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This week, we have news from book adaptations and upcoming releases.
But first up! if you are a fan of Neil Gaiman, you will adore this! He is appearing as himself in children’s PBS Arthur– The episode that Neil will appear in will be called “Falafelosophy,” and will feature him helping and ispiring one of the kids in writing her graphic novel.
Pan Macmillan’s Rebecca Ikin has told The Bookseller that she sees online marketing of ebooks will be very different from traditional print and that instead of 2/4 weeks of marketing it will be extended to a three month span. She told them: “There are new platforms for the e-book in a way that didn’t exist before, so our digital publishing team, our marketing team and our digital marketing team are working in an integrated way”.
Becca Fitzpatrick has announced that she has signed for a third Hush, Hush book. Tempest which will be released next year along with an untitled fourth book *not related to the Hush, Hush series but will be a YA romance* in a major two book deal with Simon and Schuster.
Rebecca will also be in the UK, for a book blog promo tour of her upcoming Crescendo release. Full details of the dates and places can be found here.

Kelley Armstrong has also signed up a new major deal with Harper Teen in a new three book deal which will follow on from her new YA series The Gathering trilogy. which will start next year. No further details whether this will be related to her Otherworld YA series or a new series.

Dakota Cassidy has posted the new cover for her upcoming You Dropped a Blonde on Me on Twitter.
Alex Proyas, the director of movies such as I, Robot and The Crow will be teaming up with Legendary Pictures to adapt and direct Paradise Lost based on John Milton’s epic poem about the war between Heaven and Hell. Shooting will start soon and the movie will be released sometime next year. The movie will possibly be also be made in 3D format.
Important headsup! The WH Smiths ebookstore has changed its policy and will not be selling their ebooks to non UK residents due to geo restrictions and tax reasons. According to this thread at Mobile Reads – a few members have reported they received emails from WH Smiths saying they wont be able to buy ebooks from the US. Along with this new change Mobi/Reader e-formats will be removed as well.
Due to the recent news about WH Smiths restricting Ebooks outside the US – I am going to have an open thread to rant away about Geo Restrictions because there aren’t enough threads to complain about this!
And finally here is instructions dating from 1895 on how to open a brand new spanking book! 😀
What do you think about the recent WH Smiths development?
Which other author would you like to appear in a movie/series as himself?

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  • Man of la Books September 17, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    That is wonderful news about Neil Gaiman. With all the criticism he received due to his speaking fees (which he donates much of them) I think he's doing a heck of a lot to promote reading (not the least of is writing great stories).

  • Victoria September 17, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    Thanks for all of the news. The news about Kelley Armstrong makes me very happy.

  • Jaz.parks September 19, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    Hey, thanks for let me know how to open a brand new book, hehhe… 😀

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