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Post Thumbnail of Happy Birthday to our Stellar Stella girl!!

Happy Birthday to our Stellar Stella girl!!

Today is special… why do you ask? Stop looking at the cake and make a guess! 😉  Yep today is special because it’s Stella’s biiiiiiiiiiiiiiirthday!!! *cheers and applause*

Join us to celebrate this happy day! Oh Happy day, ohhhhhh Happy dayyyyyy *Gospel singing*

Everyone’s celebrating Stella’s awesomeness! Even french singer Luke. *g*  Proof below.
Tu cries Stellaaaaaaaa oh-ohhhhh ohhh

And this, my dear, is how we made your birthday cake! Still wanna eat it now? *g*

Susi: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag Süße!! I hope you’re having a wonderful day full of cake, pressies, books and yummy champagne. Hope everyone will pamper you the way you deserve it. Have fun and think of us when you devour it! ((hugs))

Caro: Joyeux Anniversaire Stella! I know you are already celebrating hard *wink* I hope you’re having a fantastic birthday. It’s a real pleasure knowing you *hugs* I …

Birthday,The Latin Lover     20 Aug 2011 9 comments
Post Thumbnail of Breaking News: Today is our Smutty Lover's Birthday!!

Breaking News: Today is our Smutty Lover’s Birthday!!

Can you imagine a life without news, eyebleach links and awful books read with utter compassion? We, here at Book Lovers Inc, can’t imagine to live without this.

Has, our Smutty Lover brings all those fun things into our life and today we wanted to show her how many people do appreciate her.

Want to join the fun? Tweet Has a happy birthday wish @has_bookpushers and help us to celebrate her the way she deserves it.


Dear Has, One of my fellow Book Pushers. I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, may you have many more, may you have mild summers, may you have mild winters. may you continue to find brain bleach requiring links and may you have lots of good reading! Thanks for always …

Birthday,The Smutty Lover     31 Jul 2011 8 comments
Post Thumbnail of One of us is getting younger today! Happy B-day @seolmara!

One of us is getting younger today! Happy B-day @seolmara!

Today we want to wish a very happy birthday to our Quirky Lover, aka Jackie!!

We thought long and hard about what would be worth as a bday gift for our Quirky Lover- we can’t just give you something “ordinary”.

So what would Jackie love more than anything else?
(the group puts the thinking hats on)

Ohhhh we know:  42 –  but well that is kind of lame even though it’s actually the best gift ever so we decided for this:

And just for you, we got a special birthday song from one of your favorite *cough* (don’t kill us) *cough* singer… Yes you guessed it? Justin Bieber!!

(ok I should point out that Jackie isn’t really a Bieber fan…or so she says! *wink*)

I guess we should try to redeem ourselves  now. (Muahahahahah) Since you’re suffering from a Heatwave these days maybe what you need …

Post Thumbnail of Happy Birthday to our Amanda (@storywings)

Happy Birthday to our Amanda (@storywings)

Today we have another bday to celebrate.

BLI Team:

“Happy Birthday to yooooouuuu, happy birthday to yoooooooou….
Happy Birthday dear Amanda,
happy birthday to you!”

*everyone covers their ears*

Okay so perhaps we aren’t that talented (tries to ignores the booooooooing) but we found some who definitely is. Or we hope so.

So let’s get some cake (ohhhh I love cake) and a bit of chanpanger (yummy) and listen to today’s musical  guests (and yes we bribed them with smutty romance novels).

First up the Beatles. We definitely don’t start small:

Wasn’t that nice? But don’t go we have more.

So again happy birthday sweety!

So who’s joining our little party?

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Post Thumbnail of Happy Highlander Birthday to JoJo (@JoJosBookCorner)!

Happy Highlander Birthday to JoJo (@JoJosBookCorner)!

“Happy Birthday to yoooooooou, happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu. Happy Birthday dear Jojo,
Happy Birthday tooooooo yooooooooooooooooou!”

If you haven’t deduced yet, today is Jojo’s birthday and we thought what would be better than celebrating it with some sweet and hunky highlander love. ;-p

So lets see who will join us for our little surprise party. But before that don’t forget to grab a yummy piece of the delicious birthday cake Lea made for Jojo.

And guys I swear no need to stand in the corner and pout. I’m sure Jojo will have time for all of you.

Look some of our guests even got their special clothes out for Jojo:

But let’s not talk about those who overdid it a bit. We won’t judge. ^_^

Does anyone else feel the urge to make a kilt test now?

Okay so let’s get the party started. Jojo grab yourself a highlander …

Post Thumbnail of @Susi_Sunshine Happy Birthday you Crazy Geeky Lover!

@Susi_Sunshine Happy Birthday you Crazy Geeky Lover!

Today we are celebrating our fantastic Geeky Lover’s Birthday!! YAY Susi is turning…20 (we agreed on 20 right? lol) .  If you don’t know it already Susi (@Susi_Sunshine) is a twitter addict *hides from the rock throwing*, by that I mean that she’s often on twitter (for my very pleasure) but also that she loves to torture authors by adding a Twitter Style question in their interviews. *g*  So I thought it would be great to keep torturing people by asking her friends for Twitter Style birthday wishes. *yes I’m evil*.

Happy Birthday Susi!!

@Susi_Sunshine Happy Bday ((squirrel hug))!U are too awesome for words, I wish u the best because u deserve the best. I’d be lost without u. Luv ya hon!

Caroline – The HEA Lover/ @pattepoilue 

@Susi_Sunshine Words are not enough (esp. 140 characters worth) to express your awesomeness! Have a great b-day, you truly deserve it!

Jackie …

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