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Format read: paperback
Number of pages: 228 pages 
Formats available: ebook, paperback
Release Date: July 9, 2010
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Book Blurb:

Eighteen years ago, a rogue Army doctor secretly experimented with a chromosomal drug on unknowing pregnant women. When he was killed not long after the children were born, any knowledge and evidence seemed to die with him – except the living, breathing, human products of his work.

Almost two decades later, the newly self-proclaimed “open-book” military unearths the truth about the experiment, bringing Clio Kaid and the other affected teens to a state-of-the-art, isolated campus where they soon discover that C9x did indeed alter their chromosomes – its mutations presenting as super-human abilities. The military kids, who come from across the nation and all walks of life, come into their own as lighter-than-air ‘athletes’; ‘indies’ as solid as stone walls; teens who can make themselves invisible and others who can blind with their brilliance.

While exploring her own special ability, forging new friendships and embarking on first love, Clio also stumbles onto information indicating that the military may not have been entirely forthcoming with them and that all may not be as it seems…

My Thoughts

I started reading YA novels roughly about a year ago, because I wondered what all the hype about them was. What was it about them that made everyone go nuts over them, including adults like myself? My answer to that would be: Read Solid, and will know! Yes I loved this book that much!
What was it exactly about Solid that I love? Would you believe me if I said everything? No , seriously! Shelley has created a story that will have you reading all hours of the night, with fantastic characters that in my honest opinion lack nothing, and a plot that was just plain and simple super fantastic! I could not read fast enough!
In Solid we get the sweetheart romance that we all fall in love with, beginning to blossom. We get some witty characters that have you laughing, along with pain in the butt characters you just know, no matter what, the story just wouldn’t be the same without them. And we get the paranormal aspect we have all come to love.
As far as characters we have Clio , Jack , Bliss, Garrett, and Miranda who are the main 5 characters. And I can not wait to see how each and everyone of them develop. And by develop I mean……….Well, you will just have to read Solid to find out. I don’t want to be giving away any spoilers! But we get a little bit of everything between the 5 characters.
Clio – she is your normal, everyday girl that’s not really outspoken, tends to keep her thoughts to herself on most things, but is pretty easy to get along with.
Jack – he is like the high school sweet heart, a little mysterious, but liked by almost everyone. You can’t help but like him.
Bliss – she is the all around gal. talks to everyone, can be friends with everyone, and you just can’t help but like her sweet personality.
Garrett – all I can say about him is Freakin Hilarious! What is not to like!!!!!
And last but not least we have
Miranda – Well she’s snooty, wants everything her way, def not afraid to speak her mind, and just all around Queen B. But she is part of the gang non the less
So all in all, the perfect combination of characters!
In the end I have a million questions that I just can’t wait to find out the answers too!
-What were the experiments?
-What were they trying to accomplish with the experiments?
-What’s up with Jack? Is he something special?
– What the heck does the gray mouse at the very beginning play into the story? Does it have to do with Jack?
-Where do the kids kids go form here, now that everything has gone wrong, and the initial plan was ruined?
Gaaaaaa again so many questions, I can’t wait to see how this series continues! Overall I think this is one heck of a 1st book in a series! We get so much info, but not over done to where we loose site of what’s going on. All I can say is Shelley Workinger , to me you have an A++ in your hands! I’m so glad you gave me the opportunity to read Solid! FANTASTIC!
I give Solid 5 out of 5 Bookies!
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  • Sarah March 29, 2011 at 7:06 am

    I loved Solid too 🙂 I enjoyed of the characters as well 🙂 I can't wait for the release of Settling either – I think it comes out in July! lol

    That Bookish Girl

  • Kristi The Book Faery March 29, 2011 at 9:03 am

    I keep seeing it and YES, you sold me! I'm off to get it! Still have some book money burning a hole in my pocket!

    I'm a new follower and so glad I dropped in!

    Stop by and see me!

    Kristi-The Book Faery

  • Sharon S. March 29, 2011 at 9:56 am

    LOL, you sound like me when I love a book. I start yelling GAAAAAAA! too . Thanks for the review. I have put it on my list!

  • Chelsea B. March 29, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Wow, okay, this book sounds pretty amazing!
    Though that cover is a little freaky! 🙂

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