Review: A Low Down Dirty Shane by Sierra Dean

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Format Read: e-book purchased by reviewer
Length: 92 pages
Genre: urban fantasy
Series: Misfits & Mayhem #1
Release Date: December 25, 2012
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Formats Available: mass-market paperback, e-book
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Amazon, Publisher’s Website, Author’s Website

Book Blurb:

Thick-skinned vampire assassin meets smart-mouthed druid archer. Run, Cupid, run.

Shane Hewitt has been many things—failed husband, supernatural punching bag, and now a bitch to the vampire council of New York City. He thought killing rogue vampires was the hardest thing he’d ever do. Until a hot redhead smashes into him, shouts orders and announces she’s saving his life.

The sole female warrior in a family of druids, Siobhan O’Malley knows how to take care of herself and protect the big city from beasties who breach gateways from the fae realm. The last thing she needs is a misguided, leather-clad hottie’s help to get the job done.

Except maybe he’s exactly what she needs. Siobhan is expected to be a willing, virginal sacrifice on her twenty-fifth birthday. Sex with Shane to stay alive? If he can pull his foot out of his mouth long enough and stop driving her crazy, no problem.

Now if only the bad guys would leave them alone long enough to get the deed done.

[Warning: Contains a wee red-headed archer with deadly aim; a leather-jacket-wearing vampire hunter with a habit for saying all the wrong things; and a life-saving ritual that will leave them both panting.]

Read an excerpt of A Low Down Dirty Shane

My Thoughts:

Just in case you’ve read part (or all) of the Secret McQueen series and are wondering…this new series takes place in that same universe. That’s right! If you loved Secret McQueen and her merry band of vampire hunters and paranormal creatures, you’ll be happy to know that this story has the same spark, the same wit, and even some of the same humor. (It’s a brief story, so I’ll try to keep this review brief, too.)

Indeed, because this story is relatively short–novella length, about 92 pages according to the publisher–the pacing is quick, with the focus on straightforward cause-and-effect plot progression more than anything else. And it’s a simple: girl meets boy, girl loses boy, girl needs boy to deflower her to save her from becoming a ritual sacrifice. (Lucky boy, huh?)

The characters featured here, druid Siobhan O’Malley and vamp hunter Shane Hewitt (whom Secret fans should recognize), are painted as larger than life personalities that immediately attract (and antagonize) each other upon their abrupt meeting. Let the chemistry commence! Their smart one-liners and subtle kinship was easy to sink into.

Along with the characters and their exciting, sexy attraction is a violent, bloody adventure that comes with a whole heaping of snark…and a healthy dose of sentiment. For so short a book, I was surprised to find that there was a good deal attention paid to the characters’ backgrounds and motivations.

I did find the resolution of some of the main dilemma to be a bit perplexing in its abruptness, the lack of much explanation…but then again, this is a short tale. And then, this is clearly meant to be an establishing, baseline story on which future adventures will build and develop. There are some little plotting surprises here and there, keeping the story from being too predictable.

If you’re a fan of the Secret mcQueen series, then you’ll absolutely love A Low Down Dirty Shane. For those who may not have read the Secret books, you can definitely start here, but just be warned that you’ll likely get the intense desire to start with the original series as soon as you finish this book. With its clever dialogue and fast, tight pacing, it showcases the high quality of storytelling that this series is known for. But even on its own, it’s going to be a damn good time.


I give A Low Down Dirty Shane 4 Stars

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  • Julie December 31, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    I loved this one too. I found it really well written. You said it perfectly when you said it had clever dialogue. It left me giggling often. Great review 🙂

    • Alisha January 1, 2013 at 5:12 am

      Hey chica! indeed, a really fun story! I admit I have only read .5 and 1 in he Secret series, but ALDDS makes me want to get caught up ASAP.

      Would u say one is missing out on a lot of context if its read out of order from the Secret series?

      • aurian January 4, 2013 at 1:54 pm

        Yes! You definitely need to read them in order, especially to follow Secret’s love live.

  • draconismoi December 31, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    I did love the part where misogynistic druids got their asses handed to them. But otherwise this reminded me a bit too much of Lori Handeland’s whole there-is-more-than-one-way-to-sacrifice-a-virgin schtick.

    Though this one was way better. It just kept making me think back to the less awesome paranormal romance novella about virgin sacrificing.

  • blodeuedd January 1, 2013 at 4:42 am

    Yay, it was a fun one and I do love the Secret series

  • aurian January 4, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    I love the Secret series, and I sooo want to read this one!

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