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Guest Post: Kate Noble + Giveaway

We’re very excited to welcome bestselling historical romance author Kate Noble to BLI today! She stops by to talk about the relationship between music and her writing. For Kate, certain music perfectly encapsulates the emotion and tone of a scene or story, making it into a soundtrack of sorts. Today, that soundtrack is to her latest release, If I Fall, a story of betrayal and redemption–perfect for the most poignant of music. Please give her a warm BLI welcome!

The Soundtrack of If I Fall.

Like many authors, I write to music. Plugging my headphones in and shutting out the rest of the real world helps me to inhabit the universe I’m currently mucking about in. If I’m in the middle of writing an action scene, I’ll generally queue up the soundtracks to epic movies, like Gladiator and 28 Days Later. If I’m writing an emotional scene, Jeff Buckley suddenly becomes …

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"Really? Bavaria?" – Guest post by Kate Noble + Giveaway

We are very happy to welcome historical romance author Kate Noble here at Book Lovers Inc today. Her newest novel Follow My Lead was just released and I was thrilled to hear where it is set: Bavaria. As a German I often wondered why not more historicals are set in Germany. There actually is enough history to be found in our textbooks. So let’s see what Kate thinks about it. Please give her a warm welcome.
One of the questions I get when I tell people about Follow My Lead is… “seriously? You set this book in Bavaria?”
Granted, southern Germany is not the standard locale for a Historical Romance. But my response to the strange looks and curious expressions is: Bavaria is awesome! And pretty! They have glockenspiels and lederhosen and beer! How can you not like Bavaria?!

In truth, I was introduced to this region …

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