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Format read: ARC provided by the author
Release Date: 7 Nov 2011
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Length: 102 pages
Formats available: ebook,
Series: The Limit War # (Book 1: Taken to the Limit, Book 2: Pushed to the Limit)
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author’s WebsiteAmazon

Book Blurb:

Captain Jessa Tok is a veteran soldier, but when an artillery strike separates her from the squad she commands, it may be the end of her career and her life. Then a single Dawn Soldier fights his way behind enemy lines to find her. The last man she’d expect. The one soldier she’d had a fling with and was trying to forget.

Sergeant Ryder Hiltop never thought of himself as a hero. He’s a career soldier, just trying not to get killed. But when his captain is lost during an attack, he has to go find her. And not just for the sake of the other Dawn Soldiers. A shore leave with Jessa left an indelible mark on him, and he’ll do anything to make sure she’s safe. But is it a suicide mission to find her? And if they manage to fight their way to safety, can their brief affair grow into something more?

My Thoughts:

In The Limit of Desire we encounter one of my favorite romance themes- the past fling getting back together. Jessa and Ryder are fighting side by side in the Limit War and on their last leave they spent some very enjoyable few days on a nice and hot little beach paradise planet. They agreed to keep it at that and when they resume their duty they are just fellow soldiers- or that’s what they planned it to be. But then Jessa is missing and Ryder can’t stand the thought of her falling into the hands of the Dusk warriors.

Jessa is the captain of her unit. She is a strong leader with a compassionate heart. I really liked this chick. She is strong and never gives up. She treasures her memories of the time she spent with Ryder but also tries to ignore as best as she can. She has to be focused on her job to keep all the people who depend on her safe.
Ryder is a very endearing character. He’s in the war to help and not to step up the career ladder. He is funny and daring and always has some innuendo to share to put a little blush on Jessa’s face. I loved his teasing and joking side- he put a smile on my face rather often. He wants them to be more than just comrades but so far all his tries to get her back in his bed failed.When he hears that Jessa is missing his only goal is to get her back to safety. His determination is unwavering. Well what can I say about that besides just wow. Who wouldn’t fall for a man who will run right into the enemy zone just to save you?
I have to say the chemistry between these two was sizzling hot. They just fit each other and I was dying to see them finally get together. Let’s say Rosso really kept us waiting for that to happen. I loved how the tension was kept up with back flashes to the time they spent together. The main portion of this novella shows Jessa and Ryder sabotaging the enemies’ weapons. It is a very plot driven read with a focus on military ranks, strategies and how a “relationship” plays into that. Even more so because Jessa is actually Ryder’s boss. Both of them have to learn how deal with that and well then there is also the rest of the team.
I would have loved to see more of the romance in this book. We see them together and how they decide to give being a couple a chance but it always felt like the romance was a bit missing. The war and the fight is always very prominent and takes a huge part of you attention- it felt like it missed them really falling in love. In contrast to how the whole book the end was even a bit cheesy. A bit more balance between the war and the love story would have been perfect.
The Limit of Desire is an action packed science fiction novel with a couple you just have to like. A bit more feeling and passion would have made this a perfect read for me.

I give The Limit of Desire 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

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  • Tamsyn November 7, 2011 at 8:31 am

    Enjoyed your review. I love a strong heroine and also that she is the superior of the hero. Thanks.

  • SusiSunshine November 7, 2011 at 10:54 am

    @Tamsyn We all like to be the boss! *g*

  • Aurian November 7, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    Nice review! But not really my thing.

  • fishgirl182 November 7, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    i love the past fling getting together storyline, too. there aren't enough of them. this book sounds intriguing. thanks for the review!

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