in your review is not a problem, although very short stories, are Great. Congratulations to Inez Kelly. And thank you for such a beautiful review.

    Take care,


  • SusiSunshine August 28, 2010 at 11:08 am

    @Sugar It definitely is.

    @Inez You did all that! *joins the happy dance*

    @pattepoilue LMAO I like TBR-e-pile and I so know how to get you. 😉

    @The Itzel Library Oh they are both awesome, the authors I mean. I loved all three books and they were all really fast reads. A few hours at night. 😉

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