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Interview Author Joely Sue Burkhart + Giveaway

We are very happy to have the wonderful Joely Sue Burkhart here at Book Lovers Inc again. Today is the release day of her newest novel, Yours To Take and Joely let us grill her about her Connagher series and its newest addition. Join the fun and ask her a question of your own for a chance to win your own copy. Please give Joely a warm welcome. 

BLI: Joely can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

By day, I’m a computer programmer for an insurance company. I’ve got three monsters (girls) ages 13, 10, and 8 and I’ve been married to That Man for 23 years. I’ve been writing since 2003 (well, I’d been writing for years before that but not seriously – that’s my writing “birthday”).

BLI: Describe a typical day of writing? Are you a planner or pantser?

Since I have an Evil Day Job, the …

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Dual review: Yours to Take by Joely Sue Burkhart

Format read: ebook provided by the author
Genre: Erotic/BDSM/Ménage/romance
Release Date: May 8th 2012
Number of pages: 177 pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Formats available: ebook
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author’s Website, Publisher’s Website, Amazon,

Book Blurb:
All fire and gunpowder need is a stray spark…

The Connaghers, Book 3

The day one of her old clients gunned down a cop, former defense attorney Vicki Connagher lost everything—her passion for justice, and her lover, Detective Elias Reyes. The dead cop’s partner.

Even though she’s following her dream to start her own fashion line, it’s tough with heartache as her only companion. Until she brings Jesse, a wandering street artist, in from a freak Texas snowstorm. His submissive flirting brings out dominant tendencies she never knew she possessed, yet she hesitates to let him take her as far and as hard as she wants to go.

Some homeless junkie in Vicki’s house? Not on Elias’s watch. …

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Review: Golden by Joely Sue Burkhart

Format read: review copy provided by author Release Date: 29 August 2011Number of pages: 72 pagesPublisher: Carina PressFormats available: ebookPurchasing Info: Goodreads, Author’s Website, Amazon, Carina Press, B&N, Kobo, Powell’s

Book Blurb:

Golden-eyed Jin has spent her life preparing to be the Emperor’s consort. She knows her destiny is to serve the Emperor by indulging the dark desire that he has buried deep inside his heart—the desire to give pain.

Only she can take the pain he yearns to give, and transform it into the most unimaginable pleasure. But to enjoy all the Emperor can give her, she must survive assassination attempts from those who would keep them apart. Seducing the Emperor is risky…but it’s the only way to fulfill her destiny.

My Thoughts:

I was prepared to be thrown into a story like non I read by Burkhart …

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Review: Lady Doctor Wyre by Joely Sue Burkhart

Format Read: e-Book ARC provided by Author for reviewLength: 107 pagesSeries: A Jane Austen Space Opera #1Release Date: March 29th 2011Publisher: Samhain PublishingFormats Available: e-Book, KindlePurchasing Info: Author’s Website, Goodreads,Amazon

Book Blurb:

A dangerous technology could conquer the universe. Love could set it free.

Charlotte, Duchess of Wyre, once held the Queen’s highest confidence—and the technological secret that keeps the royal heart beating. Fearful of what atrocities that Britannia might commit with her research, Charlotte turned to the galaxy’s most infamous assassin, Lord Sigmund Regret, to stage her own death.

Even without the simplest of luxuries, seven years hiding in the Americus colony is preferable to one day in the Tower of Londinium. Until a bounty hunter’s bullet forces her to revive her research. Now the same nanobots that keep the Queen alive also run rampant in Lord Regret’s …

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Putting Romance in Fantasy by Joely Sue Burkhart + Giveaway

Today Joely Sue Burkhart will take you away to the land of romantic fantasy. Grab a seat and hold your breath. Be sure to stay tuned till the end and you might win a wonderful special prize pack.

It’s sort of like walking along the top of a fence with vipers on one side and spiders on the other. Well, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but balancing fantasy and romance in a story can be difficult.

Some fantasy lovers despise the “gushy stuff” in their meaty worldbuilding.

Some romance lovers despise the “funky names” in their lovely emotional relationship.

Some readers won’t pick up a book that doesn’t have a detailed map on the inside cover.

Some readers will be furious if they finish a book and either the hero or heroine dies – which can be a common event in a …

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Review: Hurt Me So Good by Joely Sue Burkhart

Format Read: E-ARC from the Author Number of Pages: 176 pages Release Date: October 5th 2010 Publisher: Samhain Publishing Formats Available: e-book Purchasing Info: Author’s website, GoodReads, Samhain Publishing

Book Blurb:

One sub to please the Master…in any way he wishes.

Victor Connagher is no stranger to the Dallas BDSM scene. As CEO of a risqué cable channel that caters to adventurous adults, he ensures the lifestyle is portrayed in a positive light. He even supports a local bondage club. Yet behind the cool, confident mask, Victor lives in fear. Once, and only once, he lost control of his inner Dom—and it cost him his fiancée. Now, no one knows how hard he works to keep his darker appetite for pain buried. No matter how much his saucy, confident associate producer makes his fingers itch to once …

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Review: The Bloodgate Guardian by Joely Sue Burkhart

Format Read: eBookNumber of Pages: 271 pagesRelease Date: June 14th 2010Publisher: Carina PressFormats Available: eBookPurchasing Info: GoodReads, Author’s Website,Carina Press

Book Blurb:Worlds within worlds await through the Maya Bloodgate…

Dr. Jaid Merritt doesn’t do digs. The last time she ventured into the jungle, someone died. Now she’s content to decipher Maya glyphs from pictures sent to her by her famous archaeologist father. But when he goes missing while trying to perform a ritual based on her translations of an ancient codex, Jaid must put aside her fears and travel to Guatemala to find him.

After misusing the Bloodgates to bring his twin brother back from the afterlife, the Maya priest known as Ruin was cursed by the gods to stand as the guardian for all time. He was unable to stop Dr. Charles Merritt from opening the gates, and …

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Interview: Author Joely Sue Burkhart & Giveaway

We are so happy to have author Joely Sue Burkhart here today. Her book, Dear Sir, I’m Yours will be released in print tomorrow so we grabbed our opportunity to ask her everything we always wanted to know about her book.  You can also find a chance to win her new release at the end of the interview. 😉

The Geeky Lover: Hey Joely, it’s so great to have you here!

Joely: Thank you so much for having me!

The Geeky Lover: Tell us a bit about yourself?

Joely: I’ve got three monsters (girls) ages 11, 8, and 6 and I work full-time as a computer programmer.  I’ve been writing seriously since 2003 and am thrilled to have works with Samhain Publishing, Drollerie Press, and Carina Press.

The Geeky Lover: I thought it would be …

Post Thumbnail of Dual Review: Dear Sir, I'm Yours by Joely Sue Burkhart

Dual Review: Dear Sir, I’m Yours by Joely Sue Burkhart

Format Read: eBook

Number of Pages: 256
Release Date: June 16th 2009
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Formats Available: eBook, Trade Paperback(Print Release: April 6th) 
Purchasing Info: GoodReads, Author Website, Book Depository

Book Blurb:This professor’s final exam includes a spanking.

There’s no house restoration too challenging for Rae Jackson, a.k.a. “The Fix-It Lady”. There’s no fixing the past, though. Like the day she left college. A semester of flirting with her English professor ended when he spanked her to the best orgasm of her life. Afraid of her own eager willingness to comply with the sexy dom’s commands—no matter what—she fled.

Yet not even five years can dim her memory of his masterful touch.

Conn never forgot the one student who gave him a big fat “F” on the greatest test of his life. After all these years, he’s still …

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