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Post Thumbnail of Happy Birthday to our Rocket Lover - Marlene!

Happy Birthday to our Rocket Lover – Marlene!

Jackie:  Hope you have the most fantastic birthday, Marlene, filled with all the finer things you love. All the best! *Hugs*

Caro:  Joyeux Anniversaire Marlene! I wish you a wonderful day filled with cakes, books and love! (the book part is super important of course!). *throws confetti* *HUGS*

Susi:  Alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag Süße! I hope you’ll have a day full of cake books and love. Enjoy and let the hubby spoil you rotten. *big hugs*

Cass: Marlene, I really WANTED to wish you a happy birthday, and totally would have, if I my fingers weren’t too cold to type. Sadly, Siri (who is more than willing to send this note) has some kind of undisclosed issues on the matter.

Has:  Happy Happy Birthday Marlene!!! I hope you have a wonderful and fun-filled day! Lots of love Has xxx

Stella: Dear Marlene, wishing you a wonderful birthday, lots of delicious cake and captivating …

Post Thumbnail of Happy Birthday Susi!! We love you!

Happy Birthday Susi!! We love you!

It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating our Geeky Lover’s Birthday, but nope a whole year has already gone by!

*throws confetti*

Happy birthday Susi!

We  love you!

We all wish you a wonderful day, filled with love, books and cake! (I’m even throwing a Half-Naked-Male-Maid to the mix! )

And now, because nothing says happy birthday like Star Trek and Lolcats *wink*….


Happy birthday darling Susi! I hope you have the most fantastic day full of lovely champagne, yummy chocolate and wonderful books. You deserve all the happiness in this special day and for the year to come. Massive hugs

Dearest Susi, wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, may this year be much better than the lust one, wishing you more free time, time to read, relax and just enjoy life! Big hugs and hope you celebrated with some delicious cake and cocktails! 😀 Happy Happy …

Post Thumbnail of Happy Birthday to our HEA Lover!!!

Happy Birthday to our HEA Lover!!!

Today is pattepoilue day here at Book Lovers Inc. HOOOORAY!!! Did you ever wonder why Caro has such a cute and maybe a bit weird french nickname? Well it’s because she is a huge French popstar and the paparazzi caught her in more than one “épicé” situation. Well we love her nonetheless and today we wanted to show you her first really popular song which recently got covered rather blatantly. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday!!!

Stella: Dearest Caro, wishing you a very happy birthday with lots of wonderful romances, delicious chocolate cake and bubbly champagne and everyone you love around you! Hope this year will be even better than the last was and you know: We are young, so let’s set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun! And now let’s get this party started! 😀

Anna: Happy Birthday sweet Caro!!! Hope you all the best in the world, …

Post Thumbnail of Happy Birthday Stella!

Happy Birthday Stella!

Today we’re very happy to celebrate our very own Latin Lover’s Birthday!!! As the cake says..We <3 you!!!

Happy Birthday Stella!! *g* 

Everyone’s getting ready to celebrate with you! So take your party hat (or party thong because it’s too hot outside) and let’s get ready to rock this birthday!

Starting with the soft pic 😉

Has: Happy Happy Birthday hon!!!!!!! Have a brilliant day which I hope is full of books and other goodies and that your birthday wish comes true for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of *HUGS* Love Has xxx

Lea: Happy Birthday Stella!! I hope your day is filled with wonderful surprises, lots of chocolate, wine and a BIG cake with drool worthy icing!! Enjoy your special day! ((((HUGE HUGS)))))) Lea. 😀

Anna: Happy Birthday Stella!!!!!!!!! Hope you all the best for your special day, health and happiness 🙂

Marlene: Happy, Happy Birthday Stella! I hope you have the bestest of all …

Post Thumbnail of Breaking news in our Bookish world!

Breaking news in our Bookish world!

This just in, if we are to believe our sources, BLI journalist Has The Smutty Lover  is celebrating her birthday today! These rumors haven’t been confirmed yet. Let’s hear more from our correspondent…

*MIC in hand* Yes thank you the studios…Today is  indeed a special day for us because we’re all here to celebrate our Smutty Lover’s Birthday!!! Happy birthday Has ! It’s a pleasure to know you and  we all wanted to tell you how much we care about you!

Happy Birthday hon!!! And well we couldn’t safely bring you a #peenpresent but this might work too 😉 Because nothing says Happy birthday like Asian male strippers, right?

Caro: *drum rolls* HAAAAAAAAAppy birthday Haaaaas! May this new year bring you everything you want! Mostly books and hot delicious men! If possible hot delicious men holding books in their hands to hide their nakedness *g* It’s …

Post Thumbnail of HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday to Jackie a.k.a. Our Quirky Lover!!

HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday to Jackie a.k.a. Our Quirky Lover!!

Stop the presses! er… Posts!! err…deleting 1/2 a thousand pictures

from blog posts (sorry-I digress-couldn’t help it O_O)



Clears throat:

It’s our Quirky Lover’s Birthday!!!!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday Jackie! May your day be filled

with everything wonderful… :))

Birthday Wishes:

Lea: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jackie!! May your day be filled with special gifts and lots of chocolate, and cake and everything you love!! And, I hope it’s Quirky!! Enjoy your day! ((((BIG HUGS))))

Alisha: Happy birthday, my Canadian cutie! ^_^ I hope your special day is so awesome that it sets the tone for an amazing year to come for you. ::hugs and high fives::

Amanda:  happy birthday Jackie!! I hope you have a wonderful day full of books,, champagne and cake

Susi: Happy Birthday sweety! May you have time to relax and enjoy the cake, champagne and time …

Post Thumbnail of Happy Birthday to our Winged Lover

Happy Birthday to our Winged Lover

Today is Amanda’s %&$§ Birthday and we have some wishes here waiting just for her.

Has: Happy Happy Birthday Amanda!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day with lots of books and goodies! Lots of Love xxx

Alisha: Happy happy birthday, my Aussie Angel! I hope that your special day starts off an awesome and memorable new year for you! <3

Marlene: Have the absolute bestest of birthdays, Amanda. I hope you get lots of yummy presents! And some delicious books, too! Hugs!

Lea: Happy, happy birthday to you. Have an awesome day full of prezzies & sweets, hope it’s the best ever! 🙂 (((HUGS)))

Jackie: Have a fantastic birthday, Amanda! Hope your day is filled with books, laughter, and maybe a few True Blood freeze frames…of ASkars in the buff 😉

Caro: Joyeux Anniversaire Amanda!! I hope you had a fantastic day on your side of the world! Now It’s time to celebrate on …

Post Thumbnail of HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Susi Sunshine a.k.a OUR GEEKY LOVER!



*Clears Throat*

Today is Friday 13th!

But BLI has much bigger news aside from advice to avoiding black cats lounging under ladders.

*More Drumrolls*

It’s our Susi Sunshine a.k.a. The GEEKY LOVER’S 30th

Birthday!!! *Hides from the rock throwing* We are kidding!

Seriously kidding! Our Susi is still far from 30, but let’s keep

the number secret in case agents from the Dark Side of the

force have us under surveillance.

Happy Geeky Birthday Susi!!!!

We All Wish You An Amazing Day!!

Birthday Wishes:

Caro: I Wish you a fantastic birthday hon! I hope it’ll be filled with great news, great presents, good company and a cake! Your awesomeness has no limits and I’d be lost without you on an everyday basis (even if you’re German lol *winks*). *huge …

Post Thumbnail of Happy Birthday to our HEA Lover @pattepoilue

Happy Birthday to our HEA Lover @pattepoilue

Happy Birthday to Our HEA Lover!

Happy Birthday to our wonderful Caroline. Usually we post our bday wishes here but this morning–well, in the middle of the night–we here at Book Lovers Inc got a message from the future. The email included a document that describes Caro’s future adventures, and we thought why not post it today in addition to our usual birthday squeeing. So here is your chance to take a look into Caro’s upcoming years.


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (or not so far, if you’re anywhere near France), the lovely princess Caroline sat in her tower, waiting for her true love. A prophecy had been delivered at her birth that a handsome prince would rescue her and give her the ‘Happily Ever After’ she sought.

One day, as Caro was searching for a new book to read, she knocked her knitting basket …

Post Thumbnail of A happy spellbound Bday to Melissa (@Meeka_21)

A happy spellbound Bday to Melissa (@Meeka_21)

Today is not only release day- no.It’s also the day our wonderful Spellbound Lover was released into the world. So here we are, celebrating Melissa’s day with all our might and we even got her a wonderful hunky and yummy present (okay actually 5 *g*). So Melissa, enjoy your treats!
Stella: Happy Happy Birthday Melissa! I wish you a sunny and book-ful year with lots of wonderful stories to discover and fictional heroes to fall in crush with 😉 Also wishing you a delicious cake, great presents, good health and lots of love and laughter with your family! 😀 Hugs Sweetie!
Caro: Since today is very spécial we’re making it last even longer! I wish you a fantastic birthday Mélissa! I hope you had a wonderful day ((hugs)) let this new year be filled of happy books! Joyeux anniversaire !!!!

Susi: Happy Birthday ma belle. I hope you had a wonderful …

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