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This week we have news from authors, more covers and developments in the world of publishing!

Debbie Macomber has signed up for a six book deal for Random House. The first book will be released in 2012 and will also involve audio and ebook rights as well paper/hardback print rights.
She stated that

 “I am delighted and grateful to find a home with the energetic, inspired, and extremely impressive team at Ballantine Bantam Dell. I’m looking forward to a new stage in my 28-year publishing career, full of fresh ideas and exciting opportunities to bring my stories to the widest possible audience, and to deepen my long-term relationships with my loyal readers.”

Phillipa Gregory, the author behind the popular historical novels, The Boleyn Girl and The White Queen has also signed up for a three book deal for Simon and Schuster and Touchstone. The books which are tentatively titled, The Kingmaker’s Daughters, The White Princess and The Last Rose. The first book will be out in 2012.
Starbucks has announced that it is venturing into ebooks. They have launched a digital network which consists of exclusive content such as music downloads, movies as well as books. The Starbucks Digital Network will be partnered with Yahoo and the service will start this week!
There is rumours floating around that Barnes and Noble is close to announcing a new Nook. They have scheduled a News Conference and since they have made a similar announcement last year of the Nook, rumours suggests that the next generation is almost ready. The Conference will be held in New York next Tuesday, October the 26th. I hope it has exciting features and also hope that it may actually be available for readers outside the US!

The Smart Bitches have reported that they have been contacted by ex Dorchester author Jana DeLeon, whose rights were reverted back to her in September of this year has found out that her books are still being sold on the Kindle and other online stores. She has told The Smart Bitches that she has repeatedly sent out DMCA notices and contacted the legal department at Dorchester to no avail. Another author has also come out said the same thing has happened to her, Leslie Langtry has stated that her book, Guns will Keep us Together, was offered as a free download on the Kindle store even though her rights was reverted back to her. Both authors also didn’t recieve any royalties or response about this from Dorchester.

Remember the Sweet Valley High books? Well it’s coming baaaaaaaack and this time its a more raunchier and gritty instalment with infidelity, betrayal and sex. Jessica and Elizabeth are estranged with each other due to a betrayal and Lizzie is on the path to get revenge against her wild twin. I am not sure about the idea about this because, it seems so far out than the original books but here is the cover!
Thanks to Smexybooks/Mandi, who posted the cover for Hawke’s book, Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh – I WANT this book so bad! It will be out later in June 2011 and Nalini has stated it will be longer than previous Psy/Changeling books!

Scooper Speaks – has also highlighted the upcoming sequel to Kate Pearce’s Vampire Chronicle Tudor series, Blood of a Rose. I really like it- I love this time period!

And finally – remember those coffee ads in the early 90s which inspired a romance book? Well a calendar has been recently shot with actors and models from Europe and they look like they have leapt out of a Harlequin novel!
Here is the trailer and several of the covers which will feature in the calendar. I love how the coffee is the 3rd ‘love’ with the covers!
What teen series that you enjoyed and addicted to? And if you had the power to bring back the characters as adults which books would you like to read about?

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  • draconismoi October 22, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    Sweet Valley High….gritty? That does not compute. There was very little gritty about the Sweet Valley Twins.

    Well …. maybe about Sweet Valley. I seem to recall am impressive number of serial killers living there. But the twins themselves? Not gritty.

  • Scorpio M. October 22, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    I am really surprised that they are trying to push a new "grown up" SVH. Those characters are from SO long ago. I grew up on those books but I really have no interest in reading about Jess & Liz now. Not when there are so many great romance novels out there.

  • Jenny N. October 22, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    I'm excited about the Sweet Valley high book but not crazy on the story idea. I just don't see the twins doing something like that.

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